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tModLoader JoJoStands

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by AnotherGuy, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Giorno

    Giorno Terrarian

    Are you going to add Gold Experience in a later update?
  2. AnotherGuy

    AnotherGuy Terrarian

    We're actually working on him this update
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  3. Diamond Dynamic

    Diamond Dynamic Terrarian

    You should add more God tier stands like made in heaven, gold experience requiem, etc, also, as like a super end game thing, maybe the world over heaven with an extended time stop or temporary immunity to abilities like time stop or the infinite rotation.
  4. Arcanum

    Arcanum Official Terrarian

    Hey pal, can i help with sprites?
  5. D4C

    D4C Terrarian

    So how do you get these other items like:
    Stone Mask - Gives major boosts to player abilities (speed, jump height, damage, etc.). Limits health and doesn't allow you to go to space nor be in daylight

    Steel Balls
    - Gyro's main weapon, up to 2 can be thrown at a time

    Hamon - Punch people with hamon, automatically gets stronger after vanilla bosses are defeated.

    Stone of Aja - Increases life regeneration significantly, let's you walk on water (sprite by Comobie)

    Custom Crafting Materials: Soul of Time, Hand, Sun Droplet
    It's not really specified, or am i just not looking right?
  6. AnotherGuy

    AnotherGuy Terrarian

    Stone Mask = 30 souls of fright and 50 stone at a mythril anvil

    Steel Balls = 2 Chlorophyte Bars, 7 Hallowed Bars, hamon

    Hamon = 8 sun droplets

    Stone of Aja = large Ruby + Sun Stone

    Sun Droplet is an item that drops during daytime, while hands and souls of time drop in hardmode

    Yeah, you just have to join the discord server and ask in #spriting
  7. sora lino

    sora lino Terrarian

    How do you get a soul of time?
  8. AnotherGuy

    AnotherGuy Terrarian

    Hardmode drops from anything
  9. Add Dio Clothes from part 1-3
  10. AnotherGuy

    AnotherGuy Terrarian

    Someone is already working on those, but we don't know when it'll be done or if it'll be done in time for this update
  11. Guzzlord

    Guzzlord Eater of Worlds

    So far, I am really excited for this mod, can't wait when there are more stuff to come!
  12. JoaquinSucc

    JoaquinSucc Terrarian

    Hi i have been using this mod lately in online with my friends and i really like it. but i need help because the guide doesn't spawn because he doesn't spawn and i can't see the recipe for tiering up stands so i ask for a full recipe guide of all the tiers of every stand so i and other people can see it if you could make it i would appreciate it alot. thanks!
  13. TheDarknessSoldier

    TheDarknessSoldier Ice Queen

    please make the hands stack, my chests and storage are full of them and take too much space.
  14. AnotherGuy

    AnotherGuy Terrarian

    They'll stack up to 99 and drop less frequent, soon...
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