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Foreground Layer

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The foreground layer would be a layer in front of the chaos. You could right click instead of left clicking while holding walls to place them in the foreground. Foreground walls go in front of everything, players, enimies, blocks, you name it.

Glass walls and the like would show the world behind them.

Great for building and adventure maps, an interesting challenge in arenas. Thoughts?

Dark Wiz

So to clarify you could place opaque walls in the foreground layer, and when your player walks between those walls in the foreground and the "middleground", it would look like they were traveling through a tunnel?


Skeletron Prime
Ooh, cool! I think that would make the game a lot more immersive, if implemented well. Rather than just making what essentially amount to cross-sections or tv studio sets, it would be neat to actually go into a building or a tunnel. Maybe allow for the foreground wall to become somewhat transparent when a player is behind it, so it still shows the wall but also lets the player see what's there?

What would be even nicer is some foreground walls that create silhouettes
I could see that working really well with, say, gemspark or dynasty walls.


Dungeon Spirit
This would be an incredible addition to not only building mechanics but also world generation entirely. Imagine tunnels in caverns or the Dungeon, or an entire biome or bossfight that has its setting largely behind foreground walls - the sandy caverns from Super Metroid's Maridia come to mind. Full support.


I've actually came here just to post this very idea, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who would like to see this mechanics in the game. I'll try to make a mod out of this, but it seems pretty hard to mess with the layer function of the game. Meanwhile, I'll give my full support to this idea.
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