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Terraria: Otherworld Otherworldly Sights & Sounds

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I love it. Especially the corruption one was very epic.
Agreed, But I like Snow and Space slightly more. :D
[DOUBLEPOST=1433536263,1433536133][/DOUBLEPOST]Wait... During the space biome music. Is there some type of new ore? I see something shining.


This... is epic. I'd love to see some remixes of Terraria music or something... maybe a Corruption remix for the final showdown or something? This is a new game, but I happen to love remixes of music from previous installments, and the Corruption and Underground Corruption are my favorite soundtracks. Please?

Erienna Nakagai

Amazing. That's really all there is to say on the matter.
(Also, most of the tracks showed are my favorite ones from Terraria 1)

Nike Leon

Staff member
Well, i guess i've underestimated Terraria Otherworld a lot, the game looks really cool, but didn't convince me to buy it when he launch. One thing that can make me buy is: Know if there's sidequests or quests in the game, Original Terraria really need this too.
You're in luck! Having a story line and side quests is one of the main focuses of Terraria: Otherworld :)


Excellent Spoilers!

Kudos to the music developers, and the rest of the team on the work put into this game.

I hope that the music will be a little bit longer than previous Terraria songs, and not constantly repeat every 30 seconds in a biome.

But otherwise, great work on music that fits each biome! :D

Dat Space Biome Tho.

Lightmare Prime

The music is amazing and I can't wait to hear the hallow soundtrack! :)

*looks at other messages* well :red: my pants sideways. Already people are wanting it on other consoles! I am not surprised tho. The game looks amazing. But first, console cavalrymen and mobile minions. Let it get to the pc platform (can't think of a witty name)


Official Terrarian

My only disappointment here is you guys not spoiling the Overworld Day Music (If it exists?)
I would love that to be a remix of the original soundtrack.


Duke Fishron
Love it lots only thing is that on the second preview of the sound i noticed the heart icons overlap the total health, besides from that... Can we has now? ;)
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