NPCs & Enemies Post-Mech Hell Expansion


Because Red Devils and Lava Bats don't add enough variety to Hardmode Hell.


<F for the fallen images from TO>
Infernal Dragon
* Rare
* Wyvern Behavior
Other possible names: Fell Dragon, Fell Drake, Infernal Drake, Hell Dragon, or Hell Drake.
Health: 5000
Damage: 85 (H) 50 (B)
Defense: 10 (H) 16 (B)
* Breathes a burst of fire (like a Flamethrower) when the player passes in front of its head.
Breath Damage: 30
(6-12) Souls of Flight - 100%
- Fire Heart - 100%
A deadly flying successor to the Bone Serpent, and an upgraded Wyvern.

Full sprite. Thank you Balduran!


Demon Slime (1st form)
* Common
* Slimer behavior
Health: 210
Damage: 60
Defense: 22

<F for the fallen images from TO>
Demon Slime (2nd form)
Health: 140/210
Damage: 50
Defense: 18
Magma Stone - 2% (1/50)
Broken Devil Wing - 0.5% (1/200) --Dropped upon transformation.
Meant to be a scarier version of the common Lava Slimes.


Fire Serpent
Other possible names: Bone Dragon, Bone Drake, Fell Beast, Oblivion Serpent
* Uncommon
* Worm behavior
Health: 1000
Damage: 80 (H) 60 (B)
Defense: 30 (H) 40 (B)
* Has a 33% (1/3) chance to inflict "On Fire!" for 7 seconds.
* Three special segments shoot fireballs at the player. (Kind of like Destroyer, but less insane.)
Ranged Damage: 60
* Fireballs have a 50% (1/2) chance to inflict "On Fire!" for 10 seconds.
Dragonbone Blade - 3.33% (1/30)
A deadly upgraded version of the Bone Serpent. Not quite "mini-boss" tier, but fearsome nonetheless.
<F for the fallen images from TO>
Full body sprite example.

Fallen Angel (1st form)
Other possible names: Forsaken Angel, Master Demon
Thanks for the sprites, Balduran!
* Very rare
* Demon behavior
Health: 3600
Damage: 75
Defense: 30
* Fires bursts of flaming player-seeking missiles. (Imagine a Ragged Caster with a Flamelash.)
Ranged Damage: 50
* Ranged attacks inflict "On Fire!" 25% (1/4) for 10 seconds.

Fallen Angel (2nd form)
Health: 1200/3600
Damage: 90
Defense: 15
* Greatly increased speed and knockback resistance. Charges the player.
* Starts teleporting similarly to the BoC.
Fire Feather - 25% (1/4)
Forsaken Relic - 6.7% (1/15)
Wrath Scepter - 4% (1/25)
Rare underworld miniboss-like enemy. A Frost Golem for the Underworld, if you will.

Oblivion Caller
Other possible names: Bat Master, Bat Caller, Oblivion Summoner, Oblivion Caster
* Uncommon
* Caster behavior (can be interrupted)
Health: 500
Damage: 60
Defense: 12
* Fires homing Bat projectiles at the player when in line of sight.
Ranged Damage: 40
* Summons Shadow Bats to attack the player otherwise.
Bat Necklace - 6.7% (1/15)
Oblivion Staff - 4% (1/25)
Kind of like an upgraded Fire Imp, but not really. The game could use a few summoner enemies.


Shadow Bat
Health: 100
Damage: 50
Defense: 8
* Can occasionally pass through walls (like Pigrons).
* Inflict "Confused" 8.3% (1/12) for 7 seconds.
* Inflict "Blackout" 33% (1/3) for 3 seconds.
Weaker versions of Lava Bats that inflict debuffs. Serve only as part of the Oblivion Caller's attack scheme.

This one is from an amazing suggestion by Milt69466 to add more variety to Mimics. Go check it out!


Underworld Boulder Giant
Max Life: 5000
Damage: 100
Defense: 50
KB resist: 100%
Surtr's Sword - 33.3% (1/3)
Technically, this is post-Plantera but it still contributes to making Hardmode Hell less sucky, so I'm featuring it here.



Red Devil
* Uncommon
<F for the fallen images from TO> Broken Devil Wing - 1.33% (1/75)
Drops Broken Devil Wings instead of Fire Feathers. Everything else stays the same.


<F for the fallen images from TO>
Broken Devil Wings
* Material.
* Used to craft Devil Wings.


Devil Wings
<F for the fallen images from TO>
* A souped-up version of the standard Demon Wings.
* Same tier as Flame Wings.
Broken Devil Wing
20 Souls of Flight
@ a Hardmode Anvil.


Dragonbone Blade (Sprite by Brutallama! Thank you!)
* Melee weapon
* Hits cast out Flaming Souls that deal extra damage similarly to the Spectre Mask's set bonus.
Damage: 95
Use Time: 30 (2 uses/second)
Knockback: 5 (Strong)
* Flaming Souls inflict "On Fire!" 50% (1/2) for 3 seconds.
A Hardmode upgrade-ish of the Bee Keeper.


Wrath Scepter (Sprite by Balduran! Thank you!)
* Magic weapon
* Fires a spread of 2-4 homing fire projectiles.
Damage: 35
Use Time: 21 (2.9 uses/second)
Knockback: 5 (Strong)
Mana Cost: 10
* Inflicts "On Fire!" 50% (1/2) for 4 seconds.
A rare and powerful Magic staff. It's a Flamelash, Poison Staff, Spectre Staff all in one!*
*Disclaimer: Does not include the full abilities of each item.


Oblivion Staff (Sprite by Balduran! Thank you!)
* Summon weapon
* Summons Shadow Bats to fight for the player.
Damage: 30
Mana Cost: 10
* Summoned Shadow Bats can pass freely through walls.
* Inflict "Confused" 10% (1/10) for 2 seconds on hit.
Now you can finally reek vengeance on Giant Cave Bats. Who's confused now, huh?


Surtur's Sword
* From Milt's aforementioned thread. Read it for more details.
* Broadsword-type Melee weapon.
*Releases damaging lava upon hitting an enemy.
Damage: 90
Knockback: 7
Use time: 25 (2.4 uses/second)
Before you go crying that it's OP, remember that it's a post-Plantera item.


Forsaken Relic (Sprite by Balduran! Thank you!)
* Accessory
Increases player Damage and Crits by 7% during invincibility.


Forsaken Cross (Sprite by Balduran! Thank you!)
* Accessory
Increases length of player invincibility. 7% increased damage and crits while invincible.
Forsaken Relic
Cross Necklace


Bat Necklace (Sprite by Balduran! Thank you!)
* Accessory
Taking damage temporarily increases Minion movement speed, damage, and knockback.

These were ported over from another Hardmode Hell-related thread. (In fact, this is the thread where the idea started.)

<F for the fallen images from TO>
Underworld Key
* Rare drop from all Underworld enemies after defeating a Mechanical Boss.


Underworld Chest
* A unique Biome Chest can be found in the Dungeon.
* Unlocked with an Underworld Key.
* Contains a Phoenix Feather and random loot.

With all of this expansion, the post-Mech Underworld is going to need its own message. (Idea by Sir Cutswood.)

Current ideas:
"The Underworld is becoming impatient..."
"A dark force rouses the Underworld..."
"Rage ignites the bowels of the Underworld..."
"A powerful energy echoes from the bottom of the world..."
"The fires beneath {World Name} wax strong..."
"An infernal force resonates through the Underworld..."
"A strange force draws you to the flames of the Underworld..."
"The voices of the damned shriek in indignation..."
"The laughs of the damned tear at your soul..."

Contributors: Me, Sir Cutswood, MolochMekkane

That's it for the suggestion. I hope you like the idea! Feel free to comment or criticize. Feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks go to zimberzimber for making this banner!​
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yay its here once again support only "problem" is the Fallen angel doesn't look impressive enough for its stats(looks like a common foe not miniboss)

Edit you might want to add the phoenix feather here as part of this or add that thread here at least someones asking questions about it

Edit: after all this time I finally noticed I wrote angle not angel wow how did I miss that?
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I do believe that the suggestion is great , would give us some more things to do in the Underworld.
Love any idea adding something more to end game to differentiate it from pre-hm/early hm. You have my support!
I have never seen anything this incredible. I really don't know what to say. I wish I could do sprites like that, I just don't have the patience...

Whatever, this idea is fantastic!!!
I still support this. The new formatting is much better now; it's easy to see that the chest contains the phoenix feather.
It's comcept art. You take what you can get. :/

It's not too bad, though. It gets the general idea across, even if it has less grandeur than one would hope.
there's a reason I said "problem" rather than problem
I like this idea One of the best hell suggestions I especially like what you did with the Summoning enemy concept (I had it simply summon lava bats you went and made it awesome)
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