Dumbest reason you have been kicked/banned from a server for

There was also one game of L4D2 i played, before i lost all and any hope in its community, where i was chosen to be a Tank, and when i had taken out all survivors, got kicked for Victory-smacking a teammate
Ages ago, I was kicked from a Aliens vs Predator 2 - server for using the plasma gun when I was playing as a predator.

And of course, all the humans got to use every :red:ing RPG and minigun in the game all they wanted.
I was going to create a Buddhists vs Nazis pvp arena with red and black tilted backwards "evil" swastikas vs horizontal blue and white buddhist "good" swastikas. Got b& because swastikas. Only time I've ever been b&, and I honestly probably should have known better. I still think the reason was stupid, however. It's not like I was declaring myself a Nazi or a Buddhist, or advocating either (although I would advocate a wide range of Buddhist concepts, personally). Just thought it would be an interesting visual concept.

So, thinking about this compels me to rant a little bit.

Freedom is a lie told to children, like Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy. Being an artist has taught me that people, including myself, refuse to think outside of their own confined and closed boxes, and in the end, we are shackled to the same ultimate fate. However, it would be nice if people didn't make our situation even worse by policing each other's artwork or expressions, which hold so little ultimate meaning. Even the Mona Lisa will collapse; who cares about a swastika in a video game? The file is deleted within a month. It has no social impact.

Is freedom worthy of our belief in it? Much more so than Santa, much more so than any other unobtainable ideal.

I'd get banned today for making a Buddhist swastika because people don't know the difference, and can't handle their own fears. This is what happens when culture doesn't emphasize education. Pushing fear and xenophobia is a great way to make minds weak, and how little we know about our far eastern neighbors, or even our nearer neighbors. Football and fear of mere symbols is sadly too important to us.

So, I was b& once, and I thought the reason was pretty stupid, even though I half expected to be b&, because I half expect to regularly encounter fearful and stupid people. I can't help but push boundaries, especially boundaries of expression. So, I tested the waters, and sadly, got an expected result, rather than the conversation, reflection, and thought provocation I was reaching for.

In my attempts to be hateless, I encounter so much cause to hate. The irony...

Word of warning; when you walk on a razor's edge, you will eventually get cut. Not all my scars are from fire.
To use something offensive, knowing how offensive it is, is the part that strikes me as "dumb", tho. The cool teens using the "f" word (no, not the one about sexual intercourse,) also make excuses for it, or add something to it in an attempt to look artsy/deep, too.
Backstabbing an admin while bhopping. He told me that the "way you were tilted" or some :red: on the forum post I made about it. Before he banned me, he went all like "Yolo Swaggins what was that" and I said " skill ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)". So then he told me that's why he banned me (and I'll let you know that that was totally allowed, hell I've seen worse on that server). But they lifted the needless ban. But I never went on the server again.
There was this one time in TF2 where I dominated everything.

I was accused of hacking and got kicked.

I felt awesome and annoyed at the same time.
Some ***hole on Garry's Mod Roleplay kept RDMing as a medic and when I killed him in self defense he claimed RDM and the admin was that dumb and I got banned. I appealed the ban and the admin got demoted. He was so freakin ticked for the next month.
Okay, Long story. Probably smudged a few details but it was 2 years ago.
Way back in the beta days of minecraft I played on a pack known as tekkit. I found one server and played solo ALOT, eventually I got active with people, donating crap to new players, providing help and I started talking on the fourms. Eventually an Admin started to take notice and promoted me to moderator. I never used any cheats as a mod, and I still helped people along the way. One day, two idiots/10 year olds walked up to my base while I was on. I asked them what they needed and they said nothing. Idiot A started breaking my wall and I killed him, so Idiot B tried to attack me with an iron sword. Unfortunately for him, red matter armor. So I killed him and they started spamming (ADMIN ABUSE) in chat.
Friend: Neal can you kick them?
IdoitA was kicked for spam
IdiotB was kicked for spam
The next day, I looked and saw that one of them had posted in the forums.
you're admin (my username goes here) killed us in godmod and then kickedus for no reson
I replied,
First of all, I'm a moderator, second of all, I don't have godmode privlages, Finally, you were spamming in chat and attempted to destroy my house.
Of course the first admin to see this thread was the one who hated my guts. He banned me on the spot when he saw my username, but it was cleared up about 3 months later.
Wow, last night I was kicked? Why? Because I 'overused' satire.

I'm sorry, it's just too fun! People these days are stupid, at least ones I meet in servers. And puns, oh how I love them puns. Bring out the worst of everyone, those wild cards.
I use to play on this Garry's Mod Jailbreak server called Atomic Rapture Gaming (ARG). I would play on the server every day because it was the only server that I knew of with lots of admins to keep the server free of cheaters, rdmers, and trolls. They had a Donator+ rank, and anyone could purchase it. One day, some random 8 year old bought D+ and banned me, and most of the other regulars. Thankfully, one of the admins got him demoted and banned. After this I bought Donator+ and it was so much fun. Sadly, the owner discontinued the server.
Once, I got banned from a TF2 server along with my buddy, for absolute no reason, when some group of players came on.
I guess it was a private server, and no random people allowed XD
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