Terraria: Otherworld Otherworldly Sights & Sounds

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Jun 5, 2015.

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  1. GravitronX

    GravitronX Skeletron Prime

    You know the graphics kinda are now on par with starbound I would say I really like the art style for sure and the music is amazing I love dat space music
  2. rollsy

    rollsy Skeletron Prime

    Looks like I'm gonna have a whole new OST of sick Booty Jams to listen to!

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  3. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    I am just hoping it doesn't get so repetitive it hurts my ear to listen to.
  4. rollsy

    rollsy Skeletron Prime

    How do you get tired of the Terraria soundtrack? It's bootyful ;-;
  5. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    Pretty sure it was because I made my house in a mushroom biome one time, and that soundtrack really, really got on my nerves.
  6. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Love the new music from the Corruption and Arctic in particular. The Corruption looks much more intimidating with the darker look and thunderstorms in the background. The Crystal Cave looks like it will be very fun to explore.
  7. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    Before I was excited for Otherworld

    Now I happily-fear it!
  8. Rassy

    Rassy Skeletron Prime

    thanks, i'll check :3
  9. Raden

    Raden Terrarian

    The only comments I have are that it looks not so retro, (as others have said) but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I, for one, love the art style and the soundtrack. The artic biome in particular was my favorite, both in aesthetics and music.

    That Hellbender sword looks amazing, and gold plated tomahawks anyone?
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  10. Diamondheart

    Diamondheart Eye of Cthulhu

    Mmmmm... lightning. Lookin' (and soundin') sharp guys, I can't wait! I can already tell I'm going to hear the Crystal cave music a lot. Giggiddy.
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  11. Smokeylope

    Smokeylope Terrarian

    This is really good music, I think I'd even get the OST if it's released with the game if the rest of the tracks are this good.
  12. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    Otherworld just looks so amazingly beautiful! I'm extremely excited for it because it looks like it'll be a very fun and interesting game, it really is like an alternate version of Terraria.
  13. Deadonarrival

    Deadonarrival Skeletron Prime

    The Hellbender is one of the coolest looking swords ever. Great music as well.
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  14. Bub

    Bub Skeletron Prime


  15. Kiddles

    Kiddles The Destroyer

    It looks good, it sounds good, therefore, it must be good. You guys are doing an awesome job! Keep it up!
  16. sgt. Sprocket

    sgt. Sprocket Terrarian

    I love how Terraria's music sounds like an Arcade Game, and Terraria OW's music sounds more like a movie almost. I love how the music has evolved with the rest of the game.
    That Arctic Biome theme is incredible!
  17. Shadowfall

    Shadowfall Terrarian

    I don't really understand what they are trying to achieve with Otherworld...

    Can someone please explain?

    Is it a re-skin of Terraria?
    Is it different from Terraria somehow?
    Or is it meant to be Terraria with a story?

  18. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    It is meant to explore alternate possibilities which are different from Terraria's normal style (which is to say, Terraria 2 is intended to be more like Terraris 1).

    These include:
    1. A game play heavily focused on purification of Corruption, far more so than in Terraria
    2. An inclusion of RPG elements, which we aren't entirely clear on, but include the ability to level up weapons and weapon skill
    3. A more goal-oriented and "story-driven" emphasis than Terraria, while still maintaining a healthy amount of sandbox elements.

    You could say that T:OW is an opportunity to experiment with some controversial ideas, many of which are "you love it or hate it", such as RPG elements (for every post where someone wishes for it, there is a post where someone says it doesn't belong in Terraria). And then Terraria 2, when it arrives, will still be able to adhere to the more core gameplay direction of the franchise.

    As for the first question, it is not a reskin; it is graphically quite a bit more advanced, but the entire game is being redesigned from the ground up. It is its own full, independent game, carrying many elements of Terraria with it, but still striking in its own direction.

    Does that answer your question? :)
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  19. Daimera

    Daimera Terrarian

    I wasn't sure what to expect with the soundtrack, but it certainly wasn't this! And that's a good thing, because this is amazing! It evokes similar feels as the Starbound soundtrack, which remains one of Starbound's only redeeming features, so judging from the fact that this will probably smoke Starbound as a game, the super high-quality music is definitely welcome! I'm not sad that it isn't 'retro' at all; this is a soundtrack I am looking forward to buying!
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  20. Diamondheart

    Diamondheart Eye of Cthulhu

    Perhaps it should be an option to toggle like pvp or an alternate game mode at the main menu to make it an rpg style... or maybe a sandbox creative mode that doesn't spawn monsters, etc. just throwing the random thought out there. Seems like it would stop the "love it or hate it" issues.
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