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If bosses could talk, what would they say??!!


Skeletron Prime
Be creative with what you do

I'll start you off with these three
Skeletron-I've got a ton of people to curse. A Skele-ton

Queen Bee-WHAT ARE YE DOIN IN MA SW-uhh hive


like if you get these references

So, have fun
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The Lunatic Cultist does say something.

It sounds like "how were you know" and "Noooooooo".


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Golem: "Ancient Altar reactivated, entering attack mode, exterminate foreign element."

Skeletron: "The curse will never be destroyed Old Man. I own your Soul and the Secrets of this Sanctuary, and I will destroy anything trying to get their hands on the secrets of this place."

Duke Fishron: "Damn fishermen these days. Can't allow our people to live in peace in our great Waterfield. I've had enough. They've gotten an irresistible worm that threatens to kill all of my subjects. I will stand for it no longer. This Human dies now so my Aqua Kingdom can know true peace once again."


Plantera: "What. Are. You. Doing to my FLOWEEEEEEEEERS".
Golem: "Really? I was having a really pleasant dream with two Lihzahrds. TWINS, THEY WERE" (Why else would he attack you when you already proved to be able to defeat his/her defences).
Destroyer: "(Playername) detected. Terminating".
Lunatic Cultist: "What? Why did you do that? Is there a place my cult CAN go to worship Cthulhu's brother without getting massacred? I'm sick of this crap. I'll kill you slowly".
Wall of Flesh: "I'm going to kill you for feeding me the soul of the most insufferable adult ever" (In other words, it would be angrier if there was an Angler Vodoo Doll).
Duke Fishron: "So now that insufferable rage-inducing child I have as a priest has sent this...pathetic sacrifice. I expected more from him"
Moon Lord: "Can an eldritch abomination sleep in this freaking world?"
Skeletron Prime: "I swear, by my saw and laser cannon, that I will once again prove victorious".


Eye of Cthulhu: Kill me and get free Visine — eye drops, get it?
Plantera: My foes, they can't destroy my body, colliding slow, like life itself. *
The Twins: Eye-eye, eye-eye, canto y no llores…
Wall of Flesh: You want fries with that?
* bonus points if you get this one


The Destroyer
I always imagined the Eye of cthulhu was voiced by Tim Allen ever since 1.3 came out, because of his expert attack
I swear I took him even less seriously than I already did in 1.3.


Lunatic Cultist
Eye of Cthulhu: "I can't stop staring at your beauty~<3"
King Slime: "Wiggle wiggle wiggle!"
Skeletron: "N-no, not in there >///>"
Queen Bee: "BeedrillXVespiqueen OTP Squeeeeee~"
Brain of Cthulhu: "E=MC^2, That's right, I'm a smart."
Eater of Worlds: "This world sucks. It's too big, it won't fit... in my belly. :/"
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