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Story RED SKIES - an MSPA style story

Should I change the art style to Pixel Art?

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@ninjakai03 @Cubepin

Red Skies is back in business! Here's that update you guys have been waiting a week for.


Turn? Red-eyed figure? ...I'm not sure what you mean.

Suddenly your phone starts vibrating, it seems someone is trying to contact you.


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Commands are now reopened.
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Wow this image looks like trash


It appears both friends are messaging you.
Iron1ck: Hey.
Iron1ck: Hey dude.

Iron1ck: What if we had a sleepover or something?
Iron1ck: I live fairly close by.
Iron1ck: Our parents work at the same place.
Iron1ck: It'd probably be very easy to set up.

MOnO_RED: sure
MOnO_RED: but first i've gotta ask mom and dad about that
MOnO_RED: and they're not back yet

Iron1ck: Understandable.
Iron1ck: My dad isn't back yet either.
Iron1ck: I'll check back with you later.

MOnO_RED: oh yeah, alex
MOnO_RED: fix my wallpaper already
MOnO_RED: i don't like having a fat russian staring me down

Iron1ck: Ok, ok, I'll get on that.
--Iron1ck has logged off.--

BlV_7oo7h: Hey MOnO.
MOnO_RED: Yes, m'lady?
BlV_7oo7h: Haha.
BlV_7oo7h: I've been wondering.
BlV_7oo7h: Do you want to play some SBURB?
BlV_7oo7h: I've read that they recently added in a beta for the two-player sessions, and that they are particularly difficult.


You turn around while you think of whether or not you should accept her offer.

You see nothing of interest. Maybe if you turned around sooner you freaking-

How will you respond to BlV_7oo7h?


Blah blah beginning or whatever
(just a note: what gif software do you use, im tryin to make a gif but i dunno what to use)
I myself use GIMP, but the layout is kind of unfriendly and difficult to figure out. Even I'm not sure what 80% of the stuff on there does. I could try and walk you through the basics, though.

If you're not willing to learn the difficult interface of GIMP, you could try the easy GIFMaker.me website, just have adobe flash whatever installed and drag and drop images. You can even make videos with it, but it can get a bit demanding on lower-end computers if you have a lot of frames.

There's probably about a billion other things that you could try as well, but these are the main tools I know.

Anyhow, apologies if these next few updates take a while, I've got plans for a little something in the future and I currently don't have access to a bunch of the RED SKIES assets/resources I've made, and I'm probably too lazy to make any more. Honestly, kind of dislike the current art style actually. I could do so much better but I suck when trying to draw with a mouse.

Bah, how about this: We take a vote. Either I continue with the crappy art style, or I go to Pixel Art, which I'm much better with but will result in a slightly increased delay between updates? I'm going to add a poll to the original post about this.

Tl;dr : I use GIMP, Gifmaker is nice alternative, teaser thing, poll on OP for artstyle
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Duke Fishron
Bah, how about this: We take a vote. Either I continue with the crappy art style, or I go to Pixel Art, which I'm much better with but will result in a slightly increased delay between updates?
1. You're not that bad at MS Paint art and it's been pretty good so far.
2. I like the MS Paint-crappy-whatever-you-want-to-call-it style because it has a certain distinct feeling that makes me happy when I see an update. I don't know why but it does.
3. Quality over Quantity I guess, but I don't really mind the MS Paint style anyway. I care about the content, and this lore is something that I love.

oh and thanks for the recommendations
ok so apologies about the second delay

I was busy with personal stuff but I've gotten that finished and plan to upload the new panels sometime soon

unfortunately the internet is acting extremely bizaarre for me and refuses to allow me to upload pictures, watch videos, or play music.

it's annoying as heck but I can't do jack squat about it for the time being.

Message back that you are interested.
Basically just enter commands and whatnot to advance the story.
To do a command just begin it with this:


and then type whatever else, like so:
>do something

Sometimes you may want a different character than the one you're currently controlling to do something. All you have to do is enter their name like so:
>Person: do something

As you may have guessed, commands are sometimes "turned off" for various reasons, such as if I'm drawing stuff or whatever.
I figured it was about time you guys got another update on the situation.

Apparently the cause of me being unable to upload images, watch videos, or listen to music online is due to my internet provider blocking a bunch of websites or services on websites.

This, of course, pisses me off. Unfortunately, I'm basically powerless about this.

However, I discovered that I can do those things from 3AM to 8AM in my time. So updates will resume eventually. I've decided, however, to once again temporarily put Red Skies on hold while I put this forced extra time between updates to use.
This means commands are temporarily closed, too.

Are you guys ready for an [S]?
oh boyyy
i cant wait for latenight red skies
I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet. Animation is a pain and I suck at sound editing.

Should be soonish (like a few days) though, hopefully.

Story boarding is already done, all that's left is creating the panels and the vid itself.

I'll most likely post the panels first, then the [S], and reopen commands as soon as the [S] drops.
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MOnO_RED: ok i'll join you in a little bit, i'm gonna check something out first real quick
BlV_7oo7h: Ok, I'll be waiting.


You gaze down the darkened hallway, the darkness swallowing the light and consuming your shadow. You admittedly have a fear of the dark, and the crushing black of the hallway is absolutely preventing you and your low self-esteem from adventuring forth. If only your dad had fixed the light switch already.

You get the honestly silly idea that there's something hidden in the shadows that's best left uncovered. Best left unknown. Fear grips your heart with a cold and unloving grasp.
Hm, unknown? Fear? You suddenly remember a classic quote.

"The oldest and strongest emotion is fear, and the oldest of fear is fear of the unknown." -H.P. Lovecraft.

Yeah, that's a good one.

You snap out of your inner monologue and rambling and decide you shouldn't go down the hallway.


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