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Update: This is now a separate "adventure mode" concept that will likely be renamed. The real one can be found here.

The goal is to do one simple thing: Turn the default sandbox mode into a journey. You progress through each stage of the game by simply journeying from start to finish, overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way. It's best described by the mods it will be comprised of:

Core mods:
  1. Adventure Mode - The heart of the mod pack. Creates dependencies for all other mods, applies custom overriding configurations as needed, and adds a few misc. bits and babbles that aren't fitting as stand-alone mods.
  2. Losing Is Fun - General challenge and balance tweaks, but reconfigured specially for adventure mode. Expect some nasty fun surprises!
  3. On A Rail - Adds a train: A special minecart-like, non-carry-able mount that you will use for storage, fast travel, tunneling, rail networking, and even some combat or problem solving use.
  4. Miasma (WIP) - Caves are now filled with a slow-but-deadly poison gas. Budgeting time spent within them, creating safe areas, and recovering from built-up effects now add to the challenge.
  5. Cave-ins (WIP) - Better than falling sand. Creates a hazard for excessive mining (especially via. explosives).
  6. Ambushes (WIP)- Like traps, but with mobs. Also sometimes with powerful mobs.
  7. Environs (WIP)- Divides a world up into biome-like segments with their own color themes, mob spawns, terrain features, treasures, traps, music, and even passive effects. Re-configured to increase danger level of environs with depth, and maybe even to designate 'boss' environs.
  8. Flavored Monsters (WIP) - Monsters types exist (especially per 'environ') that may have specific strengths (vs classes or specific items), weaknesses (same), or new behaviors.
  9. Settlements (WIP) - Generates random settlements across the map with shops, R&R, and other services. Shops at these settlements have limited stocks, and stocks may vary between locations and times. Quests might also be available.
  10. Dwarf Miners (WIP) - Handy recruitable NPCs that can perform various jobs, but may need an escort (and payment) to do so. They work exclusively by rail, so you must build your rail network to reach wherever they're needed. They may excavate horizontal tunnels, add elevators to open shafts, or add fast travel points between settlements. They do not work on your schedule, though, so you'd best have other things to do while waiting.
  11. Durability - Same as usual, but without DIY repairs (except armor); may require a specialized settlement.
  12. Nihilism - Pre-configured to remove crafting, NPC money drops, and to disable some types of items. Everything is handled with money (see Settlements).

Extended mods:
  1. Kidnapped! (WIP) - Sets some town NPCs to need to be found and rescued from goblin slave trader gangs. Expect resistance and possible fail conditions or hostage situations.
  2. Mob and Fish Populations (WIP) - Mobs and fish can be hunted to extinction per area. Maybe only temporarily, though.
  3. Middle Earth (WIP) - Modifies world generation to add a large, contiguous cavern in the middle of the underground (between the surface and the underworld). May give rise to new biome types, increase monster difficulty, add set pieces, or feature special NPC settlements or even boss encounters.
  4. Secrets (WIP) - Guess.

Optional mods (for future consideration):
  1. Licenses - Items can only be unlocked for use with game progression.
  2. Dynamic Invasions - Re-configured to produce random invasion types on the world's surface in response to progression events.
  3. Sealed Chests (WIP)- Pre-generated chests are replaced with sealed chests, configured with loot corresponding to the zones they're in. Opening each will involve mini-quests of sorts.
  4. Lives - Guess.

Some additional points of consideration remain:
  1. May or may not build this with hard mode in mind. Not sure how to have the hallow and enlarged corruption/crimson play nice with Environs.
  2. Arena building seems like an opinionated thing and might take away from the journey mode immersion concept. It's a bit tricky to generate environs with arenas in mind. Still figuring this.
  3. To central hub town or not to central hub town. That is the question. Would allow invasion events, though...
  4. Late game holiday, martian, and lunar events need some consideration for a 'journey' concept.

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when do you think these mods like zones, settlements and what not will be finished? I really like the idea of turning it from a sandbox to a journey.
when do you think these mods like zones, settlements and what not will be finished? I really like the idea of turning it from a sandbox to a journey.
I'm working on Environs now. The rest I'll try to release all together after.

It'll take me a week or 2, most likely. Edit: That's if other mods don't get in the way, first.
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Definitely looking forward to it, the settlement one definitely sounds the coolest imo. There are few mods that add new structures, the only one i know of is one that adds an underground ship in the ice biome and "The Orchid" mod. Middle-Earth and Kidnapped! also sound amazing too. Best of luck, hyped already :D
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