Meowmere vs Star Wrath?

Meowmere vs Star Wrath

  • Meowmere

    Votes: 39 33.1%
  • Star Wrath

    Votes: 79 66.9%

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I prefer the Space Dolphin Machine Gun
In all seriousness, I haven't gotten the Star Wrath.


Star Wrath? STARFISH?!
Star wrath is cool but i just love the Mewomer


The Destroyer
Meowmere does better in smaller rooms and on long distances. Sword itself deals high base damage and can reach more damage per hit than Sniper Rifle which transforms into dps due to its speed. Star Wrath can wreck in opened spaces, especially when the target is bigger. With proper gear you can reach high speed ( around 9 use time ) and around 200 damage, which gives 400 per star. So you basically deal 1000-1200 to enemies per swing, but it is mostly effective against crowds of them, when you don't want to aim or against huge hitboxes. I prefer the latter, since it's a rather serious weapon and I like its special effect. But if I was to tell which sword is my most favourite in the whole game, Terra Blade would be there.
Voting for SW.


It really depends on the scenario, but the meowmere is great for bosses and fast moving enemies because it shoots almost where you aim and bounces off of walls a few times incase you missed a shot. The star wraith is good if you are in an invasion and you want to box yourself up, you will then be able to shoot enemies that are outside of the box because you can fire stars from the sky.
I generally find meow mere better inmost situations, but maybe that's because I am better at using it, plus I love nan cats, though the star wrath I find is better against moon lord, mostly because of my strategy.


Eye of Cthulhu
Terra Blade: "It's not even my final form!!!"
True terra blade has awoken!

Honestly I still use terrablade as my main weapon because it's extremely fast and it's projectiles pierce. Meowmere hasextremely Noisy projectiles that are affected by gravity so not very usable when Moving fast… and star wrath kind of sucks, i'm not fan of the falling star mechanism.


Meowmere's projectiles does sometimes more damage (200-244) than star wraith's stars (220) but i use star wraith becouse it's not loud and it's looking smooth. (Melee star wrath is also doing lless damage (110) than meowmere (220)


Official Terrarian
I like Meowmere more, but I'd have to go with Star Wrath when it comes to bosses and Meowmere when it comes to me doing daily grinding.


I prefer Meowmere for the higher base damage and the consistent angle of the cats - I can set up a stream of bright rainbowy death through a bending hallway and out of my line of sight.

I find the Solar Eruption better for bosses, though.


I realised that it's been 4 years since I posted this. That's too much... And its still being active made me happy. 4 real years huh? What a real life gameplay...


Meowmere, purely because I love how the projectiles bounce. If I could get more weapons with bouncing projectiles I'd take them. ALL of them.
...including your liver. `:naughty:

ThE baD

The star wrath completely overpowers the meowmere. I believe this because the stars actually do damage and it’s easier to use against enemies but with the meowmere you can only shoot 1 kitty and only lasts for a little bit of time before disappearing.
I vote star wrath for the stars

Omega Derpling

I prefer the meowmere, I’m an agent of chaos, and the meowmere is more chaotic than almost any other weapon in the game :naughty:

plus, star wrath isn’t as far ahead as most think, because I-frames and delayed projectiles.
I think The Star Wrath is better Because I just destroy normal enemies with both swords but I just fight bosses every day and I think Star Wrath is better agented bosses but I use both. I don't normally use either because I have Zenith witch is the best wepon in the game. I've got like, 50 Meowmeres and 40 Star Wraths in total I also like it more because of the insane speed. I fight moon lord every day! and, I kill him in like, 15 seconds! I get tons of last prisms, lunar flares, celebration mk2s, and terrarians!!!! i just destroy the frost and pumpkin moons. Same with Martain madness and all events more with Star Wrath then Meowmere.
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