Terraria Graphic Novel Series Revealed!

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A lot of countries read right to left
Don't Japonize what doesn't need to.

Edit: answering what @ZeroJinKui said below:
Then boil your blood alone and stop angering me saying that I'm prejudiced because I'm not. I just don't like mangas and don't want to see this game ruined by it. If you don't like my opinion I don't care: go away with that :red: of comment and don't bother me. 😤
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Hi folks, can we please get back on topic. There should be no more messages pertaining to what you think about other members please. These are being handled privately so as to not derail the topic further, but it doesn't help when bystanders kick up the dust to flame the fires. :) So please help us out by just staying on topic, and leaving all the personal stuff behind.
I think this is a pretty neat idea and could turn out well if executed properly. Heck I might even read it myself considering I just started to get back into Terraria again.

As long as it doesn’t meet a tragic end like the Tf2 comics did this should—and I really do want this to succeed—be smooth sailing.
People can have their own opinions, and I just want to say sorry if I angered people with that comment. That wasn't my intention, and it was half meant to be a joke. (I read the pokemon adventures manga, which the translation team kept in a right to left format) Again, sorry if I angered anyone.
I understood
Something that would be mildly interesting to see is if the series will take a complete 180 once the protagonist enters the “hardmode” state in the plot (assuming the writers will follow through with keeping everything related to the game). Speak of the devil, how much of the story will stay true to how the game follows through with progression? If at all? I’d assume in the in-between.
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