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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 140~

A short break to make some more Minecart Track, and we were off as expected... All the way to the Western Hut, and then the Ocean!

After digging up all the Coral, Sif realized she had accidentally put her Bubbles away during the last trip to Home-Tree. An exasperated return trip, and the sun was already rising!

Not much else to say. The Ocean floor was lined, and now Sif is having fun digging away at sll the Sand. It takes a while, and the accidental trip took a chunk of time.

Thankfully, I still find the sound of Sif digging to be very relaxing~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 141~

More diggin out of the Sand, deep into the night. Oceans are big, after all. It takes a while!

As dawn grew closer, Sif Phoned back to Home-Tree, and quickly popped off to grab Nathan the Oddfish of the day. Once back, it was time to sort her loot, as usual.

After sorting, she went up to visit Selene, and handed over a veeery shiny coin... and received a ton of Wires in return! I dunno what she is planning to do with it... But surely that much will be enough, right? she had to make 2 whole piles!

She put the Wire away for later, and then went out to the West Ocean again. She finished digging quickly, and then fills it all in again. All done!

While she was over here in the West, she decided to go down to the Hot Place, and finish off the Minecart Subway. She... Already used it, but wanted to make it reach the Edge.

I... I was hesitant to go down there, for some reason. I was fine just after all that happened. Why is it different now? I tried to just shake it off... I will just stick close to Sif, and watch carefully.

She didn't stay down there long, as she had run out of Minecart Track. Her solution was to go back up the Mineshaft, grumbling as she headed for a random set of Track that she passed by earlier. I may have been... Slightly relieved.

She got a bit too coated in Lava while trying to pry the Track loose, so she is currently resting from a BAM. She is also ever so slightly displeased, hehe~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 142~

Resting over, Sif quickly mined out the rest of that Track. Then it was back down to the Hot Place, with me clinging veeery tight out of nervousness. It isn't much more dangerous than before, and they all leave me alone anyway... I'm just being silly... Aren't I?

When we got back to Home-Tree to celebrate, we had a good, long rest that night... Felt like we slept for months! Didn't see any change in the weather though, so it was probably just a good dream, hehe.

Sif puttered around Home-Tree a bit, checking on what she had collected so far, muttering about those Twins she lost to earlier. Seems she was planning a comeback!

Her stock-take done, she decided on one little detour, per se... She got out another Old Map, and welcomed the dawn with a raging horde of Pirates. Apparently she wanted more of their booty, or some such.

She hid in her little tunnel, and yoyo-ed away safely. She also tried out the shiny Gold Ring she got from the Horde last time, making all the Coins the Pirates dropped zoooom towards her! Not very useful, when you think about it... But it was COOL! Pretty too~

Not much else to say, really. Tons of Pirates fell to the might of the Yoyo, A few Ships came, Sif managed to dodge expertly to come out of it all unharmed. She didn't get anything new though, just tooons of Coins. She seemed happy enough with that, though~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 143~

As the sun set, Sif went over her Buff collection, and was mumbling to herself as she rolled the Windup Worm around in her hands. Seems like she is itching to use it, but can't figure out the best way to beat a certain something up with a Yoyo. Odd, she is great at the Yoyo-face-smash!

A few more practice scenarios mumbled through later, Sif sighed as she put it all away, and went out to the tunnels next to Home-Tree, filling them in with Dirt.

She was still goin as the sun rose, apparently she was reeeaaally tired of Pirates and other nasties sneaking through the tunnels. That's her spot, after all! So, much dirt was moved, and I was a very bored bun.

There was a brief pause mid way for Nathan's fishie, then Sif finished off the filling of the extra tunnels. She is now sorting through her stuff again, planning on making some upgrades to her Potion stash!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 144~

Apparently, she was missing some Crystally things from the Underground Glitter-Fart. Wait... Hmm. That sounds... Nevermind. Just don't hink about it.

Point was, trip on the Minecart, then down we went. Sif ran around surrounded by Pearlstone, trimming any Crystals she saw. She did this for a while.

An interesting thing was, as she was patching a Glowy Mushroom cave, her Phone buzzed to alert her to something nearby... And she BOLTED. Running back and forth, she searched frantically, for...

A lil Worm, wiggling down in a hole below her. She leapt, Net swingin, and scooped it up like a ninja!

Now, I don't know why Sif was so excited for one little Worm, even if this one did look freakier than normal. Looks energetic though, but hey, it's trapped now.

Around midnight, it was back to Home-Tree to deliver her loot, and a quick nabbing of Nathan's fishie. Then, she went up to get Dalek to fiddle with her Shield, and got it nice and reinforced. She tried to get her Frozen Wings done too... But ran out of Coins after all the attempts.

Then, it was off to the East once more, to the surface of Glitter-Fart for some Pixie huntin. She also had a chance to better shape the area around where she fished, hehe.

A quick fish-run at dawn, and Sif found she had enough stuff to improve 2 piles of her Healing Potions! Lucky her, I suppose. The old ones... didn't do much. so these must be much better!

Next item on the agenda: More pirates! A map was burnt, a stampede did come, and Sif beat em all up with her yoyo. You know the drill~

The last Flying Dutchman from the invasion is still here... I wonder why Sif hasn't smashed it up yet.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 145~

Sif turned out to have a reason for letting the ship stick around: It kept on spitting out more Pirates!

While not as many as the main Horde, there was certainly a trickle of Pirates clamouring against Home-Tree, each meeting their yoyo-filled fate. Sif made a little platform for them to land on, and hummed as she beat each one up as they popped out.

I don't even know how the ship keeps popping them out, I mean come on... That is a lot of Pirates! From one itty bitty ship! Sif is perfectly fine with this, but I'm all bamboozled.

Just before dawn, Meliyah almost got carried off by one of the Pirates that got inside, but Sif showed them what-for. Meliyah went inside to relax, and I helped by being oh-so brushable, hehe~

Dawn came, Sif started to get bored, and more Pirates got whacked. Sif finally just gave up, and smashed the ship to bits a little before sunset. An entire day, just for Pirate-whackin. and she didn't even get anything shiny, other than coins!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 146~

A quick fishie for Nathan, and it was out to the Ocean for us, paddling our feet in the water as Sif beat up any poor creature to head her way. You would think the local marine life would learn, by now.

Now and then, Sif would walk up onto the beach, and fish for a bit, just because. She has plenty of Master Bait now, so she won't be needing to go back any time soon.

Not much else of excitement, Sif was quite happy just taking the day to relax. I would go explore, but... I have seen most of what there is to see, now.

That is an odd thought: A year ago, I had thought the world was huuuuge! Now... Not so big. Sif can go anywhere she wants, and she has. I have seen places I could never imagine, and only thought "Ooh, pretty!"

... I wonder if Maxwell went that far out. From... Before we met. He knew a lot, so maybe... But he also knew about things he couldn't do, so maybe not...

I miss him... But it's weird. I no longer look for him at Home-Tree, like the first couple of times after... After the change. Garret usually does his own thing, so I have had time to adjust to him too. I just... Miss Maxwell sometimes though.

... Maybe I'll take a nap. Sif should be here a while longer.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 147~

Well, Sif didn't leave until after sunset, so I got my nap in. Felt a little better afterwards, so I should nap more often...

A little detour for the Oddfish of the day, and Sif went back into planning mode. She hummed, hurred, grumbled and groaned... And then grinned as she pulled out the stuffs, headed outside with a Windup Eyeball instead. Iiinteresting~

From the gist of her mutterings, I got the following: Wormy pants is usually easy, with specific weapons. Da yoyos are not in that list, and Sif is incredibly stubborn... So she switched to wanting to fight the Twins instead.

Because she had two targets to choose from, she weighed up which one was more dangerous, and decided the Greeny was. So, she went to plan for taking it down first... Then realized that was the OPPOSITE of what she should do. It would just get more dangerous mid way, so she should get rid of the easier one first. Strategy!

That down-pat, she just limbered up to get her dodgin muscles ready, and it began. The Eye was wound, the Twins came shriekin, and the buffs were drunk. And I got a comfy spot on the sidelines to watch~

First part went a lot like last time the Twins came. Lotsa dodging, albeit better done, and lots if yoyo-ing. The outer layer got damaged quicker too, revealing... metal underneath?

Turns out, the Twins a gigantic robo-Eyes! Dunno how they were made, but they have Sif just like the other types, so oh well. Reddy turned out to have a huge laser-blaster under it's pupil, which started shooting much faster once the squishy outer layer was all gone!

Sif handled it well, just jumping around more as she kept a careful stream of Potions chugged. The yoyo kept flying, and Sif soon brought the mechanical beasty down, leaving only the meanie Greeny to duke it out!

A quick refreshing of her Buffs, a dash to Abigail for a sneaky heal, and it was back to the action! The first bit didn't seem too bad... The charges are fairly slow, and the puffs of green flames are dodgable.

Then the cover ripped off, and things got UGLY.

Those charges? They got faster. And more of them. People in Home-Tree itself had to duck whenever the darn thing dashed too far. Sif managed to dodge most of those... Not all of them though. But that wasn't the terrifying part.




Bouts of burning death just flinging itself through the sky, as if to say "Hah, you gunna die now!" Sif would bolt sideways at first to dodge it... Then she came up with a better solution.

The nasty green stuff bounces off Home-Tree harmlessly.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Giant Tree. Not the best place to hide. But apparently, Sif is more flammable in ice producing armour, than a giant magic tree. Who knew?

So that is how things went. Smack Greeny from inside Home-Tree's roots during flames of death, and jump around outside during high-stakes tag. The only other thing that happened was Frederick got kinda... Smooshed against a wall, during one of the charges. I... I dunno if Abigail can fix that. She's trying!

Anywho, the Moon slowly set, Sif's health slowly went down in between each Potion, and more and more chunks of Greeny were bashed off. And then, just as Sif was fleeing from an ill-timed bout of green flame, armour cracking from the intense heat... There was silence.

The Twins have fallen, and Sif collapsed inside for a much needed rest. She let Abigail focus on what was left of Frederick, tending to her own ouchies as she looked inside the little baggy she got from all that.

The day that came after that intense fight was a quiet one. Sif pondered the usage of a glowy Metal she had looted, Frederick was... Moved elsewhere, and Sif took a quick break to catch Nathan a fishie.

Oh, and a new person came this morning! She was wearing some cool clothing, and had some really neat stuff~ Her name is Cornelia, and she has a weird fascination with gears. Wires are so much better, though?

Oh, I can see Frederick coming from the dist...! That ain't him. Ohhhhh. I see. Abigail must have... Not quite succeeded. Welp. Uh. I guess we have a new Merchant now... And no more Frederick.

As Gus moved in with a tired sigh, I thought back about Frederick. I didn't get to know him as well, but he was still nice to me... If a little odd at times. Maybe... Maybe Sif should try and find someone to help her. End these big fights before someone else... Can't get back up again.

I want to blame her... But I can't. Monsters go wherever she does, yes. But she doesn't always call them to her, half the time they just... Appear. Charge at her from afar, lusting for blood. She can't help that.

And some of the nasties do go after the others, too. The only reason Home-Tree can exist is because Sif defends it. We have so many people, living better lives... Taking a big risk now and then, rather than living day to day in constant fear.

Life moves on... Even when some get left behind. You will be missed.


John Egbert

Skeletron Prime
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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 148~

To break me out of my... Deep train of thought, Sif took us out to the Huts and laid down a Water Candle at each. Apparently they can do handy things, something about mood lighting. I dunno.

As the sun began to set, Sif went back and tried planning for Mr Wormybutt once more. No amazing breakthroughs there, I'm afraid... Partially due to an interruption, of everyone feeling an odd chill. Not Wormybutt tonight, it seems!

Sif used the moments she had to grab the Potion stash, sharpen her Yoyo, and head on outside, and looking back at her victory over the Twins filled her with confidence. Les do dis!

From the sky, there came a mean-lookin Skelebutt... With 4 arms? Also, with a ton of retractable spikes on it's noggin. Looked very rebelious. The arms were all different too, each with a different ouchie inducer sticking out the end!

Sif decided to focus down one arm at a time, and started with the one that kept charging at her: A big Saw, which was very unfriendly. Sif could dodge it fairly easily though, even if she got hit by the other arms by accident instead. A few moments of whackin, and it was down.

Next on the list, a very grabby hand. Sif did not approve of Skelebutt's grabbiness, and so beat that hand up next, shattering it into itty bitty pieces as she kept getting whacked by the others, keeping an eye on her Potions.

Slightly worse for wear, she turned to a big ol' cannon next, which kept trying to blow Sif up! Trying to charge at it meant a few more bombs to her face, but Sif is a tough cookie. She just beat it up right back!

Catching her breath a bit, Skelebutt was left with only the Laser to deal with, and an occaisional headbutt. And not for long, as the last arm was terrible at dodging!

All 4 arms gone by midnight, and Sif just casually yoyoed Skelebutt in the face for the rest. That thick skull of his meant little got through to him, so that took most of the rest of the night. Not much to say though: Skelebutt would float around a bit confused, and headbutt now and then. Seems he didn't count on losing all his arms, huh?

Dawn came, and a rather smug Sif rifled through the rubble that was Skelebutt for the baggie of holding. Then it was a quick loot-sorting, and off to the Jungle!

That did not end well, so after handing over Nathan's daily Oddfish, it was time for something peculiar: Sif crafted a bunch of Gold Crowns, and a few Platinum Crowns... And covered the all in Jiggleh Bits!

Off to the East Sif went, 15 gooped Crowns in tow. A stopover at the Dungeon Hut, and it was all the way to the ocean itself! And so it begun.

So, turns out a Goop Crown summons the Oversized Jiggleh. Fitting. And Sif could now beat those up with her eyes closed. Handy. And for some reason, Sif decided now was a good time to go on a Jiggleh huntin spree, right on the Ocean's beach. Hmm.

One went down. Another came right after, all on it's own. Then another Crown was used. And another. And another. And another.

The sun is already setting, and Sif has used half her Crowns, and gotten a free random Jiggleh to boot. She is still being showered in the bodies of her gelatinous foes, and they still keep dropping Coins, which is handy. And it goes on.

... Hmm. Maybe Sif will run out of Jigglehs, before running out of Crowns?



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 149~

Apparently not!

Even when the moon rose, shining a bright Red, Sif did not falter. More Jigglehs for the yoyo grinder! Bow before her merciless smackin!

She managed to run out of Crowns before midnight, and so it was back to Home-Tree for us! Sif began sorting her loot, occasionally clearing out the mob outside.

In all the kerfuffle, Sif forgot to close the doors behind her, and some nasties tried to carry Tatiana away. Sif chased them off, and sealed the doors up with a huff. A few Clowns mingled with the crowd, and were promptly hunted down.

As dawn came, Sif finally had a moment to take stock of her loot: 5 Maps from fighting the Jigglehs near the Ocean (Ohhh, that's what she was aiming for!), a super-shiny Coin from all the Gold ones she had managed to collect, And then she went and used one of the new Maps as she finished putting everything away.

Not a moments rest around here, it seems! The Pirates were dealt with as per usual, aside from a still stunned Tatiana being carried of AGAIN, this time by a bunch of Parrots. Why is everyone so obsessed with her, sheesh!

Anywho, Sif only got BAMed once, and now the sun is setting as the Pirates are beginning to thin out. That was a... Repetitive, yet productive day.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 150~

Another BAM as Sif was clearing out the straggling Pirates, and Sif went to adjust the Banner Tunnel slightly, so she could put some Doors in. Enemies kept sneaking in through the Dome, somehow.

After that, another sortin of her loot, and she summoned the next wave of Piratey fun! This one went similarly to usual, with the difference of... Dang, forgot his name. Mushroom Guy! He got carried off in this wave.

... Hey, don't look at me like that. Hard to remember the name of the guy who hides in his own little hut, off ot the side!

Anywho, between her batch of tunnel shapin, and that Pirate wave that Sif is now cleaning up after, it is already almost sunset again. Another day full of action, fighting, and adventure...! That wasn't all very interesting, really. Been there, seen that explosion.

Sif is now spending her hard earned Coins, and get this odd gun lookin thing from Cornelia. Looks fancy, but I dunno how much it will hurt. Sif also bought a bunch of Green gunk to fuel it, seems like it needs special ammo.

She is taking out her Wiring Tools now... Intriguing~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 151~

I have no idea how any of that worked, or how Sif did it, but it was AWESOME.

Okay, first off was the boring bit. In the middle of the Dome, Sif made a little gap in her setup, and put a glowy yellow pedestal in the middle of it. Eh, cool I guess. She also messed with it's shape a bit with her Hammer, to make it look more interesting.

Then she got out her Wrenches, and began laying down Wire so fast I didn't even get to see where it disappeared to. Seemed a bit complicated, at least for my Bun-brain.

And then, Dome all wired up, Sif began trailing Red Wire down the central Mineshaft. I had no clue as to why, and could barely even make out what she was doing. But that is what she did. Accidentally crossed her Wire with a Statue setup in one of the abandoned Huts, but she quickly dismantled the intruding wires and continued.

A while later, so much so that the sun had risen up on the surface, Sif reached the Hot Place. She made a small detour to the side, to the top of one of those Towers... And began setting up stuff there, too. Another glowy pedestal, and a little switch on the wall. And then she stood on the thing... And flipped ze switch.

Poof, back at Home-Tree. Flipped a switch there.

Poof, back at the Hot Place.

Poofpoofpoofpoofpoofpoofpoof, and Sif was satisfied with her testing, and neatened up the wires a bit before leaving. and I was left sitting in the Dome, Bunny-Brain completely blown.

Sif came back after dealing with Nathan's fishie for the morning, and scooped me up after tweaking with the main setup a bit. Then it was off, riding the Minecart to the East... Slowly, leaving a trail of Wire behind her as she rode. Huh, neat trick.


Ahem. Still reeling from that.

She ran out of Wire juuust a bit before reaching the Mineshaft connecting to the Icy Hut, and so thought for a moment... and simply pulled out another pedestal, set it down on a nearby ledge, fiddled with the Wires... And was soon back, having spent what little Coinage she had on more Wire. Guhflubinub. How do. HOW. DO!

Ahem. The Icy Hut is now properly set up, the thingy moved inside. Sif is now out of both Wire AND Coins, and is mildly peeved at the fact. Oops. Back to Home-Tree, for some planning...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 152~

A detour for Nathan's fishie for tonight, a rummage through the Chests to see what she had to find next, and Sif hmmmed and ahhhed over the Windup Worm some more. She reeeaaally wants to use it, but isn't sure how to go about it.

Next came another Pirate wave, as Sif needed the Coinage, and those guys are loaded. She fought all through the night, and won a bit after dawn. No surprise there, Pirates are old news now.

Buying two more Piles of Wire for her trouble, Sif rode along to the West this time, trailing Wire behind. She... She has 5 switches back in the Dome. One for each Hut, and the Hot Place...? Dats a lot of Wire! Like, 6 more super Coins worth, after finishing this bit!

Not much else happened today. Sif got the Wire all the way to the Jung-Er, Crimson hut, and realized she forgot the Teleporter (Got it's name now!) back at home. So, back to Home-Tree.

Sif is staring at the Worm again... And pulling out her Buff stash. Is it time?!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 153~

Eek. Mr Wormy be scary.

Turns out, it has several mean things about it: First, it has lots of little Drony-things, that ALL shoot lasers. And can detach, to shoot more lasers. Rude!

Next, it tries to trap Sif in it's large amounts of robo-body. And trying to squeeze out stings a bit, when Mr Wormy is all hard and metal. This meant that Sif spent a looot of time flying around, trying to make sure she didn't get trapped.

NEXT, There is it's ability to just pass straight through Home-Tree. Fireproof yes, Wormproof no. Wreaked havock inside the roots of Home-Tree... Beat up Gus and Grover real bad. Abigail got to them in time, though!

And last, but very much not least... That face. See, Sif normally goes for the face, right? Nice and squishy, better to whack with the yoyo. Not the case with Wormy though. Wormy has big, sharp point teefs. And they huuuuurt! So, Sif needs to avoid them teefs as much as possible!

So, that is how the fight went. Lots of running, screaming, refreshing buffs and Potioning when necessary, and frantically trying to whack anything that slithered.

You know, it was almost like watching the Skelebutt fight, in reverse. Lots of weak flailing from one side, and methodical attempts to tear into peices from the other.

Time passed, and Sif squeaked and squealed as she ran back and forth, tring not to get hit. She got clipped by the teefs of death a few times, and made sure to run like mad to give herself a chance to recover.

The moon shines brightly above us at midnight... Over what I thiiink is a Sif, twitching on the ground... In the middle of Mr Wormy's remains.

Twas a glorious battle, truly. One that the Tree-Dwellers shall talk about for whole minutes, I bet. Everything was carried on in, for Abigail's treatment and simple resting after all that excitement.

After she recovered, Sif sorted the loots, and went up to the crafting area... Time to get freaky~ First, she got these odd pieces of junk from the Mechs, and mashed them together into what looked like a Minecart. Cool...?

Next up, was the fusamijiging. Step one: Titan glove and feral claw, to a power glove. Meh. Step two, multicolour balls and the Emblem doodad, to a different Emblem doodad. Step three, Merge THOSE together, into the Roboglove of epic yoyoing! Step four... Ignore the Magma stone, and put it away. Roboglave is better.

As the others slowly finished recovering, as they didn't have Sif's healy charm, potions, or stubbornness, Sif went and bought some more of the green goop for the odd gun. Still don't know what it even does, Sif prefers yoyos... A Traveler arrived as well, and was ignored.

We are now climbing into the new Cart, stuff for the Jung-Crim Hut's Teleporter in tow this time, ready to head out... I wonder why Sif wanted this so badleeeEEEE?!




A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 154~

Ahem. Now that I have recovered from that... Unique experience, I can see what Sif has been up to, over here where there used to be Jungle. And she has been busy!

First, she put down that Teleporter she forgot from before, since the Wires were all set up. Meant she could go back and forth from Home-Tree as much as she wanted! Handy~

Next up, I finally got to see what the clentuminapper did. (Or whatever it was called. Hehe... The Goop-zooka!) It didn't hurt things: It cleaned them! Sprayed the green stuff all over the nasty Crimson, and it became normal grass again! Sif looked like she wanted Jungle instead... But oh well. Better than Crimson, at least.

A quick BAM due to not paying attention, and Sif was back to sprayin her goop everywhere. Over the surface, deep in the Minecart Express, down the mineshafts... Eeeeeverywhere. Well, almost... She ran out of goop pretty quickly, as there was a lot of Crimson nearby.

A short stop by Cornelia to grab some more Goop, and it was time to explore the Jungle! Sif seemed to be looking for a bunch of things, because she would stop by whenever she saw these...

First, and most obvious, was any patches of Crimson she missed. Gotta Goop all over them before there's a nasty infection. A healthy Jungle is a good Jungle!

Second, this weird... Growing, glowing, green Ore. It was everywhere in the Jungle now! Sif seemed to need tons though, and her new golden PickaxeAxe could barely pry the stuff loose!

Third, a bunch of weird Fruit. They were yellow mixed with green, and reminded me of those Crystal Hearts that Sif sometimes comes across... I vaguely remember her collecting them before, but that was so long ago now. Either way, she was excited to harvest these Fruit, and eat them too!

As she explored, Sif went past a Hive she had left abandoned, little Pod still intact. Sure, why not.

... That was embarrassing.

The Queen Bee came charging in, shrieking up a storm! Sif charged, Yoyo ablaze with blue fire! And the Queen ran off whimpering, hiding behind a wall as Sif tried to finish yoyoing it in the face. Wuss.

Moving on once the Bee was down, it was back to searching. Half a dozen Fruit down, and a nice big stack of Ore... Maybe she will be done soon?



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 155~

Following a BAM back to the Jungle Hut due to being swarmed by Hornets, Sif went off to Home-Tree to grab Nathan's daily Oddfish. She also turned the Leaf Ore (Has a fancier name, but my Bun brain was not made for remembering such silly things~) into Bars, and she managed to get quite a few from that trip!

She seemed mildly impressed by her haul, but only put the Leaf Bars away for now. She needed something else to use them anyway, and I heard her mumbling about the Turtles, for some reason... Plus, she needed even MORE for something else she had planned, crazy lady she is.

Then, it was back to the Jungle pilfering. To and fro she went, cleaning out every nook and cranny. She also found this pretty Pink Flower... And avoided it like it was going to explode. I have seen stranger things, so I wouldn't be surprised... But I think she just has other plans~

Quite a bit of searching done, and Sif was growing bored. So, she went to the Temple, and began clearing out a space on top of it. One problem: That area was rather popular.

First, was all the normal Jungle stuff. Bats, Hornets, the odd Turtle here and there. Then a Leezurd or two would join the fray, lured out of the Temple by all the action going on. And those things are tough!

Second, there is a hug patch of Marble right next to the place. So, add in some Skeles, and some annoying Medusas as well. Not cool. Especially when one turns Sif into stone, right in the middle of a mob!

Third! The Temple was right underneath the underground Desert... Which had also gotten a lil Crimsonified. So, Mummies, Scorpions, Desert Spirits, tha whole shabang.

Mix them all together, and you get a very beaten up Sif. So, she began get veeeery frustrated. I sense a plan forming, hehe...

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