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Name: Kyle Yaris
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Human
Appearance: Wears a black jacket, white shirt, black pants and black shoes.
Personality: Spends most of his time being cold and unforgiving, but rarely may cheer up depending on the circumstances. However, to him the mission always comes first, no matter the cost.
Equipment: Kevlar bulletproof vest, H&K MK23 (with suppressor and laser aiming module), Night Vision Goggles, Combat knife.
Ablities: Trained to be able to tell when someone is lying, and to move stealthily in various environments.
Weaknesses: Any form of magic.
Other: Is a member of military intelligence.
I appreciate the suggestion, but I have discovered that I can't see that colour well. I may need glasses lol. Maybe this colour would do? Or maybe this one?
Heres a random self insert

Name: Ocram Execution (Nickname is Just Ocram)

Gender: Unknown (presumably male)

Age: 16

Appearance (Pictures or Description): basically my profile picture but with arms.

Ocram Execution.png

Species: Profile Picture??? (Or is it ink demon??)

Personality: A lazy and fetish person, apologizes for stuff really easily.

Equipment/Weapons and armor: Nothing at all

Ablities: He floats due to the lack of legs along with being able to blast ink, he can also transform into a monster (think of it as a beast bendy profile picture)

Quirks: Floating can be useful, Quite fast.

Flaws: Makes bad decisions, his transformations are quite random

Speaks in BLACK. (I know its trash but its the best self insert I thought of)
No, this is on the forums. we're using another thread to roleplay. you submit a character here and if you're accepted, you use the other thread to roleplay with the other people participating.
I suggest you go over to page 1 and read the rules if you want to consider joining.
Read the rules, and just looked at some stuff at the IC thread.
Should be ready. Here's my character:

Character Name:
Character Nickname:
Character Gender:
Character Age:
Character Appearance:
Hides his appearance with a Military 1990s Gas Mask, with some sort of officer uniform. It says the words Oakland Police Department on the sleeve, with some sort of badge on the carbon fiber vest. Or at least, that's what he says it is.
Character Species:
Unknown, most likely Human.
Character Height:
5 foot 8 inch, or 1.8 meters.
Character Weight:
220 lbs, or 90.7 kilos
Character Personality:
Outgoing and accepting, despite job status, says subject. Shows signs of a reasoning mindset, yet still a bit outlandish. Appears to be scared around monsters, with what seems to be an expression of fear and confusion.
Character Equipment:
A handgun he calls a Colt 45, some sort of otherworldly compact machine gun that he calls an FN-P90, and some sort of iron staff he calls a riot baton, although he never uses it.
Character Abilities:
Surprisingly good in hand to hand combat, claims to have good night vision. Results say otherwise. Also good at handling guns, and being stealthy.
Character Backstory:
Subject claims to have worked in the military, fighting some sort of "Red Threat," as he puts it. Claims to have a heritage from a land known as "Russia" and lives in a rival land known as "The United States of America." Appears to be from a dimension beyond ours, as seen in the equipment, fighting style, and grammar.
Character Quirks:
Appears to have some sort of psychosis, as he reacts to empty spaces with fear and paranoia, often is seen shooting at walls and ceilings, and occasionally believe himself to have become some sort of animalistic being.
Character Flaws:
Highly unfamiliar with the world around him, has trouble recalling things from the past, and is easily frightened by the unknown.
Apparently doesn't know too much Russian.

Not good at drawing, so I had to describe my character's appearance. This is a recently created character made just for this RP.
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