Official Labor of Hallow's Eve Winner Announcement


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Happy November fellow Terrarians, we hope that you also had a spectacular time celebrating Halloween and observing or participating in the contest.

Over 900 entries were submitted. Throughout the past few weeks, we have taken time to look over the entries, and worked together with members of the staff teams from the Terraria Discord & Reddit to have Re-Logic decide on the winners. They looked over the best of the best and the decision was not easy, but now we are ready to present the winners!

While the winners will be receiving prizes, they are not the only ones that have produced fantastic spooky creations. There are many great entries that we are showcasing in another thread. Before or after you have seen the winners, do visit this thread as well to see many other fantastic creations! Official - Labor of Hallow's Eve Entry Showcase

Now for the moment you have been waiting for. The Winners and Runner-Ups!

Pumpkin Carving



Ratlord's bundle of Pumpkins displaying many of Terraria's (in)famous bosses was a master work of carving! This collection of Pumpkins is so flashy and spooky that it does well in making any house stand out from the crowd! The bosses have been immortalized onto these Pumpkins similar to ancient hieroglyphs!

Runner Up #1


Twins main photo.jpg

The Twins have been recreated as Pumpkins by Scotsman, as if a magic wand brought these conjoined pumpkins to life to create a terrible Halloween night for many Terrarians!

Runner Up #2



Somewhere a Guide must have opened too many doors and was sacrificed to lava to bring this Pumpkin to life! This Wall of Flesh themed Pumpkin is a glorious and spooky display of how Pumpkins can be made fierce!




This costume made by Riptor finely captures many of the fine details in Redigit's dev armor and brings it to life through a stunning display!

Runner Up #1


Picture 0 - Moulagoffre.PNG

The effort and craft that went into making real Spooky Armor is one that earned this display of spooky armor a top spot among the chosen Runner Ups!

Runner Up #2


WhatsApp Image 2022-10-29 at 3.44.58 PM.jpeg

Fully armored for the Pumpkin Moon, Alaswing takes us away with an excellent recreation of Shadow Armor!



Terraria Halloween_Krusekis.png

Many of Terraria's powerful bosses going out for trick or treating fully captured our hearts this Halloween with Krusekis's adorable artwork!

Runner Up #1


Finalist 1.jpg

In incredibly vivid detail, UndauntedHaunted has created a truly terrifying replica of the Eye of Cthulhu. We feel an evil presence watching us from this masterpiece!

Runner Up #2



Patalony_art was fully prepared for the Pumpkin Moon this year with an incredible drawing of Spooky Armor and several Pumpkin Medallions!

In-Game Creations


Capture 2022-10-21 19_10_35.png

Wardo nailed it with a fantastic creation making it feel like 3D. Not many we think would be brave enough to wander around this area!

Runner Up #1


Capture 2022-10-08 02_36_26.png

Jbean's haunted house has many charms that make it stand out highly. Certainly a bountiful harvest of scary Pumpkins that emerged from this house!

Runner Up #2


Capture 2022-10-29 21_17_22 -.png

An entire Halloween town is on another scale as Unknwn! makes a truly terrifying yet spectacular build!



Labor of Hallows Eve Video.png

Freakysheesh's truly brought the Pumpkin Moon to life in this video animation. The process of creating a Pumpkin Medallion never looked so terrifying before! Watch the video HERE!

Runner Up #1


Both the Empress and Eclipse combined together in an epic remix make FlanTheFlan's Empress of the Eclipse song an epic spooky track!

Runner Up #2

philip.bull22 #5696

Riding a unicycle can't be easy. Much less while playing Terraria's Pumpkin Moon on it, but Philip.bull22 pulls it off in fantastic style!

The Winners and Runner-Ups will be contacted by members of the Re-Logic team for their prizes. If you are a Winner or Runner-Up that had their entry outside of the Terraria Community Forums, ensure that your profile settings allow Re-Logic to get in contact with you.

We hope that everyone who participated enjoyed taking part in the contest. We enjoyed seeing many of the creations that people from many different places had to submit. It made for a Spooktacular October!

What's that? There's something else?

There is one more matter of business to take care of. That's right! It is the Community vote for the Ultimate Winner! You get to vote for one of the 5 winners across each category! The one who receives the most votes will recieve a Meowmere sword in real life! Incase you need a refresher on what it looks like, here's some examples of it from the previous thread!


In order to vote, all you need to do is visit this new Google Forms link: The Labor of Hallow's Eve - Terraria Competition: Ultimate Winner. The Poll will remain open for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks have passed, it will be decided who gets the Meowmere.

Happy Labor of Hallow's Eve! We also hope everyone continues to enjoy all the new content that the Labor of Love Update has brought to Terraria!
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