tAPI Necropolis Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by Zoodletec, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    That's because it's unfinished, unpolished and actually won't be finished.
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  2. TrolllCZ

    TrolllCZ Steampunker

    I Know you will think i am idiot but what version of terraria i need? Pls tell me.
  3. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    It works only on
  4. ultratronger

    ultratronger Plantera

    HELP! When I reload mods, this shows up:

    >>> Singleplayer: 16:06:41 <<<
    TAPI.Mods+LoadException: Necro.tapi: System.TypeLoadException: No se puede cargar el tipo 'TAPI.ModBuff' del ensamblado'tAPI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
    at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.GetType(RuntimeAssembly assembly, String name, Boolean throwOnError, Boolean ignoreCase, ObjectHandleOnStack type)
    at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.GetType(String name, Boolean throwOnError, Boolean ignoreCase)
    at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetType(String name)
    at TAPI.ModJsonHandler.HandleBuff(ModBase modBase, JsonData j, String fname) in x:\tAPI Core\tAPI\Mod\ModJsonHandler.cs:line 1447
    at TAPI.ModJsonHandler.Handle(ModBase modBase) in x:\tAPI Core\tAPI\Mod\ModJsonHandler.cs:line 59
    at TAPI.Mod.<Load>b__0(BinBuffer bb) in x:\tAPI Core\tAPI\Mod\Mod.cs:line 276
    at TAPI.Mods.HandleTapiModFile(FPath path, Action`1 action) in x:\tAPI Core\tAPI\Mod\Mods.cs:line 449
    at TAPI.Mods.HandleModFile(FPath path, Action`1 action) in x:\tAPI Core\tAPI\Mod\Mods.cs:line 427
    at TAPI.Mod.Load() in x:\tAPI Core\tAPI\Mod\Mod.cs:line 107
    at TAPI.Mods.Load() in x:\tAPI Core\tAPI\Mod\Mods.cs:line 539
    at Mods.Load()

    Mods used:
    Necro (Necropolis Mod null by Zoodletec and Sapharan)

    What should I do?
  5. TrolllCZ

    TrolllCZ Steampunker

    Same error. Installed GL , Tapi , NEcro launched and this occurs
  6. blu3lp

    blu3lp Terrarian

    Is there demon blood ? If yes where is the best place to farm it ?
  7. Lightflashy

    Lightflashy Terrarian

    Is this mod compatible with the Thorium mod?
  8. RushOfCold

    RushOfCold Spazmatism

    Why in the world do you still want to play an outdated version with outdated mods?
    Yes of course it is.

    Also, nice lil' bump you got there.
  9. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    yes it is but TaPI..the program used to run both this mod and the thorium mod..has been discontinued and will not work with terraria 1.3...however TModLoader will..there are other mods that use TModLoader including a new tremor mod..you can download TML then download all those mods from the built in mod launcher whenever you start terraria after TML has been installed
  10. Lightflashy

    Lightflashy Terrarian

    Thank you both
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  11. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    People ask that a lot all over- including other places. Why? Because they are awesome mods. REALLY awesome mods, with a lot of content that makes the game amazing to play. I still pay the outdated version. Lots of fun.
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  12. MudkipMonkey

    MudkipMonkey Terrarian

    I have been trying to play tAPI mods but everytime i start tAPI up through gamelauncher it says:
    tAPI has stopped working.
    I have tried reinstalling my entire Terraria but nothing helps.
    Anybody please help?
  13. Sylent :^)

    Sylent :^) Plantera

    If you bring this over to the tAPI thread, you'll get a better answer.
  14. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen


    i'm using this mod in a modpack. haven't gotten very far, but it looks great.
  15. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    I will try ask something here,maybe i could maybe i not.. because my ''good english''.. here we go:

    I would like to know exactly which tool or program our notorious modders use to model and design the sprites of the various NPCs and mobs of mods you guys made, how to animate them, etc.I have many ideas that I think are at least reasonable to implement in Terraria but my main problem was this , and do not know what or where to start to put them into pratice.I hope have been pretty clear about my question .
    Thanks for read til here. :D
  16. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    I can answer this.
    I use a program called Paint.net (google it, don't actually go to paint.net the website).
    When making sprites that have animations you first make the first frame of animation, then right under it you put the second, and so on for however many frames you need. You then can specify how many frames of animation there are in the objects code. This is for tAPI, I do not know how it works in other mod APIs.
  17. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    That is the point mate,can't install tAPI,i made all ways to do it but ... i-i),now i'd like test the tAPI mods too because i finished exxo avalon,anyway..
    If i had the models of all items,mobs,characters too would be good,like that: I copy Guide model and put in the program ,to study colors and mix of them,that stuffs.. but dont even know do that too.
    Could you or someone else give a light to me how do that?
    Thanks for answer by the way.
  18. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    If you don't have terraria then forget about tAPI, it is not compatible with recent terraria and never be. There are two APIs compatible with recent terraria. tModloader and Prism. You can try those out.
  19. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    Thankx again man.. tmodloader is good,im using it.
    Testing Tremor mod..
  20. MegaZeDa

    MegaZeDa Terrarian

    Did anybody know how to get ancient bone fragment ?