Favourite Youtubers?

So many come to mind tbh. I'd say my favorites of all time have to be SSoHPKC, SlyFox, Nova, LetsPlay/Achievement Hunter/RoosterTeeth, CustomGrow420(Yeah I know get over it lol), GMM, and probably a few others that are slipping my thoughts at the moment.
8Bit-Gaming and 8Bit-Ryan. They're pretty underrated. The reason I like them is because Ryan always does funky and funny stuff.
My high five;

The Outer Middle Show - Hey, that's my little brother. Gotta love. Punch Normie!
Sargon of Akkad - Gotta get my smug British accent fix and kekistani pride.
The Rageaholic - Finally! A reason to reach for my (outdated) dictionary!
ThuleanPerspective - I want to live in an edible forest, too. My favorite murderer.
Woz Lee - Whu, whoa! More logical while inebriated than most Vulcans are sober.

I have an embarrassing confession to make...I like 2017 pewdiepie, it all started with his "forced positivity" video. Nice to see the dude is tired of being fake.

I've subscribed to over a hundred youtubers. It's my preferred media.
-The Yogscast Family (there's someone there that suits everyone)
-and how could I not list bill wurtz?
Has to be:
- theodd1sout, he's a cool guy.
- elementalfact0r, teaches me what weapons to use.
- Pyrocynical, i like commentary channels.
- Memeulous, same reason as pyrocynical.
- Pewdiepie, I don't even know, but i like him.
- HappyDays, Helps me with AFK Traps.
- TerrariaHelp, he helps me with terraria, duh.
- Luigikid Gaming, for seeing .exe games before i play them.
- QuackityHQ, The sucks series entertains me.
- ObliviousHD, I LIKE ROBLOX OK?
- DIMITRI THE RUSSIAN, teached me how to swear in russian.
- hodoohoodlumsrevenge, i like creepypastas, so i like this guy a lot.
- Gungnir, helps me beat bosses in Calamity.
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