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HERO Terraria Youtuber - Hello my friends.

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Hello my friend.

Hey I'm from Germany and i love youre videos and terraria!!!

I just want to thank you for youre videos <3

And maybe the money
I just want to say thank you for being a subscriber and maybe lol.

uhhh hi!

Hey Hero, apart from the video you put up and posts the devs have made, do you have any more info for 1.3? :joy:
Nope sorry!

⚡Hi HERO, I hope you are having a wonderful day⚡
Thanks my friend. It is a good day!

Whats Up Hero love watching your Videos they are really helpfull to me got already over 200 Hours on Terraria
and im super hyped for the 1.3 update
Not much, just trying to get comments out!


Hey, I didn't really watch your video on the forum, only like the first 15 seconds, but I did find this forum through it, so thanks for showing me!

Also, my first impression when entering the introductions section and seeing this with almost 100 pages I was like "My word! Seriously people?". Then I read the OP, and it explained why.
Not a problem. You came here so good job.

Thank you for mentioning the new site, Hero.

Anyway, hi. I'm Pnanda. I'm not one for forum stoof, but I'm happy to support the new site and new updates from the Terraria team.

Hey Pnanda.

Awesome forum. Hopefully it'll spark up my creative side even more once 1.3 hits.
I hope so too. Do you make art?

Hi Hero. Thank you for all the nice guides. But can u do a new Ultimate Boss Fight Including Duke Fishron And Enraged Plantera? Btw im Swedish. And in swedish plantera means plant as in planting a tree
Yes, that would be fun.

Your videos have been really helpful so thanks! ^^
NP, cheers.


Hi hero ! ty for the awesome vids
np, I love cookies too.

Hi Hero. I love your videos.
I love your face.

Hello HERO.

I've been a long time subscriber of your channel, and i'm totally supporting your cause here, keep up the good work!
Thanks, glad to have your support.

Hi Hero, i am pritty exited About the update. Btw keep up the good work.
Thanks for all of your help.

New site to OP. Banned fur hax m8.

But seriously this site is EPIC
ha, yea. This site is pretty awesome.


I've just started playing this game a year ago and your videos is what showed me how to play most of the game and I enjoy watching them, Keep it up
Thanks for all of your support.


howdy friend
howdy boss.

I like your videos HERO dont stop making them
I won't

Herrow, Hero. Love your stuff, keep it up
Yes sir!


is this comment oke ?
sure is

The amount of comments on your thread made me want to check out your videos.
That's cool. Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Hero. I am watching your videos for years! Even before any update your videos helped me a lot to get into terraria.

Thank you and please dont stop making videos.
I will not stop!

thanks for tel me i watch all your videos
Thanks for the support.

Hi Hero
your videos dont suck! Actually they are what got me into terraria so keep up the good work
Thanks that is so nice of you to say.

I honestly thought that the previous update was going to be the last before Terraria 2. I freaked out so much when I saw the info and the spoilers for this update.
This next update will be insane.


Thank you hero for all the support in terraria. I've been having a lot of trouble and your videos always help me out
I'm glad they are able to help you.

What do you wish to be in 1.3 Hero? I wish ther was diffrent races like in Starbound.
I honestly want the team to delete a lot of content and clean up useless progression. After that I would like a new biome that you teleport too with it's own seperate progression, a new damage type that requires a new armor type and a different type of weapon required to damage the monsters. This would allow for a semi reset.

hi, can't wait for you to start making tutorials for 1.3 ^^
Me either. So excited.

hi bro i love your vids
Thanks friend.

Hey hero, I would just like to say thanks for introducing me to this site over YouTube cause i didn't even know it existed until I watched your video so thanks for that and also thanks for being the one guy I could rely on for tutorial and information videos for terraria.
Glad I could help you.


i would have had no clue about the site unless you told me and hi
Yep, a lot of people are saying that. Glad to help.

hi annd thanks for teaching me about the game long ago and now for showing me this forum
Glad I could help. Cheers friend.

Hero you are one best terraria gamers.
Thanks, you are quite nice.

Hello Hero you really made me want to get into youtube and even convinced me to start recording my own before GCSE's! thank you
That is awesome. It takes time to get successful but it is worth it.

hi i really like your chanel

please keep making vids <3
I will always keep making videos.


Hi, HERO i love your videos thx for telling about this page gonna be waiting for more spoilers!!!
Your channel is very useful for me and for many, many people keep up the good work!!!
Cant wait to play terraria in 1.3 :D


Hi, HERO i love your videos thx for telling about this page gonna be waiting for more spoilers!!!
Your channel is very useful for me and for many, many people keep up the good work!!!
Cant wait to play terraria in 1.3 :D
Thanks for stopping by my friend!


Heya Hero! Thanks for the cool video's you make, please continue to make new ones! Greetings, Historycanon
I will make more and more and more.

Hey HERO, I was brought by your video
I can't wait to see what people come up with on the new site!
it's gonna be good!

Hi, i have seen your work in youtube and i realy like the videos ! Keep up the good work !
Thanks my friend

Hey, can't wait for the new update ! and i'm waiting for your video on the new spoiler and content Hero ! I follow you since a long time now and still glad to see new video rfom you !
Me either. Thanks for the follow.

Hey Hero, thanks for letting us know about the new update, can't wait to play Terraria again
IKR, so excited.
When 1.3 comes out, can you do a playthrough from beginning to end?

Also. Can you do mobile version vids?
yes and maybe.


I have some questions:
  1. How many ram do you need to play and record Terraria without any lag?
  2. What program are you using for recording?
  3. What editing program are you using for editing your videos?
  4. How did you make your intro?


Hi, I am HERO a Terraria youtuber. I have been making Terraria videos 3 years. I would really like to show my support for the community by supporting the new forums. Since these new forums are controlled by the developers of the game we all love so much we know they will do great things here.

Feel free to ask me any questions related to terraria, my channel, or just say hi.

20 thread likes, 400 comments, in under an hour. Damn you guys are all over this. Welcome to the new forums.

Edit: Well this blew up... 184 likes, 2300 comments, 30,000 views. I have responded to about 800 comments but I really wanted to respond to everyone. I am going to work on that tonight and see if I can get it done. Thank you all so much for supporting the new forums. My fanbase is the best.

A few things I would like to add. Please look in your preferences and change your themes. There are a ton of cool themes. Pick one you like. Please also go take a look at other threads. There are a ton of great content creators on here.

A little about me:

I have over 500 Terraria videos on my channel. At least 10 of them are pretty good.
Contrary to popular belief I am 27 not 16. My prepubescent voice confuses people.
I have been skydiving.
I love anime, manga, and watching the LCS. I don't play league anymore though.

If you would like to subscribe to my channel please do so: https://www.youtube.com/user/hero

You can also follow me on here.

The contest I was running has ended and I am not choosing winners.
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