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Discussion in 'Mobile - 505 Games' started by 505Games-Mobile, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer


    No interface, no anything.
    You could get him in another world.

    That would be annoying, though.
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  2. Danoh23

    Danoh23 Skeletron

    Oh I see, so they can't be implemented in multiplayer, due to restrictions. But what's stopping them fixing them in singleplayer? They can't just ignore single player signs because they can't do it in multiplayer.

    I can't get evidence unfortunately. But a guy posted on here an email he sent to codeglue which said something like 'have you fixed the signs' and they said 'yes, you can now write on signs!'
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  3. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator


    That is why I asked for someone experienced to check in a SP world, which was just done. ;)

    Now I can raise it today on the regular calls. :)
  4. Zog

    Zog Terrarian

    Still waiting for windows phone news...
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  5. Ang3l DFZ

    Ang3l DFZ Terrarian

    And me. :(
  6. captiandragonshot

    captiandragonshot Terrarian

    Awwww now I can't pwn all pre hardmode bosses with the anchor. DAMITT
  7. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    That’s a good thing :p.
  8. MonikerBandit

    MonikerBandit Terrarian

    Any word on how it went with the latest attempts to fix Windows Phone? I'd be a lot less frustrated if this process was more transparent.
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  9. Danoh23

    Danoh23 Skeletron

    Have you checked wing flight heights? I knowthey fixed fishron wings not working in water, but not sure if they fixed the heights that were wrong before.
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  10. Linkandar

    Linkandar Steampunker

    Yeah. I had a ton of pixel art, a full on fishron arena, and a recreation of the Mines of Moria. Half of it's gone because the map shrank for whatever reason. I WANT MY GOLD DECORATIONS BACK!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    I don’t think they fixed them, but I haven’t tested.
  12. DrSponge

    DrSponge Terrarian

    Is there a multiplayer on free ?
  13. MonikerBandit

    MonikerBandit Terrarian

    And me, too.
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  14. tapbeat

    tapbeat Skeletron Prime

    They are working on world that, should you choose it, the world could be increased to the size of a small world on PC. The biomes won't be squashed together!
  15. tapbeat

    tapbeat Skeletron Prime

    1. The truffle worm does not spawn in my world `:cry:
    I want to meet a Fisheron! `:(

    2. pressure plates still look strange.`:(

    3. Watches.


    5. 1.3 update (I get that this will take a while)

    6. Fishing. Just fishing.
  16. tapbeat

    tapbeat Skeletron Prime

    Plantera keeps dropping the grenade launcher (+rockets) and nothing else. Not sure yet if this is a I'll just keep farming. :/
  17. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    What exactly are you saying in this post?
    Plantera always drops the Grenade Launcher the first time you kill it.
  18. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    We haven't abandoned you! As the OP details, heap corruptions are quite tricky, but we are still working with MS on a resolution.
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  19. tapbeat

    tapbeat Skeletron Prime

    I've killed it multiple times now. But never mind that, it wasn't a bug. :b

    My other post is about additions that should've already been added. Watches should be craftable and signs editable by now; pressure plates still have weird appearances and the truffle worm does not spawn.

    Also, chairs started having that pink-line effect that the pressure plates have.
  20. Moldo-Wan Kenobi

    Moldo-Wan Kenobi Terrarian

    i cannot find on forum the news about terraria for windows 10 mobile, it is in developing ?
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