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(This is a WIP!)

Hello, Terrarians!

As promised many moons ago (or so it seems), I'm creating a mini-guide for the Melee-Oriented Terrarian (as per my larger guide) on how to defeat the Mech Bosses of Hardmode in v1.2.4.

First up, the Destroyer!

You will need the following:

1 Arena of wood platforms, torches, heart lanterns, and campfires so that their respective buffs stretch the whole way across the arena.
1 Nimbus Rod
1 Cutlass
1 Ironskin Potion
1 Regeneration Potion
1 Full set of Adamantite or Titanium Melee Armor (the higher defense set with melee bonus)
1 Spider Staff (or Pirate Staff if you got really lucky)

The accessories are not that important, but it is helpful if you reforge several of them so that you have Armored or Warding on a few. In the video, I had 60 Defense before drinking the potion, this was with three Warding accessories and Adamantite armor.

The strategy:

This guy is pretty easy with the setup mentioned above. Basically, you will stand on the upper floor or the lower floor if you don't mind getting hit a few times, and always keep two clouds out. Where you put the clouds doesn't matter much, until the worm comes up vertically, or dives vertically at which point you'll re-position both clouds so that they hit as many segments simultaneously as possible. It is possible to deal 4-5k damage within a few seconds doing this, and this is where most of your DPS will come from. Your minion should be helping out a little, and whenever he is nearby, you can swing your cutlass so that you hit the segments as well, but your Cutlass is primarily for killing off the drones that are flying around so that they can drop hearts for healing. Pop a potion as soon as you are below the healing threshold (for GHPs, as soon as you are missing 150 life). Don't wait until you are almost dead to use a potion!

That's pretty much the whole strategy right there. As this video proves, it can be done in less than three minutes:

Next up, Skeletron Prime!

Using the Souls of Might you got from the Destroyer, it is time to make a Megashark! Simply buy a Minishark, and Illegal Gun Parts (only sold at night) from the Arms Dealer and then get some Shark Fins and stand next to the Anvil to make yourself a Megashark.

Once you've done this, you will want to collect either Crystal Shards or Ichor (both work, if you've a Corruption world, use Crystal Shards. If you've Crimson, you can use either). You will want 1500+ Bullets, though since I also recommend you use the Megashark on not only Twins, but also Plantera, you might as well go whole hog and get the full 4k bullets, 999 in each ammo slot.

Before engaging Skeletron Prime, make sure you get yourself a pair of wings! I recommend either Frost or Fire Wings, as these will serve you well clear up until Fishron's Wings. Fire Wings require a Fire Feather gotten from the new Red Devils in the Underworld (they appear once you kill a mech boss which you should have done by now), but they hurt like crazy. Use the buildings to avoid their dark spear attacks (they hit for ~140 damage a pop!).

If you want to go the Ice Feather route instead, you need to find and kill Ice Golems which only appear during "rain" in Snow/Crimson Snow/Corrupt Snow Surface biomes. They have a lot of HP, they have laser attacks, and they tend to run away if you attempt to cheese them by using terrain to your advantage.

Once you have yourself a Megashark, Ammo, and a Pair of Wings, you're ready! Don't forget to stash or sell your old potions if you were still using them (the Destroyer should have dropped Greater Healing Potions if you weren't already using them) and grab your Mechanical Skull, an Ironskin Potion, and a Rejuvenation Potion and head out to the same arena you used for the Destroyer.

You'll note in the video, I lengthened the wood platforms; I felt they were a bit too short (especially for the Twins fight), so I made the two floors longer and put a couple more Lanterns/Campfires to make sure the buff extended across the entire arena.

Once you've got everything in order, it's time to wait for Night to fall and summon the boss!

While fighting him, I recommend taking out the claw and the sawblade arms first; those are the most likely to hit you while he's flying around. The cannonball arm can be left for last, the chances of it ever hitting you are very slim (the balls fall through the wood platforms harmlessly). The laser doesn't fire very fast and is usually easily dodged.

In the video below, I show that you easily have enough time to take out all of his arms, and then kill him within the night, using Ichor Bullets (everybody swears by Crystal Bullets saying they're better) and I'm using a Melee Armor setup (with no +Ranged Damage accessories), so you should easily have enough DPS to kill him before Dawn if you summon him as soon as you hear Night music starting to play.

If it rains before you go to summon him, simply exit the game and re-enter -- the rain will not be there when you go back in.

Now for the Twins!

You'll want to use the same setup you used for Skeletron Prime for the Twins. The strategy is very similar to Skeletron Prime; dodge and machinegun him at all times.

I highly recommend you target the green eye (Spazmatism) first. Whatever you do, do not whittle both eyes down simultaneously. The last thing you want is for both eyes to enter their second form at the same time. Single out Spazmatism (again, the green eye) and target him exclusively. A few hits on Retinazor won't hurt you, as long as you don't get him to enter his second phase while Spazmatism is still up. Spazmatism's shots in his first form aren't too difficult to avoid; you might get hit now-and-then.

In his second form, prioritize getting away from his flame-thrower attack where he spews constant flame out, use flight, or gravity to get away from him until the jet of flame stops, even if you have to stop shooting to concentrate on moving. Once the jet stops, you've 4-5 seconds before he does that attack again (he'll keep trying to ram you between flame jets).

Once Spazmatism is dead, then you've only Retinazor to deal with; he's easy. He'll fire occasional lasers at you until his second form, therein he fires his lasers faster. Again, use a potion as soon as you are missing 150HP or thereabouts and you should be fine.

Here's the video:

You'll note I switched two things from Skeletron Prime's video:

I made a pair of Frost Wings because I borrowed the Fire Wings from one of my other characters (I was having bad luck with the Red Devils and realized another character had an extra Ice Feather) and I swapped the Cloud in a Jar for a Shackle.

The reason I did this, is there appears to be a bug with the Cloud in a Jar and Wings -- You have to double jump to flap your wings, otherwise you just get 1 small jump and a glide; I didn't want that messing up my Twins fight so I just swapped it out.

This resulted in 61 Defense instead of 60; not a big enough difference to really care about.

Now for Plantera!

I was originally only going to do the 3 Mechs, but I figured "Why not do Plantera and Golem too?"

Plantera is going to take a little prep work -- namely making yourself some better armor. Now that you have defeated the three mechs and have some of all 3 of the souls (Might, Fright, and Sight), you can now make yourself a Drax or a Pickaxe Axe (both are equally effective, I prefer the latter because the former is noisy and harder to keep enemies at bay with).

With your new tool in hand, you can now mine Chlorophyte Ore. Cholorphyte Ore appears in the Jungle, starting with the transformation of the world into Hardmode. It spreads through Mud, at Underground or deeper and there's a limit as to how much Chlorophyte Ore can grow in a single area (IIRC it is 25 pieces of ore per X area).

Make a good sweep through the jungle (make sure you do not hit any pink bulbs with your pickaxe!), pick out a couple large rooms to make a boss arena in (similar to the arenas I showed you for the mechs above). You won't need solid blocks for torches; you can put the torches on the natural background walls in the Jungle. You will want the standard campfire and heart lanterns.

While you're doing that, keep an eye out for yellow-and-orange heart-shaped plants. These drop Life Fruit, which increase your Max HP by 5 (up to 500)!

Once you've gotten some Chlorophyte and some Mud, I suggest going down your Hellevator and making some 5x5 Mud squares (with 1 Chlorophyte Ore in the center) so that it can grow and create more Chlorophyte Ore over time, just don't put the 5x5 squares too close to each other, spread them out a bit.

You will need also need 3 Turtle Shells; hopefully at some point you will get them while doing all the other stuff in the Jungle. If a Bezoar drops (or dropped back in Normal Mode while you were there for the Blade of Grass earlier), this can reduce a good chunk of damage you will take, as all the bees will be constantly poisoning you otherwise. You can combine it with a Bandage to make a Medicated Bandage which will also protect you against Bleeding (not that very many enemies can cause bleeding), and as always, Armored/Warding is good to try to get if you've the money for reforges (you can always kill mechs for more money and/or hunt mimics).

With the 3 Turtle Shells, you will also need 12 Chlorophyte Bars for the Helmet, 18 for the Legs, and 24 for the Body, making a total of 54 Bars or 324 Ore. It will take a little time to amass all of this ore; using Spelunking Potions can help with this.

A good place to look for Cholorophyte is where the Jungle Meets the Underworld; there are oftentimes large veins of Cholorophyte down there (it seems to grow better, the deeper it is).

Once you've gotten your Turtle Armor, it is time to locate a Plantera Bulb if you haven't seen one already. Unlike the Bee Larva, Plantera's Bulb can only be destroyed by a pickaxe (not sure about bombs?) so fighting in the Jungle is safe. Just be careful while tunnelling; you don't want to tunnel into a room with smart cursor turned on and wind up wasting a Plantera bulb and thusly getting killed by Plantera due to being unprepared. Be mindful where you're tunnelling. Plantera Bulbs will glow, so you can see them through walls which will make it a little easier to find them if they spawn in an unexplored area of the Jungle. They also appear on the Map as little pink squares and will have mouseover text.

Once you locate a Bulb, I suggest memorizing a route to the nearest arena that you've made, or perhaps using torches to make arrows on the walls pointing towards it.

Once you're ready (with Ironskin and Regen potions in hand!), go ahead and break the bulb with the Pickaxe. The music will change immediately, but the boss can take a few seconds to appear. He will come at you from a random direction, and until he does, I suggest waiting to see where he's coming from. You will want to slowly lure him towards your arena. I don't recommend going on the full attack just yet; just pelt him with a few Megashark rounds to keep his attention on you, and don't let him get too far off-screen or he might despawn.

Once you get to the Arena, the battle is hilariously simple -- just lead him around in circles while you pelt him with bullets. About halfway, he will change (he'll lose the pink bud which will be replaced by an angry maw) and his hooks can now be damaged and he'll stop spitting stuff at you, but will go faster. With the Turtle Armor, and the Ironskin Potion, with the Campfire/Lantern Buffs, this shouldn't be much of a problem for you.

Here's the video:

For some reason, TCF does not allow me to share the skip marker in the embed. The actual battle begins at 4:45 (unless you really want to watch me making potions and trekking it to the Jungle, lol).

In the video, I forgot to summon my Twins pet, and I forgot to use the Nimbus Rod, and I even wasted quite a bit of time because I forgot to place the Heart Lanterns before summoning Plantera (I made the arena earlier, but didn't have any Lanterns on me at the time). You can see that I was in no real danger at any point, using just the Megashark and wasting quite a bit of time at the beginning of the fight.

Now, Last but Certainly not Least, the Golem Farm!

Once you defeat Plantera, it will always drop a Temple Key. Don't go using it in a Keymold just yet! I highly recommend going after the Golem next. Use it to open the Temple, and proceed with caution as there are traps everywhere in here and they hurt a plenty. The mobs in here hurt as well, and sometimes blue skeletons can appear here (take care not to get armor broken -- you won't last long if you do).

Make your way to the final room, looting all the chests on the way and build a vertical wall right next to the Lihzarhd Altar (the thing with the glowing sun above it). Whatever you do, don't right-click the altar until you're ready.

As far high as you possibly can, build a wooden platform bridge that still allows you to walk from one end of the room to the other (leaving at least 3 spaces between you and the ceiling).

Every Golem Room will be different; hopefully yours allows the floor to be off-screen. If the entrance to the Golem room is in the ceiling, use blocks to block off the ceiling while you fight the Golem.

Leave 3 spaces between the vertical wall and the floor so you can walk underneath the vertical wall (and so can enemies; you want this).

Once you're ready (bring your trusty Ironskin/Regen potions), right click the altar. The Golem will appear from above (make sure you've left 5-6 blocks so the Golem can move from his original spawn. Get him to jump down into the side of the room that's the smallest, and once he's done this, run away and fly up so you're standing on the wood platform. Once there, drop two Nimbus Rod clouds on your side of the vertical wall you made. If done right, you should start hitting the fist. Take out your Megashark and help kill the fist.

Once the fist is done, walk forward a little and wait for the golem to jump up. Try to gauge where to throw two more Nimbus Rod clouds so that they hit the other fist and only the fist (you do NOT want it hitting the head!). Once you've done this, back up and just let the Clouds do their work, kill any flying serpents that bother you.

Once the second fist is killed, now's the time to go on the offensive. Throw two Nimbus Rod Clouds directly above the Golem, and stand above him yourself and whip out your trusty Megashark and shoot straight downwards at him. At some point, his head will separate from his body. At this point, run away and get the head to follow you. Most Golem rooms have variable height ceilings; what you want to do is get him to go through the ceiling so that he stays in the ceiling above you. Once you've done this, return to pelting the Golem's body with the Megashark. It shouldn't take long to kill him (especially if you use Ichor bullets), pop a potion whenever necessary. You can run side-to-side a little to avoid the eye lasers if you wish.

And... that's it! If you're having trouble with the description, consult the video below.

The Battle (or at least the Arena preparation) starts at 3:50 and you'll note I kill Golem twice, as the first kill was rather messy (I forgot to leave a space between the vertical wall and the ceiling for the Golem to jump down off of). Note that I have 9 Power Cells at the start, I kill him and have 9 Power Cells, and I kill him again and I still have 9 Power Cells!

Once you've killed the Golem, you will notice he always drops Beetle Shells. Use these to make Beetle Armor (I recommend the higher defense version, but it is up to you). If he drops a Stynger, you can replace the Megashark with it, and you can now buy its ammo from the Arms Dealer (it is rather cheap).

If the floor is off-screen from where you stand on the wooden platform bridge, you can farm Golem near-infinitely; a Lihzarhd Power Cell will usually drop during the course of the battle, which means you can keep summoning him as many times as you wish. If you use the Defensive Beetle Armor, you won't even need the Ironskin Potion or the Rejuvenation Potion whatsoever as he just can't hurt you enough. If you get a Stynger, you can kill him plenty fast enough to not have to worry about taking too much damage.

Also, mimics can spawn regularly here in the Temple; I've had in another playthrough Golem fights where three mimics spawned during one Golem fight, which yields some 40+ gold not counting the drops from the Mimics or the Golem himself, and Power Cells usually drop. It is an endless, near-effortless money farm that requires very little preparation.

The only requirement, is that you're given a decent enough Golem room to suffice. If not, you can always try to farm a Picksaw and move the Altar to a room that is more suitable, or modify that room to make it bigger so that it will do the job. Just remember, though, that for this farm to work, it will need to spawn Lihzarhds and Flying Serpents (which only happens in the natural Temple area) unless you don't mind farming the cells separately.

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Update: Added Twins section+video. I'm still planning on doing a Plantera and Golem videos, but it will take some time to farm up the Turtle Armor I need.
Any chance you can add one for Duke Fishron?

Well... Duke Fishron (at least for me) requires the use of Vampire Knives (I'm not very good at fighting him), but I suppose there's nothing stopping me from using the character I originally defeated him with, and recording a video of such a battle (I killed him 4-5 times without using any Fishron-dropped items).

Being as he is the last boss, it will take quite a bit of farming and arena preparation. I suppose I could at some point.
That's my problem. I don't have Vampire Knives so I've had difficulty making a dent on him. I'm working on getting Vamp knives tho. Just have to find a Crimson Key Mold (my main world is corruption).

Thanks for response.
Nice tactic for Destroyer and Golem, but I think that dodging him and shooting with a Megashark (or something like a Terra Blade) is more fun. Anyway, can't wait for more stuff.

Fishron is possible without these, but you need a lot of space and a good arena for dodging. A powerful high velocity weapon will help too.
Nice tactic for Destroyer and Golem, but I think that dodging him and shooting with a Megashark (or something like a Terra Blade) is more fun. Anyway, can't wait for more stuff.

Fishron is possible without these, but you need a lot of space and a good arena for dodging. A powerful high velocity weapon will help too.
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