Happy Birthday to Terraria's Lead Developer & Resident Wizard: Yorai!

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  1. mwb310

    mwb310 Terrarian

    Happy Birthday!
    С днем рождения!
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    Joyeux anniversaire à toi!:happy:
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  2. Sir AFK

    Sir AFK Terrarian

    This may be late but happy birthday. I wish you feel delight in every minute of your life.
  3. leechheart

    leechheart Skeletron Prime

    The Celebration MkII looks so good.
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  4. SphinxGames

    SphinxGames Skeletron Prime

    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks to you and to the rest of the team for keeping Terraria alive and giving us fantastic updates for all these years!
  5. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    happy happy belated birthday.

    i also can't believe that the lunatic cultist knows cloning magic.

    he's a huge dork.
  6. Drake katchadorian

    Drake katchadorian Skeletron Prime

    I see english, either Korean or Japanese or Chinese, Russian, German and french
  7. Pixeroot

    Pixeroot Skeletron

    Happy Birthday Yorai! Thanks for helping make Terraria a great game! :D
  8. Enroke

    Enroke Spazmatism

    More "Red colors" pls i need it for my pixel arts and Happy birthday
  9. Ehydra56

    Ehydra56 Terrarian

    Happy birthday
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    IS there going to be post moon lord content?
  10. Super Shides

    Super Shides Skeletron Prime

    I Hate Myself For Missing This Guys (Girls? Still A Mystery To Me) Birthday. ._.

    Well, Better Late Then Never Right? Happy Birthday! Hope It Went Better Then Mine Ignore That.
  11. Drake katchadorian

    Drake katchadorian Skeletron Prime

    Damn I never have had a birthday party once in my life. Ever.
  12. the first prism

    the first prism Eye of Cthulhu

    I bet everyone's really pleased about the fishing ;)
    (belated) happy birthday!!!
  13. Brimrose

    Brimrose Terrarian

    I know this is late but happy birthday!!! You helped bring joy to thousands of people across the globe :pinky::pinky::pinky:
  14. Captahero

    Captahero Terrarian

    Happy bday
  15. Incinerate

    Incinerate Official Terrarian

    Hey there, Yorai. Happy Birthday.
  16. Crysmax00D2FF

    Crysmax00D2FF Skeletron Prime

    You're contributions to this game, and this community are significantly appreaciated, Yoraiz0r. And while I may not be able to say happy birthday to you now.. I would still like to say thank you.
    And happy late birthday!
  17. Theterriarizer

    Theterriarizer Terrarian

    You and the other re-logic terraria coders inspired me to learn to code:) :)
  18. ArrangedFire90

    ArrangedFire90 Terrarian

    I need that weapon.
  19. R£%

    R£% Terrarian

    lol. What is that gun? it fire a lot of sperm hahaha. I'm just curious why does it have to be like that :V
  20. Monika's Granddad

    Monika's Granddad Terrarian