Melee Times against ML in Master Mode


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Weapon/Gear Use
These times are from the health bar appearing to disappearing.

Damage Build:
Flying Dragon: 1m56s
Day break: 2m
Terra Blade: 2m36s
Influx Waver 3m25s

Tank Build:
Starlight: 2m40s
Flying Dragon: 2m53s
Solar Eruption: 3m10s
Influx Waver: 3m40s

Now I didn't do all of the melee weapons but a select few that I figured were the best. I didn't use sentries, I didn't use minions.

Buffs: Thorns, Rage, Endurance, Wrath, Regen, Swiftness, Bacon, Ironskin, Lifeforce, Ichor, Bast, Heart Lamp

Damage Build: Hallowed Mask, Shinobi Infiltrator Torso, Valhalla Knight's Greaves/Fire Gauntlet, Mechanical Glove, Warrior Emblem, Empress Wings, Master Ninja Gear, Celestial Shell, and Destroyer Emblem. (3 Lucky, 3 Menacing, 1 Violent)
Tank Build: Hallowed Mask, Valhalla Knight's Breastplate, Valhalla Knight's Greaves/Berserker Glove, Flesh Knuckles, Hero Shield, Frozen Shield, Celestial Shell, Empress Wings, and Master Ninja Gear. (All warding)

Didn't use any cheese like nurse or minecart, just a long flat arena with top layer being platforms and bottom layer is asphalt.
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