Official New 1.3 Spoilers: Enhancing the User Interface

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Ow yeah,and why don't make a Backpack acessory ? It would be kinda useful have more inventory slots...
I know all of these have been said before, but I felt like I might put my findings all into one (or three) place(s).

My Findings.PNG

Also, In the second picture there's a vine rope, I just forgot to write it.
No, I've seen the vid of that, look carefully at the tower of NPC's there's theres a head that has a shade not too different from the lunar enemy's so, new NPC!


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No, I've seen the vid of that, look carefully at the tower of NPC's there's theres a head that has a shade not too different from the lunar enemy's so, new NPC!

Video of that? Mind posting it? I'm not seeing any head you are talking about.


I think the thing that makes me most sad about the whole release debacle is that I have a feeling it won't be out before my friend (one of the three members of my usual multiplayer team) has her baby, after which point she won't have any more time to play Terraria. :c


I LOVE this spoiler! i am so happy you worked on the interface like this. I like the "quick stack to all near chests" most.


Here's what I see that's new in this spoiler:

1: re-texture of gravestones & grave markers
2: blue flame blocks? (Doesn't seem painted because it looks like it gives off blue light)
3: web ropes
4: marble
5: sharpening stone? (Furniture)
6: necromatic or summoner table? ( table with 2 candles and a floating book + next to sharpening stone)
7:An even larger variety of banners & ones from new lunar event (seperate colors of slides instead of just slime banners are an example of new banners )
8: Silver & gold colored chests (they kinda look like a robotic face. Not sure if that was intended)
9: Some kind of pink/purple candle instead of water candle ( unless just painted)
10: Either Sundial or just a spyware clock re-texture
11: horse or dragon purple tinted statue?
12: special rainbow dye?
13: some kind of alien voodoo looking item
14: painting sold from traveling merch.
15: a machine-like item or a machine piece
So yea I guess that's it. :happy: (Sorry this list took up so much space)
For Number 2, I realized they were using gemspark walls so it probably is blue flames, just painted.


Because I've neglected to the past several spoilers, I shall now deeply analyze these ones:

Animated Gif 1:
- Rainbow Torches
- A strange Sundial
- Numerous new banners, one of which reminds me of the Welder from Zoomo's Cyber suggestion.
- Giant Lever
- Floating book altar (Really looking forward to seeing what this does...
- Grain mill or Grindstone
- Lihzahrd(?) Forge
- That thing in Hotkey slot 4. Summoning item for a new boss? Something that was added in 1.2.3 that I don't know of since the frost moon wasn't there since last I played?
- Looks like we (Finally) have Marble!

Image Below Gif:
-I don't remember feather hat man or any of the items he's selling ever being in-game.
- More marble. I like Marble.

Full View of Tower
- In the ivory (right) side of the tower, there appears to be an illuminated statue on the ground floor and to the bottom right of the framed item.
- Also in (or rather, on) the right tower: some sort of brazier adorning the center of the roof.

The "cherry tree" on top of the central building appears to be a painted (dyed) snow tree. No hallow alts here.


So... we have at least two examples of decorative stone in 1.3; I wonder if there are any others?

It also seems as if 1.3 is turning into the Pink Update. And I'm perfectly happy with that too!

View attachment 21124
Very sex Celtic knotwork on that door. All the marble stuff gives me a dwarven vibe. Dwarves confirmed!
This is a Marble Door. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. This object menaces with spikes of Marble.

On the item is an image of an Yoraiz0r and some Spoilers. Yoraiz0r is laughing. The Spoilers are on fire!
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