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How many hours do you have in Terraria?

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I've got 441 hours, with like 3 years of having it. If we add console and mobile (mobile is like 1 or 2 hours tho) then it become around 500 maybe 600 if I really spent that much time on Console which I doubt
I've been playing on Steam for 350 hours, then I got the GOG version and now I think I have played at about 60 hours, I bought it 2 weeks ago
1730+ Hours on PC (since 1.1 in 2012) so about 5 years now.
My favorite moment is when a build something amazing or do something impressive in combat. Basically anything that makes me think: "Woah".
Also add 100-150 for Console/Handheld Gameplay. Ultimately I prefer PC, though.
How many hours have you played Terraria for?

Edit, I feel like an elder now that I've learned that how many hours I have played is ridiculous
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