Meowmere vs Star Wrath?

Meowmere vs Star Wrath

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  • Star Wrath

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Juno Brier

Eye of Cthulhu
Star Wrath has cyan rating. Meowmere has red rating. (no modifiers for both) Does that explain something to you?
[DOUBLEPOST=1436935877,1436935787][/DOUBLEPOST]rating is the color of the name and red is better than cyan
Brain of Confusion has rainbow, which is even better, but it's completely worthless.


Empress of Light
I prefer the star wrath personally to the meowmere. And I find it easy to use the end game summoner load out with the star dust dragon at full length when fighting cultist. Wipes it out in under 10 seconds.


They're really used for different situations, the Star Wrath for more open spaces, and Meowmere for more long ranged combat and closed spaces.


Skeletron Prime
not necessarily because a bunnyfish is amber tier is that better than a meowmere? and you can get a brain of confusion early on



Things like the Rod of Discord and Nimbus Rod pretty low on the rarity tiers, yet you can easily use them for the entire game.

I still feel like both weapon works for different purposes.


Skeletron Prime
I guess but meowmere has 320 dmg with my set and star wrath has 128 dmg also tey are cats how can u not liek dem
[DOUBLEPOST=1436980546,1436980429][/DOUBLEPOST]And the rod of discord has a lime rarity chlorophyte stuff has a lime rarity, ankh shield, temple key, and even some FROST MOON drops
[DOUBLEPOST=1436980631][/DOUBLEPOST]And for the nimbus rod i think it should be higher but look at this from the wiki "A smaller tier consisting of the rarest pre-Plantera items, mostly purchased or dropped, like the Death Sickle and Coin Gun. Also includes some higher-tier Tinkerer's Workshop combinations, like the Ankh Charm."


Skeletron Prime
"This tier has no distinct ID in Terraria's source code" I just found this on the wiki. It means that purple is still the highest tier because it's number is 11 while rainbow and amber are NAN

Juno Brier

Eye of Cthulhu
I guess but meowmere has 320 dmg with my set and star wrath has 128 dmg also tey are cats how can u not liek dem

Not all weapons do the damage they list.
For example, the Star Wrath's stars do more than the listed damage.
Also, the Nail Gun. The nails do less damage than listed, but the explosions do more damage than listed.


I use a melee loadout for pvp in terraria. and i prefer both. you can use them for different strategies.
if you're in a small area: use meowmere
if you're a wide area of space: go use star wrath

i think we should be asking "which has a better method of attack"

also when i use solar armor (and a good accesory setup, with buffs) my meowmere can do 494 damage while the star wrath only does 298


Ice Queen
the star wrath is easier to aim, as well as shooting more projectiles per swing. i annihilated the pumpkin moon with it.


Official Terrarian
Each Shooting Star from Star Wrath causes 220 damage (according to the wiki), Meowmere causes 200 base damage
So, Star Wrath is 110 for swing and 3 stars causing 220 per swing
110 + 220 x 3 = 770 per swing
As for Meowmere, 200 damage per Swing and the cat bounces off 5 times
200 + 200 x 5 = 1200 per swing
But, a cat can't hit the same enemy 5 times (Except worms), only 2 or 3
200 + 400 = 600 or 200 + 600 = 800

So basically, Meowmere is perfect for Crowd Control and Star Wrath is for Crowd Control AND Bosses, besides it's really OP in PvP
So i stay With Star Wrath


i like meow mere better overall.

for events meow mere is the best, destroys the events easy

star wrath is more of a single target dos weapon, the boss destroyer.


Skeletron Prime
I've never got the Star's Wrath from the Moon Lord, but I did briefly try it out, and I love it. It's my second favourite weapon, beaten only by the Harpoon.


Brain of Cthulhu
Terra Blade.

I can't take the Meowmere seriously as a weapon and the Star Wrath requires the cursor be aimed where you want the stars to fall (and has limited effectiveness underground). As someone who keeps losing their cursor, I prefer the sword beams going in the correct general direction. (I've enabled the thick mouse cursors option and it works like a charm.) Also, Meowmere's projectiles are affected by gravity whereas Terra Blade's are not.

Influx Waver may be better than Terra Blade but I'm yet to try it out.


I think star wrath
when you are fighting bosses its a lot more productive, and with good gear it can go extremely fast so DPS goes straight up!:)

Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
I can't take Meowmere seriously and find it a boring weapon to use, so Star Wrath.

Although personally I prefer Solar Eruption over both, so fun to use and still destroys anything you come across.


I find myself using Meowmere more often, mainly because it has a longer effective range than Star Wrath (unless your monitor is like 4 feet wide) and the only thing Star Wrath has over it is single-target DPS, which I usually use Terrarian for instead. Add in the fact that Star Wrath is of limited utility underground - whereas Meowmere is great for lighting caves and clearing away enemies while spelunking - and I hardly ever use Star Wrath at all. Which is a shame, because it's a cool weapon and I like it, but there's just no point to using it since it's completely outclassed by the other two Moon Lord drops. Now, if its block-piercing worked like Lunar Flare's, then it'd be another story.
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