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This is a drawing of Teru I did in some spare time
So I have an Idea for later in the roleplay. I drew another character, and I'm thinking he can be a villain for a time. He could be something like the villain's assistant or right-hand "man" or something
Character Name:

Character Nickname:

Character Gender:

Character Age:

Character Appearance:

Character Species:

Character Height:

Character Weight:
231 lbs

Character Personality:
Malicious, untrustworthy, seems shady. Sprinkles sarcasm into almost every sentence.
(nicer once you get them to open up)

Character Equipment:
Wings, All sorts of tech that they make.
Dark marble knife, and a Leaf Spear made of a strong metal that can fire a blast of energy every hour or two.

Character Abilities:
Stinger on tail can immobilize enemies, Fast with weapons and incredibly helpful when it comes to tech.

Character Backstory:
Growing up in FlameFall's village, They were raised to be a thief. They instead wanted to be an assassin and trained in secret. Flamefall was their mortal enemy and rival, despite them being best friends. and they tried to kill each other every time they saw each other. They dissapeared one day and have been carrying out missions for bounty hunters all over the world since then. Last time they saw Flare was across the world where they had several missions to take care of.

Character Quirks:
Doesn't like people ruffling their hair or touching their wings.
Ruthless and sharp-witted.

Character Flaws:
Is slightly sociopathic and will go overboard when attacking something/someone.
Exhausts easily and hates when people underestimate them, and might start a fight if someone calls them cute or small.
(this is one of Flare's favorite things to do to p :red: them off.)
they buzz when they are happy or feel safe. They also sound like a bee when they're flying. they don't really like to talk about emotions, but will glady give advice on how to deal with said emotions if they trust someone.
Character Name: Kami

Character Nickname: N/A

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: "A couple centuries" is what he'd say

Character Appearance: Looks like a young adult with light blue hair and yellow eyes. He wears a jacket with a scarf and a pair of boots. Is really a half wyvern
(I'll do a drawing of him later)

Character Species: Half Wyvern

Character Height: 5"2

Character Weight: 123 lbs

Character Personality: A cheerful guy who loves the sky and freedom. He seems to have a very friendly and nonchalant personality towards everyone, but he can flip over to a ruthless killer if he judges you're evil or malicious

Character Equipment: His clothes, as well as a pair of straight swords he uses to fight. Already has the default souls of flight he can use as well. He may use throwing knives to fight from a distance

Character Abilities: Flight, very quick and has some control of the wind. Doesn't need any food, water, or sleep to survive

Character Backstory: Unknown. He just has the excuse of saying he forgot

Character Quirks: He seems to hold a dislike towards water and likes windy weather. If given the chance, he'd happily stand in the middle of a tornado

Character Flaws: A bit too energetic for his own good and he's really soft if you manage to hit him

Extras/Trivia: N/A
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