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Eskimo armor set bonus

Eskimo armor is a fun little treat from Eskimo zombie! I'm sure we've all gotten it. A total defense of 4 and even comes in a fashionable, alternative pink.

Now its low defence makes sense as it is merely padded cloth, but does anyone else find it odd that the armor offers no protection against the cold? I propose a set bonus! Immunity to the chilled debuff!

Its not that bad of a debuff, so I don't think this idea is at all op. Of course as with all set bonuses you would have to be wearing the set in the armor slot.



I totally agree with this :D
For the armor being a 0.67% drop chance (I think it is 0.67%) adding a set bonus wouldn't be a bad thing :)


Pixel Pirate
I didn't even know it granted any defense. Heh.
Anyways, I support. Anything to make (especially early-game) armour sets more different from eachother!


Official Terrarian
While i really think it should be used as vanity, i think this a small but nice idea. It's harmless, balanced, and makes sense. An A+ for you.

Also, like Makishima said, it should be in the Equipment Section.
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