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Happy Birthday to Terraria's Lead Developer & Resident Wizard: Yorai!


Skeletron Prime
Happy Birthday!
Thanks to you and to the rest of the team for keeping Terraria alive and giving us fantastic updates for all these years!


Happy birthday
[doublepost=1523109881,1523109854][/doublepost]IS there going to be post moon lord content?

Bloonjitsu Master

Official Terrarian
I Hate Myself For Missing This Guys (Girls? Still A Mystery To Me) Birthday. ._.

Well, Better Late Then Never Right? Happy Birthday! Hope It Went Better Then Mine Ignore That.

the first prism

Eye of Cthulhu
Greetings Terrarians!

We wanted to reach out to everyone today in the spirit of celebration and appreciation for one of our own – the one and only Terraria Lead Coding Wizard, Yoraiz0r!

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The Cult of Yorai

That’s right, its Yorai’s birthday today and that got us to thinking about his tremendous contributions to Terraria and its community. From his “humble” beginnings as one of the driving forces behind the early backbones of the Terraria modding community (tConfig & tAPI) to his amazing work since early 2014, Yorai’s impact on Terraria and Terrarians is unmistakable and irrefutable. So, on behalf of our team and Terrarians everywhere, we ask everyone to lift a glass in a toast to the Wizard himself!

In honor of the occasion, we thought we would show off one of his latest works of art… and what better way to celebrate than with the Celebration Mk. II!!!


Some fun facts about our very own Lead Developer:
  • Part of the core team that brought the community tConfig and tAPI
  • Also brought Dual Wield and RTR mods to everyone, amongst others
  • Still makes the effort to help the modding community out during his free time

Lead Developer

Officially joined the Terraria team on January 6, 2014. Yorai has been instrumental in everything added to the game since joining. Since that time, Terraria has moved from v1.2.2 to 1.3.5 (with 1.3.6 to come!). To give you a sense for what all he has had a hand in during that time…
  • Nearly 2,000 items have been added to the game
  • The Cultist-Tower-Moonlord trilogy of endgame events
  • Fishing (and our favorite April Fools Day story of all time, Duke Fishron!)
  • Dungeon Defenders 2 Crossover
  • More quality of life features than we could possibly list – including things that we all take for granted now (SmartCursor, Quick Stack, and many more)
  • … and the list goes on and on!

Beyond all of that, Yorai is an amazing person – which is really most important of all.

So, cheers and happy birthday to you, Yorai! On behalf of the Re-Logic family and the Terraria community, thank you so much for all that you do and for who you are!
I bet everyone's really pleased about the fishing ;)
(belated) happy birthday!!!


Skeletron Prime
You're contributions to this game, and this community are significantly appreaciated, Yoraiz0r. And while I may not be able to say happy birthday to you now.. I would still like to say thank you.
And happy late birthday!


lol. What is that gun? it fire a lot of sperm hahaha. I'm just curious why does it have to be like that :V
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