Pet Backpack Piggy Bank Upgrade after getting Chester


The Minecart Upgrade Kit fixed a problem with the Mechanical Minecart, that you couldn't have your favorite Minecart if you wanted the best one. (Unless your favorite was the Mechanical Minecart.)

Chester is the best pet because they're also a Piggy Bank, which makes me have the same problem with them. I can't use another pet like the Volt Bunny or Spiffo (My new favorite! :D) because Chester is too useful to not have as a pet. Could you get be able to get something like a Pet Backpack after getting Chester?
My idea for how to get it, if it doesn't drop with Chester, is you could buy it from the Zoologist if you have Chester in your inventory or after beating Deerclops.

Unrelated and I've asked before multiple times, but could you make a Magiluminescence in a Vanity Slot make your eyes glow even if the Magiluminescence is hidden by something else like a Worm Scarf of Star Veil. I won't stop asking for that until the last absolute true final update happens, I can have that glow without the having to have the Magiluminescence show, or I get told it's annoying to keep asking. The glow would be awesome with my Fox Character or Lilith's Necklace!


Stardust Pillar
Full support for the backpack idea, not only is that really cute to imagine but it would let me use my pets instead of chester
I was about to suggest making Mimic Pets work similarly to them, but this is very much the better option! Perhaps Deerclops can now drop something like a "Ragged Backpack" that when used makes Pets able to hold items like Chester, and drops a free Eye Bone on use, dropping only Eye Bones if the player already used it.


Um, just have the money trough in your hotbar
Aside from the convience of not having to summon the Piggy Bank every time you want to use it, 10 hotbar spots doesn't feel like enough. Here's the list of things I like on my hotbar.

Rod of Discord (If I have one)
Summon Minion
Summon Sentry
Fishing Rod
Bug Net
Void Bag
Magic Mirror/Upgrade

That's 11 things with the RoD! Even without the RoD, what if I want a second weapon? It's worse with building because of not having all the different types of blocks I want to use in the hotbar. Being able to use a Piggybank with a pet instead of a hotbar spot is too good not to do.


heres mine
1: weapon
2: pickaxe
3: bow
4: maybe second weapon/summon weapon (you only need to use it once)
5-7: misc
8: misc, but void bag or torches if i need them
9: money trough
10: Net

You only need a fishing rod when actually fishing, so I normally keep it in the piggy bank. The phone i keep in the top row of my inventory.


100% support for that idea. I promoted that idea myself in multiple of terrarias media channels and I can't stress enough how obligatory this change is for the game. No one in their right mind would use another pet when they can habe Chester. Sure, you could keep the piggy bank on you at all times, but first It's annoying to resummon it every time I want to use it and second of all its way easier to forget to deposit your money on the fly.
So please please PLEASE Re-Logic, make this a feature. I'm tired of not being able to choose the pet I want.
And if that's too much (because Re-Logic maybe wants to add new pets in the future that have unique abilities like Chester), just make social slots for pets and the other slots in that tab (since having a social slot for the grappling hook would be pretty cool too)
Although I think that ops idea of a unlockable backpack like the mechanical cart upgrade is definitely the best solution to this problem, at least in my humble opinion.
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