Making boring weapons more unique

I'd say switch to Frostbite, but that wouldn't work. Maybe we can switch to the Frozen debuff? It does follow along with the ice-based theme, and chilled is trash by then.
I was thinking like a new method of attacking or something to make it different from Cursed Flames.
No hard feelings.
I see two ways Cursed Flames can change: A: It loses gravity effects and becomes a Hardmode Water Bolt or B: It loses pierce and its firerate increases to become more like Golden Shower.
What do you guys think?
Maybe it could be more like a Hardmode Demon Scythe, but instead of firing one cursed flame, it would fire in bursts of three. The cursed flames could home a little bit and explode on impact.
Problem: The Demon Scythe takes too long to charge up. Right now, Cursed Flames are a weapon that could be used against all the Mech Bosses, and even Plantera. That change would make it so that only the Destroyer is weak to Cursed Flames. A "little bit" of homing won't change that. It was a good idea, though.
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I've got a few ideas.


Palladium Sword - Every 4 successful enemy hits leave a floating Palladium orb that regenerates the player's health over time (provided the player is within 10 blocks of it); 5 health every second for 5 seconds. A max of 3 can exist at a time.

Palladium Pike - Renamed to Palladium Halberd (since it looks more like a halberd then a pike), and now occasionally fires a Palladium Bolt. If the Bolt deals the killing blow to an enemy, it summons a healing orb that heal a small percentage of the enemy's max health to the player. This encourages strategizing which weapons you use to kill enemies, and provides a benefit to players who play more riskily.

Palladium Repeater - Wooden arrows have a chance to be converted to Palladium Arrows, which inflict the Palladium Infliction debuff on contact. The debuff deals slow DoT to an enemy and enemies near the inflicted enemy.


Orichalcum Sword - Landing a four hit combo (4 consecutive hits, each in a short timeframe between each other) summons three fast moving petals that home slightly towards enemies.

Orichalcum Halberd - Renamed to Orichalcum Pike for similar reasons to the Palladium Pike. Occasionally fires a razor petal that smart-bounces towards enemies.

Orichalcum Repeater - Wooden arrows have a chance to be converted into Orichalcum Arrows, which aren't affected by gravity and have a higher velocity then other arrows. They inflict the Orichalcum Stigma (notice the pun?) debuff on contact. The debuff causes pink spores to cover an enemy, which lowers its aggro and deals decently fast DoT. Enemies near it (in a shorter range then with the Palladium Infliction debuff) also have lowered aggro.


Titanium Sword - Launches a Titanium Shard every few swings that sticks to enemies. If the enemy is hit with the sword while the shard is stuck to them, it has a chance to stun them temporarily (provided they don't have knockback resistance).

Titanium Trident - When striking an enemy, a miniature Water Spout has a chance to form; around the same size as the Sharknado minion. It attracts and pushes enemies, whilst also dealing constant damage.

Titanium Repeater - Wooden arrows have a chance to be converted to Titan Arrows, which are more affected by gravity but deal stronger knockback. They inflict the Titan's Fury debuff on contact, which lowers knockback resistance to non-boss enemies (depending on their original KR) and every enemy in a small radius around the struck enemy.

Yikes, this took a while.
I’m just going to say, I dislike the Amarok, hellfire, and the third one change. This would ruin any chance of you using one of these weapons against the destroyer, which would mean you would have to go and grind for another weapon.

-Damage reduced from 26 to18
-Use time doubled for one second after hitting an enemy
-Movespeed and acceleration improved while held

This new ability is redundant, you could just double the use time and it would be the same thing in practice. With the increased mobility while held thing it'd already be a unique and interesting weapon.

Flintlock Pistol

-Use time increased to 20
-Given autofire
-Gets increasingly rapid as held down over the course of 5 seconds, down to a use time of 10
Flintlock Pistol is the second weakest gun in the game, which wouldn’t be an issue if you didn’t need to get a gun first to unlock it. This would buff the gun and make it better in sustained assaults, and make it feel more like the kind of weapon you’d use in a gun duel. Weapon suggested by @Peanut sauce

Ok, the first two buffs already put this thing on roughly the same level as the Minishark. Then we have it gradually increasing in fire rate, up to 60% faster and you can see that there is an obvious balance issue here.

1617593829913.pngSwordfish, Obsidian Swordfish
-Have autoswing automatically
-Use time on both increased from 20 to 25 because of autoswing
-Allows the player to dash when held, dealing double knockback and having some i-frames during the dash
-Obsidian Swordfish does quadruple damage instead of double if landing a crit during the dash
Similar to the Mandible Blade, a mobility effect would be a good way to make some close-ranged melee weapons more effective. Plus, in my opinion, an impaling charge fits the identity of a swordfish perfectly. Credit to @CursedSliver for the idea.

More of a nitpick than anything, but those first two parts are actually a nerf, since you'll always be using these with Feral Claws for the autofire. The built in dash is a great idea though.
1612934685400.pngChlorophyte Partisan
-Instead of a cloud, it launches a spore particle at the end of the swing, the spore particle floats around in random directions, bouncing off blocks and exploding on contact with enemies
Partisan is basically a weaker clone of Saber. This replaces it with a thematically fitting and unique attack, that you could use as a cluster killer or to fill an area with spores to kill enemies as they spawn.

This weapon is fine really, it's the swords that I'd rather change. This bouncing exploding projectile sounds like it'd fit the Chloro Claymore's Orb a lot better.

Flask of Nanites, Nano Bullets

-Instead of inflicting Confusion, both cause weapons to release 2-3 nanobots on hit that act like Bees, homing in on ememies and dealing 20 damage and ignoring all defense (except for Dungeon Guardian)

So, +60 damage per hit, or triple Betsy's Wrath that can distribute excess damage to other enemies. Blade Staff is having a blast with this idea.
I think you misunderstood this. The nanobots wouldn’t apply a debuff that would remove enemy defense. I think that @whoneedsnamestbh means that they would deal 20 damage each, and that 20 damage wouldn’t be reduced by enemy defense.
Reducing enemy defense effectively add a flat amount of damage to every attack.

This also effectibvely adds a flat amount of damage to every attack.

Like betsy's wrath reduces defense by 40 so that means every attack does 20 extra damage, if every attack instead spawned a probbe that did 20 damage then that would effectively be the same thing, 20 damage for every attack.
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