Mobile How to know if houses are then right size?

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  1. GiacomoLaw

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    Hi all!

    Really enjoying Terraria mobile so far. Just a question: how do I know if my house is big enough for a person? Some of my rooms are not filling. Here they are:

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  2. Gage22

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    Reply: First of all you have to build a room 6 blocks high and 10 blocks wide or at least 10 high and 6 wide, that's when they start to come in... I play mobile so if you have any probs I can help.
  3. GiacomoLaw

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    Okay, thank you very much! However, I think some of my occupied rooms are smaller than that
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    Hm? Weird if it was possible to get them into a room smaller than the required size then they probably made an update I didn't know about. I only just got this forums last week. (Had the game since forever)
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    Got the games a few days ago, the forum just now
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    Well good for you! If we ever meet up in real life I'll give you my legendary cutlass(hope I spelled it right) or True Excalibur!
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  7. TerraNova Gaming

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    There are certain ways to fit NPCs into smaller rooms. One way i have figured it out was to build a small room in my main house and met the normal housing requirements like the Furniture, lighting and door but oddly not the size. Now even though the wiki says to build houses as 6 Blocks High and 10 Blocks wide, its better to build a house evenly by making a 10x10. And not to mention that since this is a PC Game turned mobile, there will obviously be a lot of restrictions and freedom.
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  8. musica.geek

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    Have you met the requirements for the npcs that you want to move in? For example, for the merchant you need at least 50 solver in inventory (I think) and for demolitionist you need explosive in inventory. I would look up the npc requirements on the wiki.
    I looked at the pictures you attached, and it looks like size isnt your problem here. I am assuming you just haven't met the requirements for the npcs you want to move in. Npcs will only move in once you have gained a certain amount of health, money, something else, or killed a boss, it depends on the npc. I would go to the gamepedia page on npcs to find all of the specific requirements for npcs. Fulfill those requirements and you should have npcs moving in!