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Animus Viral

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Years ago, a war struck out, and what has happened in it was forgotten. The minds of everyone don't remember, only the fact that something terrible has happened was known. Was it aliens? Nukes? Or something worse...? Now, in the barren wasteland, a book, burned to almost nothing, survived, barely. The pages are slowly falling out. But it is readable what is on it. It has the contents of:

In order to survive in a dangerous world, you must know your strengths and weaknesses. Please use the form attached to create a character. If you need to, you can view the attributes, skills, and more to learn more about them.
Spend your Attribute Points on your attributes
Attributes is a way of measuring your inherent abilities, measured in Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Health.
An attribute of 1 is the lowest score, with no upper limit. 10 is the average ability and is the default setting. 8 to 12 is considered normal. 16 and above are unusual. Ratings of 20 and more are equal to superhuman ability.
You have a maximum of 50 points to allocate.
The 'flat' character will have 12 in each attribute, with two allocated wherever you want.
You can discard your attribute points during character creation if you want a weaker character, but be careful, as it will be permanent if you confirm that you discard them.

The attributes are as follows:
  • Strength (ST), a measure of “brawn” or physical muscle.
  • Dexterity (DX), a measure of agility and coordination.
  • Intelligence (IQ), a measure of brainpower, alertness, adaptability and general background experience.
  • Health (HT), a measure of energy and vitality. Of course, death is not final here. So...

If you want more attribute points, you can reduce another attribute, gaining one attribute point for every point you lower the attribute. No attribute can drop below one. You can lower any attribute, or combination of attribute.

It would be possible to gain more attribute points through certain circumstances, like gaining perks or discovering certain things. Some objects can permanently increase your attributes.

Your attributes affect these stats:

Carry Weight
The total amount of equipment that you can lug around the world is represented by your carry weight. The higher your carry weight the more equipment you can
carry, which is quite obvious. You can carry a total amount of equipment in kilograms equal to your carry weight, and no more.
Initial Value: 50 * ST

Action Points
The number of action points you have will determine how many different actions you can take during a turn. Every action will have a different action point cost, which is subtracted from your total action points. When you run out of action points, you will be unable to do another action until your next turn. As long as you are not in combat, you do not need to use action points. However, when you enter combat, you are required to use action points for your actions, besides looking around. Upon ending battle or the next turn comes, your action points will be refilled to full. Initial Value: ((DX + HT)/4) +5

Actions List

These use action points. Action points are only used in combat.

  • Reloading - Reload a weapon that is missing ammunition. Uses one (1) action point.
  • Attack, Quick - Costs the Weapon's AP cost. Used for normal attacking.
  • Attack, Targeted/Aimed - Costs Weapon's AP cost + 1 AP. Used for targeting certain parts of the target (Head, torso, arms.) which can result in crippling the target's limbs.
  • Attack, Burst - Cost the Weapon's AP cost +1 AP. Fires multiple shots, at a low accuracy and a burn through ammo.
  • Walking/Running - Running or walking will cost one action point for every cell on the room map (If any.) you move.
  • Use an item - Consumable non-weapon items that are held by the character's hands cost no action points to use. However, using a consumable non-weapon item from your inventory that you are not holding will cost you two action points.

This is used specifically for PVP, though it can be used for other purposes.
This calculates the order of who goes first, unless one chooses to give up their turn.
Initial Value: DX + IQ

Ex: If Character 1 has 30 sequence while Character 2 has 40 sequence, Character 2 will go first in combat.

Select three tag skills.
Skills are learned abilities. As you gain experience, your skills will improve, unlike your basic attribute. The higher the skill, the more likely you will succeed in using it or the more effective it will become. All skills have a max of 200. They can be improved by reading books, or simply practicing your skills.
Tagged skills are what you are good at learning. They are what you excel at, if you will. Each skill that is tagged will be increased by 20, and will be doubled for every skill point you gain in the tagged skill. You can have a maximum of three (3) tagged skills.

This is the complete skills list.

  • Melee Weapons - Swords, Clubs, Sledges, etc. Initial Value: 25 + ST
  • Small Guns - Pistols, Rifles, and small arms. Initial Value: 25 + DX
  • Big Guns - Mini-guns, Missile Launchers, etc. Initial Value: 25 + ((ST + DX) / 2)
  • Energy Weapons - Weapons that are like laser or plasma weapons fall into this. Initial Value: 25 + ((DX + IQ)/2)
  • Arcane - Weapons, spells, or other known actions that use mana fall into this. Initial Value: 25 + IQ
  • Unarmed - Combat through the use of fists. Initial Value: 25 + ST
  • Throwing - Grenades, Throwing Knives, Spears. Initial Value: 25 + ((ST + DX) /2)
  • Archery - Bows and arrows. Initial Value: 25 + DX
  • Doctor - The healing of major wounds and crippled limbs. Used to cure status effects. Initial Value: 25 + IQ
  • First Aid - General healing skill. Used to heal small cuts, abrasions and other minor ills. Used specifically to heal HP, if any. Initial Value: 25 + IQ
  • Lockpick - The skill of opening locks without the proper key. Initial Value: 25 + ((IQ + DX) /2)
  • Repair - The practical application of the Science skill. The fixing of broken equipment, machinery and electronics. Initial Value: 25 + ((IQ + DX) /2)
  • Science - Covers a variety of hi-technology skills, such as computers, biology, physics and geology. Initial Value: 25 + IQ
  • Sneak - Quiet movement, and the ability to remain unnoticed. If successful, you will be much harder to locate. You cannot run and sneak at the same time. Initial Value: 25 + DX
  • Steal - The ability to make the things of others your own. Can be used to steal from people or places. Initial Value: 25 + DX
  • Explosives - The finding and removal of traps. Also the setting of explosives for demolition purposes. Increases the damage of grenades and explosive attacks. Initial Value: 25 + DX
  • Pilot - The ability to drive and operate vehicles, and perhaps other machines. Initial Value: 25 + ((IQ+DX)/2)
  • Barter - Trading and trade-related tasks. The ability to get better prices for items you sell, and lower prices for items you buy. Initial Value: 25 + IQ
  • Survival - Practical knowledge of the ability to live off the land. The knowledge of plants and animals. Initial Value: 25 + ((IQ + ST)/2)
  • Speech - The ability to communicate in a practical and efficient manner. The skill of convincing others that your position is correct. The ability to lie and not get caught. Initial Value: 25 + IQ

Choose up to two Traits

Traits are characteristics that better define who you are. All traits have a good impact and a bad impact. If you want the good effect of a trait, you must take the bad with it.
Fortunately traits are optional. You do not have to take any traits, the choice is yours.
If you want to choose a trait, you must do it during character creation, since you cannot change any trait once the character is created.

Here is a few examples. Feel free to take any of the created traits.
Night Person:
Benefit - +1 IQ and DX between 6:01 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.
Penalty - -1 IQ and DX between 6:01 A.M. and 6:00 P.M.
(Probably going to have to figure out the time system again...)

Since you spend more time improving your skills than a normal person, you gain more skill points in certain skills.
However, you suffer a penalty of -1 Attribute point every 10 skill points gained through this trait.

However, you can make other traits, if you want, but they cannot be too powerful.

Character level is a measure of a character's experience with the dangers of the wasteland. Characters usually begin at level 1 with no experience.

Experience is a character's progress to the next level. To reach a level, a character needs 1000 experience points times the next level-- leveling from level 1 to level 2 takes 2000 experience points, whereas leveling from level 8 to level 9 takes 9000. Experience points are "used up" when leveling up, but roll over to the next level.

Upon leveling up, a character gets 10 Skill Points to distribute as they like.

Now, after creating your character, you can gain Techniques.
Techniques are bonuses that are obtainable. In contrast to traits, perks are almost purely beneficial, only some exceptions.

Techniques are learned by increasing skills, special actions or interactions with other characters. They mainly appear after a skill reaches a certain point or when you get to a certain level, though some might have other requirements. You can choose a regular Technique every 3 levels, allowing you to choose a perk at level 3 for a starting point.

An example of this is:

'Ayyyyyy!' - Requires Lockpick 50 and Strength 15. If you fail to pick a lock, you can punch or kick the object and add a bonus to the pass/fail check. However, this automatically opens the object if the check is successful, and may be noisy enough to alert nearby enemies.

And with that, concludes the character creation section, now onto maps.

| Section 1 | A | B | C      | D | E |
| 1         |   |   | Town B |   |   |
| 2         |   |   |        |   |   |
| 3         |   |   | Town A |   |   |
| 4         |   |   |        |   |   |
| 5         |   |   | Town C |   |   |
This an example of a map. These can be used to describe objects around you. They are not exclusive to being a world map, it can show rooms, if the option is available.

| Section 1 | A | B       | C            | D   | E |
| 1         |   |         | Door         |     |   |
| 2         |   |         |              |     |   |
| 3         |   |         | You are here |     |   |
| 4         |   |         |              |     |   |
| 5         |   | Desk    | Chair        | Bed |   |
|           |   | Has:    |              |     |   |
|           |   | Pencils |              |     |   |
As seen here, this map describes a room. Of course, there are areas that cannot record a map, to which you will have to rely on other senses to navigate.

If you wish to make a map, please use this tool: https://www.tablesgenerator.com/text_tables

If you need reference for items, here is some items to view.

10mm Gun
Damage - 5 -12
Weapon Type - Small Guns
2nd Weapon Type - None
Ammo Type - 10mm
Ammo Capacity - 12 (How much ammo it can hold at a time.)
Weight - 3
Value - 250

Damage - 3 - 10
Weapon Type - Melee Weapons
2nd Weapon Type - Thrown Weapons
Weight - 4
Value - 80

Healing Concoction
Effect - Immediate +12 to +20 health points.
Weight - 1
Value - 100

*With that, the book's pages ends.*
After reading that, here is an form you can fill out in order to begin. If you do not know certain things, please go back and read on the section you forgot or did not hear about before.

Name - This is what you will be called.
Gender - This is what you classify as, Male, Female, Both, or None.
Age - This is how old you are.
ST -
DX -
IQ -
HT -
Tagged Skills - Maximum of three. Place the tagged skills you want here.
Traits - (Choose two traits. I would consider using the Traits to define being a part of a species, if you are a different species. See the section about the Traits for more information.)

(Not doing story or personality, because we can learn them afterwards. Plus, seems a bit silly to do a psychiatric evaluation on yourself while filling out a form.)

Here is an example:

Name - Katie
Gender - Female
Age - 20
ST - 8
DX - 16
IQ - 16
HT - 10
Tagged Skills - Small Guns, Lockpick, Speech
Traits - Small Frame[Agile, +1 DX, but weaker, -1 HT], and Finesse [Less damage able to deal out, but chance of piercing attacks.]

You can use this in order to calculate your stats.
Character Calculator.xlsx
This also allows you to keep track of your stats easier. Make sure to practice your skills when possible!

(Make sure you look at the possibly FAQ. You might get some answers for any questions you have.)

Q: Why is this in a wasteland?
A: Because many things can be included if it was. Both primitive and futuristic civilizations can exist, primitive because the war reduced them to who knows, and futuristic because technology can survive the war. Meaning, a bunch of genres can be included.

Q: What is the War?
A: Made ambiguous for a reason. Reason being, no one survived to know. Some say aliens, others say nukes, there is a lot of stuff going on. I allow you all to theorize what it is.

Q: Why the amount of stats?
A: It gives a reason to do things like get stronger. Also allows event makers to make sure some people are able to do some things while others cannot. Like a Doctor check in order to make sure they know about injuries or can see if anything else is wrong.

Q: You said this was freeform, how is this possible with the skills?
A: I merely did the system so the event makers have a bit of an easier time making sure characters can do the things they can do (Like using the steal skill to obviously steal from each other) without yelling at each other about godmodding and how characters should be able to detect that when they can't, etc. etc.

Q: Why can't my character have so much high stats?
A: Because it considered godmodding. Though, the system is built to be possible to be hands off.
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Animus Viral

Torch God
All players will start in a town known as Sawyer as a newcomer.

As the world is basically a wasteland, all of the main motivations you see is gone. All that's left is survival. And with that... many morals get in the way.

Will you give your last purified water to the parched and dying? Will you steal something that you need from someone, and possibly putting them in risk?

Will you join the chaos of the wasteland? Or will you keep a semblance of values and morality? Even when it costs for yourself?

How would you do in the new lawless land? Would you bond with those you see around you? Or will you push yourself away from them?

However, an unknown force unleashes the most bizarre and silly elements of this world.

Well, there are many contrasts to this world.
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Not really 100% sure about the wasteland setting, but IMO the entire system could still possibly be simplified.

Animus Viral

Torch God
I could use the SPECIAL system from Fallout, if you want. But that's what you usually get from GURPS.

So here is simplified.

ST - Strength
DX - Dexterity
IQ - Intelligence
HT - Health

When you insert those four stats into the calculator as so.
Screenshot-2019-8-19 Copy of Character Calculator xlsx.png

The calculator should (obviously) calculate everything else.
Carry Weight is to represent a limit to inventory. Most, but not all objects have carry weight.
Action points are to avoid super speed actions. It is only used in combat, so no need to be worried about it other than in battle.
Sequencing is only used in PVP or if multiple players are battling.
Most of the skills you can have can get calculated through the calculator without having to do much math.
Tagging skills show what you are good at doing out of the skills.
Traits are simply used in case you want to be a specific species or what some defining factor.

Leveling is a way of increasing stats.

Techniques are simply like Perks in Fallout, and like normal Fallout, you can get one every 3 levels you get.
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Might submit an app, but not entirely sure yet. As much as Calamity Adventure is not all that open for newcomers, this might not be much better.

Animus Viral

Torch God
I tried to solve that by doing a stranger walking into town stuff. At any point a stranger can wander into town and boom, into the RP.


Good idea, but could that confine the whole place to one town? Or if everyone leaves the town, they wonder into an empty place without anyone?

Animus Viral

Torch God
Good idea, but could that confine the whole place to one town? Or if everyone leaves the town, they wonder into an empty place without anyone?
It's basically the starting area, also people can join a caravan to other towns in order to get somewhere with some company, I guess.

At this point, I have six towns established for the caravans.

Plus, NPCs everywhere.

Animus Viral

Torch God
For the Town NPCs (Like vendors), me.(At least for the towns that I control) Event NPCs depend on the person who does the Event.


If I'm gonna be honest I prefer more alive enviorments since those have some more potential than a wasteland.

Anyways, app.
Name - Murphmario
Gender - Male
Age - Either 17 or 18. It's hard to tell.
ST - 13
DX - 13
IQ - 12
HT - 12
Tagged Skills - Melee Weapons, Survival, First Aid
Traits - Master of everything, though what he's good at depends. Tends to ignore his past since it's not the best. Doesn't like waiting around.
His primary weapon is a Muramasa, from when his sword broke (yes it breaks again).
Other: No theme song yet, since I don't know what it would be. Is a different Murphmario from all the others, yet is similar in terms of the Calamity one in terms of backstory.

Animus Viral

Torch God
As said, it is after a war,(which I specifically didn't tell how much time was since them) and just because it's a wasteland doesn't mean some places can survive or regrow. Example being the Treeminders .

Also, accepted.

Though the traits section isn't what you think it is.


Name - Setsuna
Gender - Female
Age - 25
ST - 15
DX - 15
IQ - 12
HT - 8
Tagged Skills - Melee weapons, Sneak, Survival
Traits - Skilled:
Since you spend more time improving your skills than a normal person, you gain more skill points in certain skills.
However, you suffer a penalty of -1 Attribute point every 10 skill points gained through this trait.
Swift Blade - Paralyze: AoE Skill. User dashes forward and swings around them. Any enemy hit has a 50% chance to get paralyzed for 1-4 turns. [Move Area: 3, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2]

Assassin Blade - Poison: Single Target. The user slashes the enemy. 100% chance of receiving the poison debuff. Poison Damage is based on HP [Range: 3, Height Range: 1]

Assassin Blade - Null: Single Target. The user slashes the enemy. Nullifies status effects. [Range: 3, Height Range: 2]

Stance of the Runner: Reaction Skill. When the user gets hit, AGI stat gets raised.

Infernal Delivery: Single target slash skill. 25% chance to inflict Death Sentence (Three turns then death) [Range: 4, Height Range: 1]

Direct Kill: Single target pierce attack. The user throws the dagger directly at the enemy, doing massive damage. [Range: 5, Height Range: 2]

Air Surge: AoE Skill. User spins around fast, causing a surge of air to hit all nearby enemies within the radius. [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2]

Dark Crow: Dark Type Single Target Slash. User slashes the enemy. More effective if used behind an enemy (Basically a back-attack) [Range: 1, Height Range: 3]


Range: How far the user can be to attack. The higher, the longer range the attack has.
Height Range: How high an attack can be used. A three means that the attack can be used from level 1 to level 3.
Area: This usually means an AoE type attack. It starts with shape (such as cross or diamond) and ends with radius (such as 5)
Move Range: How far a unit moves when the attack is used.

Edit: Added ranges for the attacks. If you want videos of the attacks, just ask me
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Animus Viral

Torch God
Just make sure you would be able to use them before actually using them (Like actually having poison for the Assassin's Blade - Poison)

Direct Kill is basically a throw skill at 200, so very... well, dubious about this.
Stance of the Runner... still no AGI stat. DX is the closest, and again, better not be an source of permanent DX.

Other than that, accepted.
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