Draw my thing

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Draw me a level 3 sentry gun from Team Fortress 2.
Minecraft in terraria.png

Creeper in terraria, sound very unlikely but it's actually happen.

Next person draw um.. home stuck crossover with... terraria.
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I guess that is a Greek monster (I don't remember the name, is it the one Hercules fought it?)

In case you can't guess what I've really exiting for 1.3 in my terrible picture.
1.NPC improvement.
2.Dyeable pet.
3.Using weapon on mount.
and extra 4.Unicorn mount.

So I've heard gender change potion is a thing in 1.3 I guess next person draw the result after using the potion.:naughty::dryadnaughty::merchantnaughty::nursenaughty:~:naughty:`:naughty:
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