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Should I keep going?

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  1. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    Please read this first, before commenting!

    The Mod has been moved on to Released.

    The Mod!
    Weapons-based, some enemies, blocks, and maybe a biome or two. It will basically be an add-on to the game, not a new story thing or something.

    So, since I have little to say, here come the spoilers! I will update these every so often.
    The Big Kahuna:
    Drop of Duke Fishron and Craft able item.
    Shoots a wave thing.

    Can be crafted.

    (You may now be able to see full image, as the background is the same color as the outline. It looks better on another background)
    Living Wood Sword
    Can be crafted.
    Occasionally shoots a leaf.

    Angel's Dagger
    Can be found or crafted.

    The Globe
    Can be crafted.
    Inflicts a new debuff, On Fire, Frozen and another new debuff. :D

    Corrupt Power
    Dropped off Corruptors.
    Shoots a Vile Spit.
    The World
    Craftable item.
    Shoots sand, water and lava drop things that do extra damage.

    The Corruption
    Craftable item.
    Has extra spike things.
    Grown Jungle Slime
    Spawns on the roofs of caves and such, shooting leaves at you.
    When "killed" it falls and turns into a normal Jungle Slime.

    Swamp Slime
    A slime that spawns in the Swamp.

    Grown Swamp Slime
    Same as the Grown Jungle Slime, but a Swamp slime.
    When "killed", it falls and turns into a regular Swamp Slime.
    Flying Baby Swamp Slime
    It's a pet.
    The Murk
    Much like the king slime, but doesn't get smaller, and spawns Swamp Slimes and Baby Swamp Slimes, and their grown versions. (1).gif
    I will pretty often release early versions, to see public response to this and take advice, if any.

    I will update this mod every ten items. So basically every day.

    @GabeHasWon , coder, spriter. (Mod Starter)
    @PhoenixBlade , spriter.

    I'd like a SFX/Music artist.

    The Swamp: The Swamp is a counterpart to the Jungle. It has large, deep water holes and larger pits. Caves are riddled with moisture, water and mud. A large monster resides in the Swamp waiting for the souls to release it.
    The Dread: The Dread is a counterpart to the Corruption/Crimson. It has large circular caves all over, same with holes all over the surface.

    To @bluemagic123 for the mod loader.
    To @Cyanogynist for the Big Kahuna suggestion.
    To Re-Logic for being awesome.

    Since I'm super original and stuffs, here is a progress face thing:
    (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
    Good job me.
    Green = I am doing ze mod at ze moment.
    Yellow = I am too lazy to be doing ze mod a ze moment.
    Red = I can't be doing ze mod at ze moment.

    *Added Waterleaf Wand
    *Added Stick
    *Added Fishron Scale (Unobtainable)
    *Added The Big Kahuna (Unobtainable)
    *Added Cloud Bow
    *Added Living Wood Sword
    *Added Living Wood Spear
    *Added Empty Bag
    *Added Bag of Life
    *Added Pink Bulb
    *Fixed 9001+ Crash Errors
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  2. Cyanogynist

    Cyanogynist Cultist

    Uh, about the Fishron sword. Tsunami is already taken by the Fishron bow. How about Big Kahuna?
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  3. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    Haha, true. I never noticed xD Sure! :D thanks.
  4. Andrex(AEG)

    Andrex(AEG) Terrarian

    Can I be your Spriter?
    P.S. its me AEG:Terraria Lover
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  5. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    It matters. Can you show me any sprite and I'll consider it.

    Also, I know :D
  6. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I'd like to be a spriter, but I'll be busy all of this week. Here are a couple of my sprites:
    Shadowflame Sword.png Imported piskel (98).png Imported piskel (88).png Imported piskel (56).png
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 28, 2016, Original Post Date: Feb 28, 2016 ---
    If you choose to put me on the team, I can only work today and then after friday :p
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  7. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    Congrats! @PhoenixBlade , you are a spriter! :D
    Now, I'd like for you to do bigger sprites, so show me something like the size of the King Slime or Queen Bee.
    Note: You will also have to the four through six frames animation for anything that needs it.
  8. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Right now I focus mainly on weapon and item sprites, but if you need an animation, that's perfectly fine (it just may take longer.) So, are there any small, quick things I can get started on before I'm not here tomorrow? I can also do small enemies and such
  9. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    I'll mainly ask you for enemies acually, just saying. Can you make a granite burrower thing? Like a granite version of a giant worm. (No animation needed, it's a worm)
  10. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I'll get started on that now.
  11. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Granite Worm.png
    Here it is!
  12. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    Wow, you're fast! :D But, you need to give me different .pngs or .jpgs of the head, body and tail. Good sprite though!
  13. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Gotcha. I wanted to give you an overview first :p
  14. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Here's the separate png files (sorry this took so long, I had to go to to Target :p):

    sprite_1.png sprite_2.png sprite_3.png

    What's next?

    If you'd like, I could retexture the weapons you already have.

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  15. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    Cool, an alt jungle and corruption! This mod will be amazing!
  16. Nic246

    Nic246 Skeletron

    Yo this looks awesome, especially the swamp idea. Can't wait until there is more content :)
    (if you want me to do some concept art type stuff... i gotchu on that) Other than that i'll probably do it anyways for fun :)
  17. Cyanogynist

    Cyanogynist Cultist

    0/10 The World doesn't ORAORAORA enemies to death. Kappa
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  18. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    Glad to see people like this! :D
    I could make a tooltip for The World that says that ;)
  19. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    BTW, Phoenix, next time I'll ask you about the sprite on your wall.
    Added another sword!
  20. outlawak47

    outlawak47 Terrarian

    how do i get the mod