Mobile News Update - Online Multiplayer Revealed!

No, we can't/won't, because if we do and don't make the estimated time frame, then people get angry and say we lied/broke promises/yadda yadda yadda. We've learned to not feed into that.

We don't know a date at this point, not even a range. When we do and are comfortable with that, it will be announced to everyone and the release will be very soon after that.

Now this, this is what I like to hear! Players will not have to be enflamed because of failed estimated time-frames, as well as all of the other nonsense associated with it. The only downside to that is the constant spam of several hundred messages throughout Terraria’s social media of when a set release date is going to be made! Annoying, sure, but not really detrimental at all! ~:p
I’m excited but when the update comes out there might not be that many people online to begin with since at this point most people have probably given up on mobile
I’m guessing it probably won’t release until like late August. I’m just hoping it comes out before the end of the summer.

Safeman said that there’s a chance that the Beta stage might go trough really fast, hopefully this holds true for me, and everyone else here! ~;)

Quote for reference:
The beta should be getting started later today afaik. I don't have exact dates obviously, but it doesn't look like it is going to be a very long beta compared to the other platforms. I'll definitely keep everyone updated as we get closer and I'm hoping to have some details and more good stuff for everyone on the next State of the Game :)
You can jump with the stick now, but it is a double press (double press+hold to fly) and intended as a backup option only. Obviously, this is a change from before - however the "up stick to jump" leads to a ton of misclicks and control conflicts. Team is considering making it an option (likely post launch if so) to enable this (with double tap being the default backup jump) - but it will be with a heavy dose of caveat emptor should you turn it on.

Honestly, the controls do have a learning curve vs what you may be used to - but if you take the time to work through that and settle into your own new style, that is going to serve you very well in the long term. Whereas before the goal was "simple to learn but limited" (which is why things like grappling are a pain), the goal here was "full functionality, but may have a learning period".
There really needs to be the regular hold up to jump again. I never had a problem with clicking the wrong thing and i doubt anyone else did either. The problem is a cant contantly swipe up twice each time i jump, and i cant use anything if i jump regular. I have the same problem on xbox, but atleast there you can still use items, just not aim, so you can just use manual cursor to aim before.
I’ve heard some devs say it’s going smoothly, and that it should release soon. I wonder how soon we will get that release date announcement!
Hey if terraria pc gets any cross play with other platforms well of course it has to go through with consoles supporting it and ect
What happens if the pc player has mods on like calamity and thorium and ect
What will happen upon connecting
Does the game crash or apply the mods or simply just wont connect?
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