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tAPI Necropolis Mod


Finally i succes in install this mod.dang! I was almost quiting when.....boom,came like a meteor an idea and i made it....was pretty easy i think..now i can say that uh xD
So,there is a message on right corner of screen saying to update to r16 mandatory...really need install last update ?


Two questions:
1. I found two ores and made the bars but the guide dont show anything... are the Manganese and osmiun ores...why guide dont show anything?
2. Where can i get Blood ore?
Thank you :D


Hey zoodle I have played the tconfig version sp and mp and the tapi version too but I have never played the binding of terraria mod which is for tconfig for some reason I still play tconfig. But if you have it please put on dropbox or something I really like your mod
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