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PvP Pedguin + Community Custom Games Map


Download - https://www.mediafire.com/?y6r0wb4ll8sqkkd

Classic Server Map

This Map has been a community project for our Custom Games server, this map includes a large variety of game modes including Spleef, Races, Boss Rushes and PvP Butcher Game Modes, as this is a community project a lot of us have worked on this map including Me, Baih, Master Yoda and a lot of others.

Feel free to use our community games map for your server!
Make sure you mention our community and give us credit <3

Map/Server Rule - This whole map is designed with mediumcore 100hp characters in mind. The only arenas that supply heart crystals are the "Butcherer" on PvP maps and once the game mode is over they should come back on a new mediumcore 100hp character.


So when you first join the Map/Server you'll appear here (See Below). The teleporters link to the 4 different game type modes. Below this, you'll find a chest full of gold and several NPC's that give out vanity clothes for those people that want to play their game modes in style.

Starting from the left - Spleef, Races, Boss Rush and PvP Butcher


Spleef is one of the most enjoyed and easiest to host of the game modes. there are over 40 arenas for the spleef varying from simple ice arenas to, boulder arenas and even spawner based arenas including Mimics, Sharks and more.

On the left is the Selection Area and on the right is one of the Arenas.

Wacky Races

The Wacky Races area includes a bunch of different arenas varying in all kinds of difficulty from hardcore parkour pyramids to casual bunny long runs. Though some people may dislike the harder ones there's always a map for someone to enjoy.

Below you can see the Selection Area + Two Highlight videos of us playing Races.

Boss Rush

Boss Rush is another one of the popular game modes were you, well, Rush down Bosses! How these game modes work is firstly we spawn 1 of the bosses, then spawns 2, and so on until the last person is defeated. This game mode has a lot of potential but due to the nature of the map people can only have 100hp Mediumcore.
We also don't supply hearth potions in chests due to people hording them, what we do instead is we've put Heart statues around connected to pressure plates, the plays can also use the loot from the bosses to help them progress.

Waves/Event type arenas are currently a work in progress and are being tested in Tshock, depending on the type of server you have set up you can make custom events.

Below you can see the Selection Area for Boss Rush + a work in progress "Blood Moon Event" Run.

Butcher (PvP)

Butcher is the newest out of all of the other arenas and most of the arenas are based off Baih's "Butcher of the Shapes" the community has worked together to create some new shapes and balanced 1 vs X ideas that have resulted in some new arenas.

Below you can see the selection area + the heart shaped arena.

That's all for now! This map is pretty much updated every single day, so I'll try keep this post updated whenever we add a whole new Arena.

If you want to help add to the map feel free to post Map Links to this thread and I'll have a look, we've been getting quite a lot recently so make sure you put in a lot of effort! We don't have much space on the map as you can see above.​
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Is this the map you play in your streams?

If so, it's awesome :D
Yes it is, there's been a lot of people requesting it so they can "practice" on some of the maps, and I'm sure some will find it some use for their own servers I guess :) Hopefully they'll give credit to our lovely community ! <3

The Green One

now this is cool, I have been wanting a map that I could use with my friends with multiple games modes, epic I will get a lot of use time out of this I dare say


I retract my earlier statement after discovering your map won the best minigame server award.

Your build is that untechnical I cant believe it won I didn't enter for me so I'm not worried about the win I was going to give the prizes to a friend. However there are many more skilful builds than your one so I am disappointed such a build won when clearly there were many more talented builders deserving the win. One textured areas pretty much all over the place and overall not much imagination used with lighting. I run a creative building server and this is basic building where I come from. Many of the builds here I will admit were more creative than mine although none had the mastery of tile selection that I possess for making beautiful pixel art that are colour accurate on map and in game view but that's off topic. My point sir is I think your build is undeserving because it lacks technical skill to make I could rebuild that in a day or even a few hours. Not that me thinking your build is undeserving will change you winning. I will still voice my opinion though and im sure many others feel the same way lol

I kid Pedguin, keep up the good work :)


Official Terrarian
I've a question about the character you're using in the OP Ped, is her hairstyle the same as the Dryad's? If not, hat Hairstyle is it?

Wait, nvm I found it and I have to say it looks...familiar.
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