Official Re-Logic/Engine Software at GDC - Discussion Thread

I remember I went to GDC with my cousins when I was 11. It was cool!

Hope you have a great time Re-Logic and EngineSoftware!]
Awesome. I wish I could be there!
The front page post s are really rolling out, especially with the CC only a day or so away.

I can't wait to hear more.
Actually, I heard it'll be in a week.

Or am I just drunk?
I never noticed it in the trailers, but by George those crystal caves are gorgeous! Makes me wish regular ol' Terraria had those. :)
The banner from the middle is like a shiled to stop the coruption to spread ??????
The one with that coruption its like coruption from terraria but more harder and it cannot be destroyed only with the shiled from the middle banner or what????
*Sigh* I have already missed too much school to go.. Sadness:Activated

Damn, so close, yet so far away! I live in NorCal, so I would LOVE to be able to attend, but money is short. Would have loved to meet the team, especially.

Oh well, maybe some other time when another Re-Logic game is in the works.
I would love to attend, but, unfortunately, the next time I'm going to the US is probably when I get away from this damn school and take a year to just appreciate the outside world... yeah...
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