Meet The Team: Associate Producer Zach Cieslinski

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    Meet the Team is a regular feature in which we interview members of the Pipeworks team working on Terraria to give you a brief introduction to the people working behind the scenes to maintain and improve your favorite game. Today, our subject is Associate Producer Zach Cieslinski.

    Can you give us your name and title?

    Zachary Cieslinski, Assistant Producer, Smalltime Meme.

    Where are you from, and how long have you been working in games?

    Pacific Northwest native. I’ve been working on games since I was born. They called me game baby. I started getting a salary for it in 2014.

    What have you worked on in the past that people might know?

    I worked on SoccerDie, and Prominence Poker here at Pipeworks, and before that, I worked on the indie game Travelogue. I'm also the announcer's voice in SUPERFIGHT!

    Can you tell us what you do on the Terraria team?

    I’m working with the team to bring you the newest version of Terraria on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I also do all the things the other folks on the project don’t. This includes being delegated tasks by the Lead Producer, arranging localization, fiddling around with knobs on the first party developer sites, talking with the publisher, making sure monitors are budgeted for, ordering monitors, making sure everyone is on the same page about console compliance, replying to e-mails, and All The Other Things. Assistant Producers are like spackle for a project, just filling in the cracks so everyone else can focus on doing their jobs.

    What makes you passionate about working on Terraria?

    Terraria made a really strong first impression on me. It took the sandbox genre that I love, and gave it the depth I craved where other titles were shallow. There was always a ton of things to do, and a solid point of reference to come back to. My brother and I spent dozens of hours on a single map just building, fighting, and exploding! I’ve always wanted to contribute to a game like Terraria, but never thought I would get the opportunity to contribute to Terraria itself! I won’t squander such a rare opportunity, dear forum readers.

    What would you like to tell players about the future of Terraria on consoles?

    The console future is a brilliant one!
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    Zach, I have a feeling that you are the best spackle for this project, and that we will feel the extensive effects of it for eons to come. We appreciate you filling in the cracks with your special brand of doing All The Other Things. ~;)
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    I don't know why you even bother with the interview when that image alone tells me that you're exactly what the game industry needs.

    While it's incredibly interesting to read exactly what you guys and girls all get up to, the one thing I really love reading about is simply how much you all love your jobs. It's truly inspiring! ;)
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    That picture is sublime. I was laughing for a good 5 minutes.
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    Dude. You. Are. God.

    Anyway, welcome!
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    Glad at least someone enjoys explosive traps...

    This monitor war is getting out of hand it seems.
    Nice to meet you Mr Cieslinski, Small time meme.
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    Would he rather take a danger sense potion or just wait for the suspense when he steps on a pressure plate leading to his explosive bloody death were he looses the majority of his coins that get stolen by a skeleton miner. ;)