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tModLoader Echoes of the Ancients

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Hello all, today I welcome you to Echoes of the Ancients. A general content mod meant to bring fun, unique content with new ores, enemies, weapons and more!

(A bit Outdated)
Items are formatted like this. Item Name - What it Does - Recipe. (Note, some content isnt listed yet, whether it be because its staying a secret until release or it is not added to the forum page yet)

Bloodbath - Shoots a cloud of blood.
Cursed Claymore - Shoots a bouncing ball of cursed flames - Drops from Clingers
Cosmobringer - Fires Lunar, Solar and Comet blades - Fallen Sun, Risen Moon, Comet Fragments, Comet Cleaver.
Dragons Eye - Dev Weapon, inflicts Cursed Inferno and shoots bouncing balls of Cursed Flames - Chlorophyte, Palladium, Gold @ Mythril Anvil.
Galactic Slicer - Shoots a sword that will go towards your cursor after a few seconds
Quad Blade (+1 if you get the reference) - Shoots a disk of elemental energy which explodes into more elements - 5 of each Wyrm Material, True Excalibur @ HM Anvil.
Scarlet Vengeance - Throws a bloody scythe.

Amber Buster - Shoots amber shards - Souls of Light, Sturdy Fossils, Amber, Phoenix Blaster @ Anvil.
AU-47 - Shoots high velocity bullets inaccurately, 90% chance not to consume ammo - Bought from Arms Dealer after ML has been defeated.
True Artemis Wrath - Cheat/Test Weapon.
Chlorophyte Barrager - Rapidly shoots bullets, has a chance to turn normal ones into chlorophyte ones - Chlorophyte Bars @ HM Anvil.
Dragonslayer - Shoots 5-7 Dragonslayer arrows and an additional Dragon's Breath.
Wyrmbane - Shoots a high-peircing bolt - Wyvern Scales, Hallowed Repeater @ HM Anvil.
Elephant Gun - Endgame Sniper - Bought from the Arms Dealer after the Cultist has been defeated.
Excaliber - Early HM Sniper - Hallowed Bars, Souls of Sight, Illegal Gun Parts @ HM Anvil.
Flare Chain Gun - Does exactly what you guessed it does - Chlorophyte Bars, Illegal Gun Parts, Flare Gun @ HM Anvil.
Hellraiser - Pre-HM Flamethrower - Hellstone Bars @ Anvil.
Meteor Shotgun - Effect is TBA - Meteorite Bars, Shotgun, Souls of Night, Fallen Stars @ Anvil.
Nail Rail Gun - Sniper + Assault Rifle + Nail Gun Combo - Sniper Rifle, Clockwork Rifle, Nail Gun @ HM Anvil.
Nights Shot - Nights Edge of Guns - Hellraiser, Musket/Undertaker, Boomstick, Handgun @ Demon Altar.
Ninetech - Dev Weapon, shoots 9 bullets at once @ Tungqua, Luminite, Venus Magnum. Vortex Fragments @ Ancient Manipulator.
Stake Assault Rifle - Does what you think it does - Stake Launcher, Illegal Gun Parts, Spooky Wood, Vortex Fragments @ Ancient Manipulator.
Terra Blaster - Shoots a spread of homing energy blasts - True Excaliber, True Nights Shot @ HM Anvil.
VAR - Shoots 3 round bursts, the 3rd round of each burst is a Vortex missle - Vortex Fragments @ Ancient Manipulator.
Vortexian Onyx - Upgraded Onyx Blaster - Onyx Blaster, Vortex Beater, Luminite, Vortex Fragments @ Ancient Manipulator.
Vortex Destructor - Dev Weapon, Rocket Shotgun - Vortex Fragments @ Ancient Manipulator.
Techno Blaster - Shoots an incredibly fast bullet - Shroomite, Elephant Gun @ Ancient Manipulator.

Blasterbuss - Laser Shotgun - Heat Ray, Shotgun, Lihizahrd Power Cells @ HM Anvil.
Granite Vicer - Shoots granite lasers - Granite Blocks, Platinum/Gold Bars @ Anvil.
Laser Harp - Shoots a burst of Lasers - Souls of Fright, Magic Harp, Hallowed Bars @ HM Anvil.
Marble Staff - Randomly shoots one of the 3 elder gods powers - Marble Blocks, Platinum/Gold Bars @ HM Anvil.
Staff of Autumn - Shoots a flurry of autumn leaves - Rich Mahogany, Souls of Night, Topaz @ HM Anvil.
Staff of Spring - Shoots short ranged petals - Souls of Light, Wood, Emeralds @ HM Anvil.
Staff of Summer - Spews flames inaccurately - Seashells, Starfish, Palm Wood. Souls of Light @ HM Anvil.
Staff of Winter - Shoots an icy spear - Ice Blocks, Boreal Wood, Souls of Night @ HM Anvil.
The Dance of Light - Creates a dazzling, deadly storm of light around the mouse cursor - Luminite, Lunar Silk, Spell Tome, Hallowed Bars @ Ancient Manipulator.
Staff of Seasons - Shoots a ball of primal energy - All 4 seasonal staves @ Lihizahrd Altar.

Bullet Hell - Fires a lot of bullets from the edges of the screens - Sold from the Arms Dealer after Plantera has been defeated.
AU-47 - Rarely consumes ammo, turns normal bullets into high velocity ones - Sold from the Arms Dealer after the Moon Lord has been defeated.
Dartling Gun - A Dart machine gun - Sold from the Arms Dealer after Plantera has been defeated.
Elephant Gun - A very powerful sniper rifle - Sold from the Arms Dealer after the Lunatic Cultist has been defeated.
Bubble Storm - Turns all bullets into bubbles - Sold from the Arms Dealer after Duke FIshron has been defeated.

Betsy Scale - Material - Drops from Betsy.
Draconic Spinecrusher - Lowers enemy defense - Betsy Scales @ HM Anvil.
Dragons Claw - Fires a firey blast and can be autoswung - Betsy Scales @ HM Anvil.
Dragons Teeth - Shoots dragon fangs, the lower your health is the more it fires. When below 50% health the fangs explode - Betsy Scales @ HM Anvil.

Duck Mask - Dev Item. Vanity - Gotten by killing white ducks.
Fox Mask - Dev Item. Vanity - How its obtained is a secret ;)
Void Dragon Armor - Dev Item. Vanity - Made with Luminite.
Nightmare Armor - Early-HM Movement-based armor - Made with Cursed Flames, Shadow Armor and Souls of Night.
Setbonus: Getting hit increases movement speed.
Scarlet Armor - Early-HM Survival-based armor - Made with Ichor, Crimson Armor and Souls of Night.
Setbonus: Massively increased health regen when suffering invincibility frames.
Wyvern Armor - Post-Mech summoner armor - Made with Wyvern Scales and Hallowed Bars.
Setbonus: Increased minion damage and minion count.

Gem Pendants - Give various stat boosts - Chains, Respective Gem @ Anvil.
Unicorn Tears - Increases Life Regen and Magic Damage - Drops off of unicorns rarely.
Sinned Rose - Automatically uses Mana potions when low on mana, increased magic damage and life regen - Mana Flower, Unicorn Blood @ Tinkerers Workshop.
Rapier Emblem - Increased melee armor penetration and melee damage - Shark Tooth Necklace, Diamond Pendant, Warrior Emblem @ Tinkerers Workshop.
Mech Arm - Increases melee knockback, melee damage, melee speed, melee armor penetration, lights enemies on fire upon hitting them - Rapier Emblem, Fire Gauntlet @ Tinkerers Workshop.
True Third Eye - Greatly increases Critical Strike Chance - Drops off of Moonlord uncommonly.
Stellar Grip - Does alot of melee affects - Mech Arm, True Third Eye @ Tinkerers Workshop.
Onyx Shield - Provides immunity to the sandstorms wind - Dark Shard, Souls of Night @ HM Anvil.
Scarlet Cloak - Increases Life Regen increased length of invincibility after taking damage, decreased potion cooldown and stars rain down upon taking damage - Charm of Myths, Star Veil, Ectoplasm @ Tinkerers Workshop.
Explorers Gear - Provides all the effects of the accessories its made from - Mining Helmet, Diving Gear, Tiger Climing Gear @ Tinkerers Workshop.
Mirror Shield - Provides Immunity to the sandstorms wind and petrification - Onyx Shield, Pocket Mirror @ Tinkerers Workshop.

Arcanium Ore - Found Underground, mineable with a Silver Pickaxe or Better.
Arcanium Bar - Material - Arcanium Ore @ Furnace.
Arcanium Armor - Magic/Melee armor - Arcanium Bars @ Anvil.
Arcanium Shortbow - Fires arrows at an extremely high velocity - Arcanium Bars @ Anvil.
Arcanium Broadsword - Good sword with autoswing - Arcanium Bars @ Anvil.
Arcanium Axe - Good axe with high damage - Arcanium Bars @ Anvil.
Arcanium Pickaxe - Good pickaxe, capable of mining Demonite/Crimtane - Arcanium Bars @ Anvil.
Arcanium Hammer - Good hammer with high knockback - Arcanium Bars @ Anvil.

Tungqua - Used in crafting Tungqua tools, weapons and armor - Drops off of Creation.
Tungqua Armor - Ranged Armor - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator. Set Bonus: TBA.
Tungqua Staff - Shoots a spread of water bolts (Effect to be changed) - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.
Tungqua Reaper - Death-Sickle-like melee weapon - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.
Tungket - Upgraded Musket - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.
Tungqua Grenade Machine Gun - Shoots grenades extremely fast - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.
Maelstorm - Shoots a storm of wave arrows that explode into water geysers - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.
Tungqua Pickaxe - Good Pickaxe - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.
Tungqua Hammer - Good Hammer - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.
Tungqua Axe - Good Axe - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.
Idol of the Rising Tide - Provides Ranged Bonuses - Tungqua @ Ancient Manipulator.

Enkin - Used to create Enkin tools, weapons and armor - Drops off of Destruction.
Enkin Armor - Summoner Armor - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator - Set Bonus: Summons ignite enemies, summons also create firestorms on enemy hit.
Enkin Staff - Spews Flames rapidly - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator.
Enkin Edge - Fires a ground-pericing blade of fire - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator.
Enkin Incinerator - Good Flamethrower weapon - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator.
Hellbringer - Fires a spread of arrows - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator.
Enkin Pickaxe - Good Pickaxe - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator.
Enkin Hammer - Good Hammer - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator.
Enkin Axe - Good Axe - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator.
Idol of the Eternal Flame - Provides Summon Bonuses - Enkin @ Ancient Manipulator.

Duskbulb - Used for crafting Duskbulb tools, weapons and armor - Drops off of Destruction.
Duskbulb Armor - Magic Armor - Duskbulb @ Ancient Manipulator. Set Bonus: Going below 25% health massively increases health and mana regeneration.
Duskbulb Sword - Fires a dark bulb which explodes into shadow flower petals - Duskbulb @ Ancient Manipulator.
Duskbulb Repeater - Shoots bursts of 3 arrows at once - Duskbulb @ Ancient Manipulator.
Duskbulb Magnum - Shoots 2 bullets at once - Duskbulb @ Ancient Manipulator.
Duskbulb Pickaxe - Good Pickaxe - Duskbulb @ Ancient Manipulator.
Duskbulb Hammer - Good Hammer - Duskbulb @ Ancient Manipulator.
Duskbulb Axe - Good Axe - Duskbulb @ Ancient Manipulator.
Idol of Natures Dusk - Provides Magic Bonuses - Duskbulb @ Ancient Manipulator.

Comet Fragment - Used for creating Stellarite weapons, tools and armor - Drops off of Creation.
Stellarite Armor - Melee Armor - Comet Fragments @ Ancient Manipulator.
Stellarite Staff - Summons stars from the sky - Comet Fragments @ Ancient Manipulator.
Comet Cleaver - Effect is TBA - Comet Fragments @ Ancient Manipulator.
Stellarite Disintegrator - Super-powerful sniper rifle - Comet Fragment @ Ancient Manipulator.
Stellarite Longbow - Shoots a super powerful blast of exploding cosmic energy - Comet Fragment @ Ancient Manipulator.
Stellarite Pickaxe - Good Pickaxe - Comet Fragment @ Ancient Manipulator.
Stellarite Hammer - Good Hammer - Comet Fragment @ Ancient Manipulator.
Stellarite Axe - Good Axe - Comet Fragment @ Ancient Manipulator.
Idol of the Comet - Provides Melee Bonuses - Comet Fragment @ Ancient Manipulator.

Life Fish - Fishable Life Crystal, pretty rare but useful if your stuck and cant find life crystals - Fished from the underground.
Dragon Idol - Material - 50 Stone @ Demon/Crimson Altar
Wyvern Scale - Material - Drops from Wyverns in groups of 4 and 5

The (Currently) final bosses of the mod meant to be fought Post Moonlord.
Drops and Items (Note, some things are not shown on the banner)
Rune of Judgement - Summons Creation and Destruction. - One of each of the biome stones, Luminite @ Ancient Manipulator.
The Biome Stones are gotten from 'Supercharged Enemies', by going to different vanilla biomes, certain vanilla enemies native to that biome have a chance to be Supercharged. You can identify a Supercharged enemy by them being bigger and emitting red dust. Supercharged enemies also deal alot more damage and have alot more health. Killing a supercharged enemy will grant you 1-3 of their respective biome stone.
Creation Treasure Bag - Treasure Bag for Creation - Drops from him instead of other loot in EM, grants the Soulbound Charm, Tungqua, Risen Moon, Comet Fragments and a random weapon from his drop pool.
Soulbound Charm - Expert Item - Drops from Creation's Treasure Bag.
Risen Moon - Summons Lunar Blades - Drops from Creation.
Eye of Creation - Yo-yo that ignores enemy immunity frames - Drops from Creation.
Orion Fury - Shoots 5 arrows at once and an additional star - Drops from Creation.
First Prism - Rains rainbow comets all over the screen - Drops from Creation.
Destruction Treasure Bag - Treasure Bag for Destruction - Drops from him instead of other loot in EM, grants the Lifebound Charm, Duskbulb, Fallen Sun, Enkin and a random weapon from his drop pool.
Lifebound Charm - Sets max life to 100, MASSIVE increase to life regen - Drops from Destruction's Treasure Bag.
Fallen Sun - Launches an exploding Solar blade - Drops from Destruction.
Plaugebringer - Shoots a deathly scythe that inflicts Venom, Poison and steals life - Drops from Destruction.
Armageddon Bell - Deals major damage to everything around you - Drops from Destruction.
Dart Machine Gun - Does exactly what you think it does - Drops from Destruction.
AI: Its a secret ;)
The Picksaw is now craftable with beetle husks and a Chlorophyte pickaxe.
The Rally is now craftable with Cobwebs, Marble and Granite blocks.
The S.D.M.G. will now occasionally fire off an exploding dolphin rocket, so that its not just a boring, normal gun (Not in current version).
Want to talk to the developers? See the latest spoilers for the mod or just want to hang out and talk about Terraria in general? Then click the link below to join our offical discord!

Long ago, there was the God of Creation and the God of Destruction. Creation made all pure and good things into existence, while Destruction created all the sinster and evil monsters and possessions. After creating the world, they created 4 Guardians of the elements to watch over it. Their names were Sylvania, Stellaria, Infernius and Aquarius. Centuries later, the Guardians, or Ancients felt the people were to weak compared to them and felt bad for then. So they started blessing them with materials of great power. Creation and Destruction feared that the people and the Ancients would turn on them and overthrow them. So the gods brought the Ancients all to one place and then consumed their souls, turning them into mere husks. Realizing that they still need to destroy the materials, they decided to initiate judgement on the current world and start a new one where they are in control and control everything that the peope do. Now, only you can stop them and prevent them from creating a new world where they rule everything, only you can stop Judgement.

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Zach_ - Coder/Owner.
EchoNex - Coder/Spriter.
VoidTex - Spriter.
Ut_ben - Spriter.
Skyre Barleycorn - Musician
AdipemDragon - Spriter.
StarMan - Spriter.
Harrel Alex - Spriter.
ScouterScout - Spriter
DivermanSam for inspiring me to make my own mod with his 'Thorium Mod'.
The tModLoader team - For making this mod possible, thanks guys <3
Re-Logic - For also making this mod possible and this excellent game called Terraria.
DerpoTheMagnificent - A sprite
GabeHasWon - Code
PhoenixBlade - Staff of Four Seasons sprite.
Battle Bee - Allowed the usage of a suggestion of theirs.
zoroarkcity - A few sprites

We are currently looking for: Spriters. If you would like to apply please post on the thread filling out the questions.
Q: What will you do to help out the mod?

Q: Have you ever been involved in another Mods team? (State mod if wanted)

Q: How long have you been doing what you do?

Q: Are you prepared to help out the mod if you get accepted?
Q: How do i download this mod?
A: The Mod Browser or the Discord.

Q: Can i request a new question for this section?
A: Go ahead!

Q: Can i suggest a new boss/item/block/NPC/feature?
A: You can, but it most likely will not get in unless its a thought out, well-balanced suggestion.

Q: I see someone else using sprites from the mod, what should I do?
A: Send me a PM and I'll take care of it.
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Really nice ideas, and the sprites are great. I'm glad i could help you in making this, hopefully It will be great!


I always browse the "WIP" forum to see what new mods are being made. Most of the time they're just concepts with no sprites, or the sprites they do have are lacking. This is one of the rare times that is not the case. I'm really excited to see this develop.


One of the guns or maybe a flamethrower looks like it's inspired by a wow design from MoP. If it is, there's a couple more I'd like to request.


Added separate sections for Duskbulb, Enkin, Tungqua and Stellarite gear and added a few new things to the weapons page.
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