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well since these forums are new, will there now be compatibility with mobile forum apps such as Tapatalk?
ahh well i wasn't insulting the new forum or anything, but iv do majority of my forum browsing through the mobile forum based apps and was just curious as to whether or not these new forums would be compatible with such apps. no biggie though ^^
No insult was felt. We realize that browsing TO on mobile devices is a huge PITA, and a mobile app for it was often requested.

The base software of TCF (Xenforo 1.4.1) has mobile devices in mind; it adapts itself to the client browser in a responsive manner.

All I'm suggesting is: try browsing TCF for a while to see if you still think a separate app is desirable. I think you'll find a much better experience.
I think it's simple enough to just look up "Terraria Community Forums" on your browser on mobile and just get on. It's much easier than downloading an app.
This isn't something we have talked about, but if there is enough interest I'll bug Skiphs about it after the launch day chaos is over.
Yes, as Redigit said. You'll have to wait for Red to contact Skiphs because Skiphs is kinda like the guy that does that.
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