PC Please overhaul the Chinese localization


I had played Terraria in the 1.3 era. Translation back then had a few issues but generally fine. Recently I started playing 1.4 and I can't stand the Chinese translation anymore.

Some terms that were fine in 1.3 have been changed and don't make any sense. For example, spike now becomes 斯派克 which just matches the pronounciation. It used to be 尖刺 which is accurate enough. You could google images of these two translations. During my play with my friends, I've heard more than ten of these examples.

Many Chinese players are now using a resource pack made by the previous translation team, who also maintain the current Chinese Terraria Wiki. Otherwise it is painful to communicate when the terms are inconsistent and confusing.

It's frustrating to know that the translations provided by the team was rejected and the new team fked it up. I learned from the wiki that you developers explain that players can make and use their own translations through the workshop. What I understand from that information is that you know the translations are not ok, but you refuse to fix them even when others are willing to help. If that's the truth, then I believe it's better to just delete the Chinese localization to make it clear that you don't care about it.
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