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RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!


Nurses can give you a band-aid for some money to instantly patch you up when you have nothing else left but an arm. Also, the people can suddenly resurrect themselves and still have their items.

Broken Sword + Godly Sword or Evil Sword That Should Corrupt You While Held Apparently Equals

Way Stronger Sword Used To Make A REALLY Good Sword


Tiny shark gun + a few fins + 20 soul of mights + illegal gun parts = Bigger sharkgun!
Bigger sharkgun + ??? +??? +???? = A dolphingun!
Cog + 50 Empty bullets = 50 highspeed bullets!


So how can the character hold and swing a sword twice bigger than him in one hand?!?!

And from were do the NPC's have those infinite amount of items!??!


Or how could a player hold that many stuff with out needing a backpack or anything?
Does the character have like... an entire chest and a few stachels on him to keep his stuff? Also how does he store torches or lava, or METEORITE ITSLEF with out burning? Or how does he/she make armor out of plain bars with out needing a mold to the armor? Or how does the character start with copper Sword, copper pickaxe and copper axe? Does he like... you know. suddenly wake up with them? And how does a friendly guide become a huge wall of flesh by just throwing a "voodoo" doll into lava? :red: pls


And how does a friendly guide become a huge wall of flesh by just throwing a "voodoo" doll into lava? :red: pls
I'm pretty sure that the guide doesn't become the wall of flesh. I think the act of sacrificing the guide summons the wall of flesh, which makes slightly more sense...


Sorry for the necrobump but how about Skeletron Prime and his Dungeon Guardian form? Why does he only come for you at night if he is almost omnipotent in the day? No argument could make this make sense because he can activate it infinitely in the day (and the night after, day after that, etc) showing that there is no limitation to his infinite power.


Skeletron Prime
You know you can summon bosses as many times as you like?
why don't these infinite amount of bosses come at you all at once? It makes no sense

Techno Mancer

Brain of Cthulhu
You can use the "Skeletrons Hand" grappling hook as two hooks, but it says it's only one hand.
Making rainbow bricks out of gel.
Flying fish are nowhere to be seen until rain, as well as umbrella slimes being somehow bigger blue slimes with umbrellas.
For some reason, when something to do with the moon happens that doesn't normally happen, new creatures spontaneously appear from thin air and try to kill you.
Monsters don't go after NPCs, only you. (Also, zombies, floating eyes, big floating eyes, giant flying skeleton, vampires, Frankenstein's Monster, etc. exist and try to kill you in many gruesome ways)


Duke Fishron
When you put a turtle shell on a metal made of plant juice, the shell grows spikes.
There is a metal made of plant juice. And grows like a plant.
Any weapon can damage and knock back a ghost.
Armor made of pumpkins increases damage output.
When you put on transparent clothes, you become transparent with them (spectre armor)
A giant stone robot drops beetle shells.
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