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tModLoader Itorius' Mods

Do you want to bring back the all mighty Slimey?

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    Votes: 71 92.2%
  • No...

    Votes: 6 7.8%

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Le tromp du Jawa

Eye of Cthulhu
That is definitely not my mod, that's the ElementalWeaponEnhancements from @Gorateron.

0.9.1 was out for 6 days, I don't have the old versions and I suggest updating to the new version of tML, since I added some stuff that relies on tML 0.9.1
it is your mod as I don't have that mod installed , and it works fine without your mod


Duke Fishron
uhmm yeah I haven't touched EWE in what feels like decades, you probably shouldn't be using it.


Skeletron Prime
There's still heavy development going on, I hope there will be a version for beta-testing (not for public) at the end of the month and a public version somewhere in February. Meanwhile, here's a little insider on the Upgrade UI v2
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Le tromp du Jawa

Eye of Cthulhu
Might I suggest a mod idea ? farmable animals which lets you breed birds , bunnies and insects for other variants and resources


Are you working on telling us specifically what Quarry does? All I can guess is that it's an auto mining thing, but not much else I can discern from the information available.


Dude, I loved your True Eternity mod. It made me love Slimey more than I ever did before! #BringBackAlmightSlimey


Skeletron Prime
Tape Measure and Storage Refinements have been ported to tML v0.10.
I also released 3 new mods: Mob Utilities, Compact UI and Container Lib.

Note that Storage Refinements and Mob Utilities require Container Lib to function. For my future mods this information will be on their TCF threads or as a little ! next to the Mod Browser listing.


Official Terrarian
Mob Utilities: bug(s) or Problem(s) that I have encountered.
Mob Spawner; doesn't seem to work. o_O
Mob Soul; crashes game if placed in the player's inventory. :eek: (PLEASE FIX ASAP)
P.S. Mob Spawner, I can't figure out how to use it.


Skeletron Prime
Stack Increase has been released! It is an iteration of the well known Max Stack mod, as in, it makes stacks larger.


Stack Increase has been released! It is an iteration of the well known Max Stack mod, as in, it makes stacks larger.
Current version is causing coins to stack instead of automatically becoming the next denomination. Fortunately putting them in the piggy bank fixes the issue. Only bug I've seen so far.
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