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Happy Birthday to Terraria's Lead Developer & Resident Wizard: Yorai!


Staff member
Happy birthday Yorai! You've been intrumental to Terraria and continue to do so. Thanks for all your hard work!


Skeletron Prime
Happy birthday Yorai! I’m still grateful for everything you did to help me out, even if you were a little reluctant to do it. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished.

(Though I’m still waiting for the Jukebox xD)


Official Terrarian
Long time lurker, finally decided to get around to make an account to wish a happy birthday to someone who's helped bring so much joy to me and thousands of others.
Happy birthday, man.


Happy Birthday Yorai! Thanks for giving us such a great time playing Terraria. All the stuff you did. Thanks for everything of that, Yorai. Have a great party! :D


Happy Birthday Yorai!! Thank you for all the work you've contributed to such an awesome game and community!


King Slime
Happy birthday Yorai! Thank you for contributing so much to this game.

Celebration Mk.II? Does that mean the other endgame weapons will get upgrades?

Rough Draft

Duke Fishron
By the gods, Yorai you beautiful weeb, you've made the weapon that was my favorite conceptually but not quite good enough functionally into the greatest thing ever. Every time I destroy everything with fabulous rainbow homing fireworks, I'll think of you. Happy birthday. And thank you.


Haven't visited the forum in about half a year I think? Thought I'd pay a visit to pay homage to our great codingwizard and general cool guy Yoraiz0r's birthday. You fully deserve all the praise given, and I'm sure there will be even more to praise you for in the future. Rock on!


Happy Birthday Yorai! Thanks for all you do to the Terraria Community! And stay safe.

Celebration MK. II Hmm......

1.4 Incoming?


A big Happy Birthday to the big Y! To think that most of 1.3 would never happened without your glorious contribution to Terraria.

As a side note, Celebration Mk II looks super dope. The colours be so pwetty... ;(
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