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Farm Resource/Farm map 1.3.5 ZohMahGoodies!!


Hi Everybody! Welcome to my resource map!! The map is intentionally designed to be pre-Celestial Event, and therefore contains no end game resources. It does contain Dynasty items, and therefore requires v1.3.5 . This will just be a brief run down of the more notable aspects;

Chlorophyte Ore: Counting "seed" ore there is 84,002 blocks of ore in 2,037 ore "wells." Take note that there is no Chlorophyte Ore above Cavern Level, and Chlorophyte Ore does _not_ grow in the _lower_ Underworld. The wells are designed to be used with Smart Curser, both for mining and refilling. There is ample mud in chests on the left edge of the map.

Resource Caches: Located throughout the map are various resources in bulk, notably most Ores.

Crystal Shards: There is 2,010 Crystal Shard "wells" that, when "full," contain approximately 125 shards each. These wells are farmed via Actuators.

Plant Farms: There are two rows of Mushroom farms, Glowing and Vile/Vicious, each farmed by Actuators. All seven types of trees, plus Pumpkins, have their own farms, containing chests with ample Acorns/Seeds. There are three Herb farms as well. I did not include a cactus farm but there is a cactus cache, so hopefully that should compensate.

Spawn Boxes: Various "kill traps" are present, including Temple and Dungeon, that allow for specific farming, notably Ectoplasm. There are also some Statue Farms present.

Spider Nests: Located along the right side, these allow for Cobweb farming, notably for Silk and Web Rope.

Fishing Locations: All useful fishing catches are possible, notably Quest Fish.

Money and Bait/Hay farm: Located on the left edge is a Ocean/Jungle Biome and the supplys needed for AFK money making.

Sky Bridge: Using Asphalt and Minecart Track, Fallen Stars can be collected easily.

Chest Farm: Most chests are infinitely duplicable, see the signs for info.

Enchanted Sword Shrines: (New!) approximately 201 Arkhalis.

Included are pre-Celestial characters with this map in mind. The "II" ("eye-eye," aka "the Second") characters are basically the previous releases characters edited a little more. The "ll" ("el-el," jokingly aka "living large") characters are the "II" characters with some "extras." Each has Male and Female versions. Using these characters and/or minimap can be considered "cheating," so its up to you if you use them.

Happy Exploring!

Release History

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.11.00 2018-02-24
- added 2,016 Enchanted Sword Shrines.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.10.01 2018-02-07
- changed some chest stuff.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.10.00 2018-02-07
- added a chest farm! most chests are infinitely duplicable, see the signs for info. bonus; all the chests are full of non-duplicable chests and bullets!
- minor tweaks and alterations.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.01.11 2017-11-16
- due to the minimap, the upload was being rejected, and renaming the extension does not work. to get an equivalent minimap file, you need to get the one from "ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.01.01_zip.zip"
- apparently the readme also causes rejection.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.01.10 2017-11-16
- after successfully testing the Dungeon fishing spots, i then proceeded to break them. *smh* they're fixed for fishing now, though enemies can now spawn within them.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.01.01 2017-11-15
- fixed a chest that could graphically glitch due to misplacement (nbd tbh.)

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.01.00 2017-11-13
- replaced one Clay cache with Gemspark blocks.
- fixed/changed a few things in the Fishing Storage room.
- adjusted the Hellstone and Meteorite teleporters positions.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.00.11 2017-10-28
- world and readme get very minor updates.
- "ll" characters are now larger living.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.00.10 2017-10-27
- a chest that was meant to be empty is now empty; "Science!!"
- characters are now more OP. two are kinda-cheaty and two are kinda-more-cheaty.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.00.01 2017-10-16
- slight tweaks. that is all.

ZohMahGoodies!!_v01.00.00 2017-10-15
- initial release; rejected due to "invalid file extensions."


Any Questions/whatever, please post here instead of on Curse.

Also check out;


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Official Terrarian
I... I really dont like this map. It just throws you in with an introduction, and it doesn't tell you where is what. Like NPCs, for example. I wanted to find the npcs, but it never told me where they are. Meteorite and Helstone are just thrown on the sides, which i dont like. Also, i mined some chlorophyte, but there wasn't any mud near, so i couldn't replenish it. i would personally say:
1. Put chests full of mud near the chloro wells.
2. Put the meteorite and helstone at a chest at spawn.
3. Put the NPCs near spawn.
4. Personal, but make an event arena. That would be pretty cool!
5. AHHHH FIRE BLOCKS MY EYES MY EYES NOOOOOO GET IT OUT AHHH MY EYES ARE GONE NOW at least i can't see the fire blocks ((This is obviously a joke))


thank you for your constructive criticism. i am thinking about redoing chunks of this map so i will take what you've said in consideration. you're correct that there isn't an introduction, maybe i should add signs with directions? maybe an annotated map screenshot attached to the initial post? or any different suggestion? npcs are somewhat near the spawn point, i expected them and the crafting station to be found trough exploration, so i didn't annotate them. for now, they are directly below and to the left of the starting base. meterorite and hellstone are oddly placed, but in a way such that it doesn't cause lava, or a meterorite to spawn. chests of mud are stated as being on the left side, and i'll address that more in a moment. regarding your individual points;

1. with over 2,000 wells, and a hard cap of 1,000 chests, i simply can't put one-to-one. plus there is currently 96 full chests of mud, for about 3.8 million mud, so in total it is plenty. maybe i should spread them out more? put some on top of each column of wells? any other suggestions?
2. sorry, no. its a farm map, same reason as everything else here isn't simply in a chest. also, as, for various blocks, you need a strong enough pickaxe, so it does allow for some degree of "progression".
3. if i remake the map then probably.
4. no promises, but i'll see. any specific events in mind? celestial events in particular take up a lot of room and are tricky to control, so i don't see those being added.
5. i am impressed by your touch typing ;) some people like building with fire blocks, and they can be a hassle to farm, so there they are lol.

anything else, let me know. it might be something that motivates me lol


Official Terrarian
1. Yea, spread em out more. That way they are easier to get to when u mine the chloro.
2. ok
3. ^
4. I would say moons, and Old Ones tier 3. Mainly Moons, cause Mappy's PM farm broke in the new updates and he doesn't have a FM farm. And Mappy's tier 3 works, even expert, so not really needed in my mind.
5. That moment when your typing on keyboard and someone says that they are impressed by your touch typing ._.


"touch typing" as in, you type without looking at the keys, because you joked that your eyes are gone. i still look at the keyboard when i type, so i'm impressed when someone can type without looking.

i probably will remake parts of the map, but it will take a little while before it gets posted. so, any more suggestions, from anyone, just post them here!


Official Terrarian
I am a pro at typing with my eyes closed in fact i have typed usernames perfectly or almost perfectly with touchtyping

I just touch typed that YEA BOIIIII


Trying to use your map but i have no idea what farm is what. Some signs would help/instructions on how to use the farms. Also directions to reach mob farms would be nice as they seem to be super spaced out between resource wells.
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i am slowly working on updating this and will most likely add an annotated map image to the top post, as well as more signs within world. for now, there are some information signs in specific places, like the money farm, and the bottom of the chest farms. most of mob farms are directly below the minecart track (level with most fishing spots,) with the dungeon farms along the right map edge (with some fishing spots,) and the temple farm is near the left side, just before the pumpkins. are there any areas in particular you are having problems with? let me know its location and i'll try to clarify it for you.

i recommend any any one trying this map to simply travel around, by teleporter, on foot, or on most mounts, so their minimap updates as they go. once its on your map, most things can be identified quickly.

edit; i haven't been able to work on this lately, but the update to this map is coming, i just don't know when. sorry, but thanks for the patience!
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