Pots and Boulders, more ways to kill you! [Sprites]

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  1. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera


    We all know these guys right? ( gold-mimic.gif )

    Well, I want to see more mobs like mimics. No, I do not mean more chest mimics, I mean new types of mimics.


    gold-mimic-reversed.gif Introducing: More ways to kill you! gold-mimic.gif

    Pot Mimics

    Pot mimics are hardmode mobs that follow the same principle and AI as regular mimics but are twice as common. They stay still until the player is near them before attacking in a similar fashion to slimes. Pot mimics will always spawn in groups of 2-4 and attack the player at the same time. Unlike regular mimics, pot mimics would drop no rare loot, but instead, either greater health potions, greater mana potions, a few gold coins separate from the pot mimic's regular coin drop, a few grenades, or a special potion depending on the type of pot mimic. Pot mimics can also be spawned pre-hardmode by powering a pot statue. As with other statue spawned mobs, they would only drop banners. Pot mimics float on water like slimes, and lava for the underworld variant.

    pot-mimic-1.gif pot-mimic-2.gif pot-mimic-3.gif pot-mimic-4.gif pot-mimic-5.gif pot-mimic-6.gif pot-mimic-7.gif pot-mimic-8.gif pot-mimic-9.gif pot-mimic-10.gif

    Pot Mimics

    Max life: 110-160
    Damage: 40
    Defense: 15
    KB resist: 40%
    Coins: [​IMG] x4


    30% [​IMG] Greater Healing Potion 1-2
    20% [​IMG] Greater Mana Potion 1-2
    10% [​IMG] Gold Coin 2-4
    25% [​IMG] Grenade 6-15
    15% Potions 1-2
    Surface-Underground: [​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG]
    Cavern: [​IMG]/[​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG]
    Jungle: [​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG]
    Ice: [​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG]
    Underworld: [​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG]
    (every 50 kills) Pot mimic banner.png Pot Mimic Banner x1

    pot-mimic-11.gif pot-mimic-12.gif
    Lihzahrd Temple Pot Mimics

    Max life: 350
    Damage: 60
    Defense: 20
    KB resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x7


    100% [​IMG] Lihzahrd power cell x1
    (every 50 kills) Pot mimic banner.png Pot Mimic Banner x1

    Unlike other pot mimics, Lihzahrd pot mimics will not chase after the player and will remain stationary. When in range, these pot mimics awaken and fire a volley of three ricocheting fire balls identical to the ones fired by the Golem but with less damage and cannot be deflected by weapons. The fire balls will always hover above the mimic before traveling towards the player. These mimics spawn in groups of 2-3 inside the Lihzahrd temple and are generally more common than other pot mimic spawns.

    * Featured in Szgamer227’s Lihzahrd temple expansion suggestion

    Dungeon Pot Mimics

    Max Life: 325
    Damage: 50
    Defense: 30
    KB resist: 80%
    Coins: [​IMG] x6


    10% [​IMG] Water Candle x1
    30% [​IMG] Ectoplasm 1-2
    30% [​IMG] Gold Coin 2-4
    30% [​IMG] Gold Key x1
    1% [​IMG] Nazar x1
    (every 50 kills) Pot mimic banner.png Pot Mimic Banner x1

    Like their Lihzahrd relatives, these mimics will also remain stationary. When onscreen, they inflict the water candle debuff on the player, regardless if they've been awoken or not. When in range, they begin firing fast moving water bolt like projectiles that ricochet and cannot be deflected in volleys of 4. These attacks have a 25% chance to inflict Cursed. And yes, they have a chance to drop water candles and ectoplasm. They spawn in the Post-Plantera dungeon.

    Vase Mimics

    Vase-Mimic-b.gif Vase-Mimic-p.gif

    Max Life: 4000
    Damage: 150
    Defense: 60
    KB Resist: 100%

    Vases are like pots no? These buggers are big, tanky, mimics that fire wall piercing blasts of ectoplasm when awakened. But that's not all. Every once and a while, the mimic grapples you and pulls you in, dealing heavy contact damage. The attack works in a similar way to the Wall of Flesh's tongue. To compensate, the mimic will Glow bright blue before executing this attack and requires a clear line of sight. It will also use this attack if the player gets too far away from the active mimic.

    Phase 2
    Vase Demon

    Vase Demon b.png Vase Demon p.png

    Max Life: 1000/4000
    Damage 100
    Defense: 40
    KB Resist:100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x4


    100% [​IMG] Ectoplasm 4-8
    20% Ghostly Grapple.png Ghostly Grapple x1
    1% [​IMG] Nazar x1

    After loosing 3/4 of their health, the spectral essence of the mimic leaves the vase and attacks like the Dungeon Spirit, occasionally firing the blasts of ectoplasm present in Phase 1. They have a 33% chance to inflict Cursed. They are about as rare as Paladins.

    As to be expected, each Vase Mimic only spawns in their representative dungeon color. Again, these are Post-Plantera.

    Ghostly Grapple.png

    Ghostly Grapple
    Type: Grappling Hook
    Reach: 35 tiles
    Velocity: 16
    Hooks: 2
    Latching Type: Individual
    Rarity: [​IMG]
    Sell: [​IMG] x6

    The "spiritual" upgrade to the Dual Hook, nothing much really. It would give off a faint white light and be semi transparent.


    Corruption Pot Mimic


    Max Life: 200
    Damage: 70
    Defense: 15
    KB resist: 45%
    Coins: [​IMG] x5

    33.33% [​IMG] Rotten Chunks x1
    100% [​IMG] Cursed Flame 2-5

    These would spawn in groups of 2-3 in the surface and underground layers of the corruption, and rarely, in the cavern layer. When awakened, they will lunge toward the player at high speeds, moving through blocks if necessary. Uses a modified "Flying" AI. They have a 50% chance to inflict Cursed Inferno. Spawns in hardmode.


    Crimson Pot Mimic


    Max life: 100
    Damage: 40
    Defense: 5
    KB resist: 30%
    Coins: [​IMG] x3

    33.33% [​IMG] Vertebrae x1
    100% [​IMG] Ichor 1-3

    Toxicara follow the same AI as the Floaty Gross, but spawn on the surface and underground like their corruption counterparts. When killed, they explode in a shower of ichor, inflicting the debuff on nearby players. Additionally, 3-5 Round worms will spawn from the killed Toxicara. Only spawns in hardmode.

    Round worm.png
    Round Worm

    Max life: 100 (shared)
    Damage: 60
    Defense: 18
    KB resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x1

    These are small, 4 segment long worms (1 head, 2 body, 1 tail). Due to their small size, all parts share the same stats


    pot-mimic-9.gif pot-mimic-10.gif
    Devil Pots

    Max Life: 290
    Damage: 60
    Defense: 25
    KB resist: 60%
    Coins: [​IMG] x5

    30% [​IMG] Greater Healing Potion 1-2
    20% [​IMG] Greater Mana Potion 1-2
    10% [​IMG] Gold Coin 2-4
    25% [​IMG] Grenade 6-15
    15% [​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG] /[​IMG] Potions 1-2
    4% Hot Pot.png Hot Pot x1
    (every 50 kills) Pot mimic banner.png Pot Mimic Banner x1

    I know these look the same as regular underworld pot mimics, but here me out. These will spawn after one mech boss has been defeated (post-mech) and will replace 75% of underworld pot mimic spawns and will spawn in groups with them. Unlike their regular pot mimic relatives, these will move faster, and when in range, shoot a short range stream of fire that falls to the ground, lingering for 8 seconds (again, it's a projectile). They always tilt 45 degrees before doing so, and shoot in an arch, usually firing above the player's head. They also have a small chance to drop new magic weapon, the Hot Pot along with the regular underworld pot mimic loot. They have a 50% chance to inflict On Fire! on contact while the projectile has 100%.

    Hot Pot.png

    Hot Pot
    Type: Weapon (magic)
    Damage: 35
    Knockback: 5
    Max Stack: 1
    Mana: 8
    Velocity: 11
    Rarity: [​IMG]
    Use Time: 15
    Tooltip: Shoots a burning arch of lingering fire

    The Hot Pot is a magic weapon that mimics the attack pattern of Devil Pots. It functions in a similar way to the Aqua Scepter but is more affected by gravity. The fire will fall to the ground, lingering for 3 seconds with a 100% chance to inflict On Fire!


    Bag o' Coins

    These little fellas are very rare mobs that spawn in the cavern and underground levels . As seen here, they mimic coin stashes. When the player reaches 7 blocks from it, they will awaken and attempt to flee. They rapidly jump away from the player and jump extremely high when necessary. Each time they lose 10% of their health, they will drop a coin (specific to each variant respectively) When killed they drop a very high amount of coins. Bags o' Coins are instantly killed when dropping into lava more than 1 block deep, along with the high amount of coins they drop. Silver and Copper ones will spawn in normal mode, but gold ones only appear in hardmode

    While normally things such as debuff immunity is often over looked, I'll have to mention that these will have full debuff immunity.

    Bag-o'-gold.gif coin stash.png
    Bag o' Gold

    Max life: 1500
    Damage: 0
    Defense: 40
    KB Resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x40

    Bag-o'-silver.gif coin stash silver.png
    Bag o' Silver

    Max life: 350
    Damage: 0
    Defense: 5
    KB Resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x50

    Bag-o'-copper.gif coin stash copper.png
    Bag o' Copper

    Max life: 60
    Damage: 0
    Defense: 0
    KB Resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x80


    Boulder Giants

    What? so what are these? Well, they mimic background boulders. Boulder giants are powerful, post Plantera mini bosses that are 50% rarer than regular mimics. They come in 4 variants: Cavern, Jungle, Ice, and Underworld. Unlike regular mimics, they will reveal themselves at a greater distance and roar to notify the player that it has revealed itself (to prevent unwanted despawning). Boulder giants attack by throwing large stone projectiles (specific to each giant) at the player that ricochet off walls at high speeds, dealing high damage and knockback. The giants themselves can go through walls when necessary, but their projectiles do not. They move generally slowly, but move faster when clipping walls. Each variant has a chance to drop an exclusive melee weapon. They also occasionally emit a particle effect while hidden.

    1 boulder giant.png 1 boulder.png
    Cavern Boulder Giant

    Max Life: 4000
    Damage: 90
    Defense: 50
    KB resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x4

    33.33% w Stone Sledge.png Stone Sledge x1

    Throws generic boulders similar to the ones already in-game.

    Other Possible Names: Rock Titan (Scarecrow), Stone Ogre

    2 boulder giant.png 2 boulder.png
    Jungle Boulder Giant

    Max Life: 4500
    Damage: 80
    Defense: 58
    KB resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x4

    33.33% w Absinthe fury.png Absinthe Fury x1

    Throws larger mudstone boulders that ricochet less. Also has a chance throw a seed pod that explodes into a tangle of outstretched vines near the player. Vines may inflict venom

    Other Possible Names: Jungle Guardian (Scarecrow), Mudstone Sentinel

    3 boulder giant.png 3 boulder.png
    Ice Boulder Giant
    Max Life: 3800
    Damage: 100
    Defense: 48
    KB resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x4

    33.33% w Glacieor.png Glacieor x1

    Throws smaller ice boulders that ricochet at random angles. Each time the boulder bounces, it has a 50% chance to leave a pile of damaging icicles attached to the block. The Boulders and Icicles have a chance to inflict chilled.

    Other Possible Names: Glacier Giant (Scarecrow), Frozen Titan

    4 boulder giant.png 4 boulder.png
    Underworld Boulder Giant
    Max Life: 5000
    Damage: 100
    Defense: 50
    KB resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x5

    33.33% w Surtr's Sword.png Surtr's Sword x1

    Throws hellstone boulders. Occasionally throws a large slow moving boulder that explodes when near the player. Leaves behind lingering lava like projectiles and fire. All attacks have a chance to inflict On Fire!

    Other Possible Names: Fire Behemoth (Scarecrow), Hellstone Colossus

    * Featured in Szgamer227’s post-mech hell expansion suggestion

    w Stone Sledge.png

    Stone Sledge
    Type: Weapon (Boomerang)
    Damage: 70
    Knockback: 8
    Max stack: 1
    Velocity: 13
    Rarity: [​IMG]
    Use time: 16

    The Stone Sledge is dropped by the Cavern Boulder Giant. It functions in a similar way to the bloody machete but has only half the range and can ricochet 5 times. It returns to the player after reaching the 5 bounce cap. The Stone Sledge can be rapidly auto fired before the previous projectile has returned (like light disks). They do not pierce.


    w Absinthe fury.png

    Absinthe Fury
    Type: Weapon (Spear)
    Damage: 72
    Knockback: 7
    Max stack: 1
    Velocity: 4
    Rarity: [​IMG]
    Use time: 23

    The Absinthe Fury is dropped by the Jungle Boulder Giant. Mobs hit by the spear become wrapped in vines and take continuous damage equal to a third of the spear's damage and small amounts of knockback for three seconds. The spear also has a 33% chance to inflict venom for 7 seconds. Has a leaf particle effect when used.


    w Glacieor.png

    Type: Weapon (flail)
    Damage: 80
    Knockback: 9
    Max stack: 1
    Velocity: 16
    Rarity: [​IMG]
    Use time: 34

    The Glacieor is dropped by the Ice Boulder Giant (anyone notice how the ice biome lacks a flail?). It functions like a "true" flail as in it can be held down, is effected by gravity after the initial throw, and can be dragged around. Each time the flail comes into contact with a mob, 6 piercing icicle are released out of the flail at random angles. The icicles have a range of around 4 blocks and has an internal cool down of 1.5 seconds before they can be released again. The flail has a "flurry cloud" particle effect.


    w Surtr's Sword.png

    Surtr's Sword
    Type: Weapon (broadsword)
    Damage: 100
    Knockback: 7
    Max stack: 1
    Rarity: [​IMG]
    Use time: 25

    Surtr's Sword is dropped by the Underworld Boulder Giant (I might change the name if people feel this doesn't fit the bill of being called "Surtr's Sword"). When hitting a mob with the sword, the sword releases a small spreading pool of lava. However, unlike regular lava, the lava spawned will linger for 8 seconds before evaporating. This lava does not form any blocks with other liquids, add to actual lava pools, or damage passive NPCs and the player (it is a projectile and not an actual tile). That being said, it will damage enemies normally unaffected by lava such as flying bosses and underworld mobs. The sword's lava has the same damage as regular lava with the same ability to inflict On Fire! The sword does not autoswing and also has a 50% chance to inflict On Fire! for 4 seconds. Has a fire particle effect when swung.

    yes, the sprite is based off of one of my older sword sprites.

    Additionally, these would also work well with @SzGamer227 ’s suggestion on making mimics better at mimicry.

    Which can be found here

    Possible Upcoming Additions

    Enchanted sword mimic
    Shadow mimic revamp


    I'll be adding a bit more if this is well received (which it ended up being, hurdy dur dur), including more loot from Boulder giants and a few more pot mimic variants.

    Critic and comments are very welcome! [​IMG]

    Support banner code:
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  2. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    Make Pot Mimics drop something special; the Chest Mimics and the Boulders do! Why the exception for pot mimics? They could have a lot of potential.
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  3. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    We absolutely need this. Support.
  4. Teal

    Teal Eater of Worlds

    This is a great idea! I actually love how balanced everything seems. Background objects really needed something more interesting and this would be more than adequate for that reason.
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  5. bad_news

    bad_news Retinazer

    Yes please! I've always felt like those background objects were lacking, this would be a cool way to make them more interesting.
  6. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    Because normal pots don't give you anything special, but chests do [​IMG]
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  7. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    Point? Neither do the boulders in the background... I'm just saying, I think the pot mimics have a lot more potential in their loot table (not their chairs).
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  8. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    Possibly, I'll think about it.
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  9. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    Now this is something @Everybody likes!
  10. RainbowDrago

    RainbowDrago Plantera

    Dungeons ones can drop golden keys?
    Jungle ones can drop beenades maybe?
    Ice torches for ice ones?
    Hellfire arrows for hell ones?
    (They might be normally for drop those things,but idc huehuehue)
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  11. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    Hell ones should drop demon torches, so they're a renewable resource.
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  12. RainbowDrago

    RainbowDrago Plantera

    Crimson/Corruption pots could drop Inchor/Cursed flames.(respectively)
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  13. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    Possessed pottery is a very interesting idea for an alternative method of getting greater level potions!

    But, oh gosh, those giant elementals. I've been won over entirely. I'm a sucker for mini-boss equivalent mobs, let alone the added bonus of a greater mimic concept.

    Absinthe Fury is a glaive/polearm, correct? Does it cause Confuse? ;)
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  14. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    The Absinthe Fury was based off of a Bill Hook, but close enough [​IMG]

    and um, why confused? I think venom is plenty fitting [​IMG]

    And cause tipsy wouldn't work....
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  15. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    I like this suggestion. Mimic's are an underused type of enemy. I'd like to see more of them in the game.
    Maybe there could be another type of very weak mimic that can spawn in front of player placed walls. Something like even a "critter" tier mimic.
    You know just to keep everyone on their toes.
  16. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Those giants and their drops are pretty interesting. Giving a reason to visit old biomes like the underworld in endgame as well.

  17. JoeReturns

    JoeReturns Terrarian

    It'll make grinding for Hardmode ores a lot more fun, simply because you have some cool things to kill.
    The sprites are nice, and it's nicely fleshed out.
    So support. :)

    I like their little jump :naughty:
  18. Daimera

    Daimera Terrarian

    I adore this idea so much, especially the harder-to-attain potions from the pot mimics, but everything is very well done and well thought out! Definite support!
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  19. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    You worry too much, Milt~

    Something with this much detail, with such beautiful sprites... of course it's going to be well received.
  20. Pseudoname

    Pseudoname Terrarian

    yes mimics and giants