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OOC Role Play - Calamity Adventure OOC


Anyone know how we could solve problems like people being ignored for events and the lack of people that are able to join? Also I may or may not be taking a break, not sure.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Turn the RPer's base into a somewhat actual faction and have a recruitment center in New York (Because you and Ulti been there.) and anyone who appears in the RP can instantly be explained because they saw a notice or something in the recruitment center and went here to join.

As for not ignoring people, trying to do that with the Shadow's surveillance, then use generic Shadow Solders to complete the events.


Eye of Cthulhu
By the way, technically, Kira is an antihero in this. He’ll be fighting alongside the heroes for a bit until (SPOILER)

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
So, here's me trying to make something about government stuff. It's an analysis of the(not all) factions here. I'll only cover a few certain things. And by that, I mean a lot.

Now behold the wall of text.
I won't include factions like the Borg or Cybermen who have dedicated wikis to them with way more people to do those things. However, factions that are recreated out of headcanon or differ immensely to their canonical counterpart are included, like En-Tech. Also, Orifan1 got a preview of this.

Ideology: Simply put, it's a business. It's here to get money. Otherwise, I have no idea. It appears to be willing to go into all sorts of businesses for it, including military based ones, despite the original stemming from a cyber-security producer. Maybe they still got some cash from the EnSec project, despite Hacknet being shut down by . Who knows?

Governance: This depends on what Orifian1 says about this, but from what I researched, it's either a dictatorship or a democracy.

Reason that determines this is if the CEO has absolute power or not. It's not mentioned very clearly, but here's what I got.
Like most corporations, there probably would be a board of directors. Don't really see much corporations that don't have one. Now, here come the part that would decide if it was a dictatorship or if it was a democracy, would the board of directors be able to override the CEO's veto, or rejection of an idea? If yes, as in they could override a veto from the En-Tech CEO then it would be a form of democracy because representatives of certain departments(Like Director of Cyber-Security or something.) in the corporation are collaborating and are able to make decisions for the entire faction. But if the CEO has absolute power, in which they can say no to any decision that the board of directors make, regardless if they say no or not, if the CEO at least has that power, then it's a dictatorship.

Of course, as said, this isn't a complete government, but a faction. But there are some aspects of government to it. And every faction must have a way to govern themselves in order to operate efficiently. Or horribly, depending on opinion.

Economy: Produces Military assets as well as selling Cyber Security software if Hacknet's lore is to be believed.

Ideology: Same as the Brotherhood of Steel in a sense; Take any technology you can find. However, unlike the Brotherhood of Steel, they take tech for their own use, not to limit technology to prevent a world war.

Governance: Anarchy. Given that each squadron leader acts independently, and it is called 'space pirates', is somewhat proof of this, as this means that they can do what they want, when they want. It also means that they could easily defect, rebel, or cause mutiny. Of course, they probably won't, given they make profit more efficiently with the pirates. They don't seem to take commands from higher command, as seen by a small group debating about either to tax or raid a ship, instead of telling their leader, if they have one, that they found a ship, and taking commands about what to do, further cementing the possible anarchy they have.

Economy: Purely raiding technology and taking anything else that they want. They don't produce much other than tinkering with technology.

New York(...this again?)
Ideology: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Governance: Do I have to explain? Three branches of government, each limiting each other's powers so none get more powerful than the other, and I'm not going through this.
It's literally America, okay?

Economy: Commercial. Like brand name businesses, farming, a ton of stuff that even I can't go through. Even if I wanted.

P-Don(Plant Dealer Organization Network)
Ideology: Take any and all exotic plant life. Eradicate anything that could harm or destroy the plants.

Governance: Unknown, never really got into that part.

Economy: Sells exotic plants. High profit for low work kinda stuff.

The Master's Forces
Ideology: The complete annihilation of existence.

Governance: Dictatorship.

Economy: Production of weapons and taking materials from other worlds for trade.

Pink Flower Folk
Ideology: To make a living, at least. It's not really explained.

Governance: Monarchy, given a Queen, being Queen Lycanthropy, rules over it.

Economy: Unknown. Probably simple trading with their materials.

Underwater Merfolk City
Ideology: Unknown.

Governance: Seriously, no one decided to learn about stuff like that.

Economy: Probably commercial trades like New York's economy.

Dragon Hunters
Ideology: Kill dragons for resources like wings, scales, and other body parts in order to make a profit.

Governance: Unknown. Presumably something like a military dictatorship.

Economy: Poaching Dragons for body parts like scales or wings.

The Roleplayers Base (No official name so uh...)
Ideology: *Crazed laughing the background, coming from Animus Viral* There is none.

Governance: Anarchy. No one controls anyone. No actual laws, only thing that dictates rules is respect for others. The only enforcement of said
rules is either godmodded beings (Munar, Voidhunter or Jared) or the person who made said rule up in the first place.

Economy: Quite literally, none other than taxing the town NPCs and the cash they get from raiding places like Rook's Complex or the Ruins. The Roleplayers don't farm for income, make food(not like in a microwave, I mean actually getting the parts like potatoes for cheesy fries, the chicken for the chicken nuggets, etc.) or going mining or forging within this real world week. Definitely not going to be an economic superpower. Note that I said economic. (But what about the black market?)
...Yeah definitely not going to be an economic superpower anytime soon.
Side note: I'm not including entities that don't live there, like Ssnakee, Second or General, as the Roleplayer's base, given it says base.

These are just the currencies found and mentioned in this world. Here's my rant.
Terrarian Coins
Backed by: Themselves, they are metals that are traded, like normal supplies. They aren't backed up by much anything else.
Murphmario was able use it to purchase a pretzel with it. (Which, in the real world, would be a highly unlikely way of paying, even with a gold coin, it would probably equal to a dollar, like the gold dollar) Meaning either the gold coin was way large than a normal gold dollar, which if we were to assume the Terrarian is the size of an adult human would be enough to explain it. Also I can assume that the gold coin is literally the size of a cup. (Look to the terrarian wine glass)
So with that, given what a gold dollar is equal to, the size of a Terrarian Coin being like 6-9 times the size of a normal coin, and that the pretzel was literally 7.99 plus tax for a minimum value, the Terrarian Coins would probably worth a lot to some places.
Estimated Terrarian Gold Coin to USD (United States Dollar(s)) is $15 - $40 USD per coin, given the size of the Terrarian Coin (If the gold coin is pure gold. Worth will fluctuate depending on purity).

However, one big drawback is simply that it's not backed by anything except itself. If a certain faction has no need of gold or platinum, like F-Stop, reason why they rejected Murphmario's deal of paying them in platinum coins, basically, Terrarian coins becomes almost useless to that faction. Yes, of course you could exchange it for other materials and use that to trade, but I'm talking about only using the Terrarian coin to trade. So simply put, it's only useful to the factions that want copper, silver, gold, or platinum, but to those who don't need or want that, it's useless.

(Thanks Orifan1, I guess.)
USD aka United States Dollar.
Backed by: Usually Gold and Silver, though can be backed by other resources. It can be inflated, which people who live in America can see.

Platinum: Currency used by Tenno in trade.
Backed by: Itself because platinum. It can be inflated if there is an unbalance in the ratio of existing platinum and certain technology.
Ingame Information: One platinum is equal to 6.7 cents or 0.067 dollars (US Currency) / 5.7 pence or 0.057 pounds (UK / British currency).
Probably, since platinum is called platinum, all Terrarian Coins with the exception of the Platinum Coin would be useless with beings who trade exclusively in Platinum.

(...Orifan1. Why.)
Leetspeak of Hacker Cred, it is 'basically the digital version of street cred. Also known as favors.'
Backed by: Simple favors. It is a basically a way of measuring reputation, and works similar to a scrip in the fact that it does not seem to be able to directly be converted to material currency and that it only really has value in one specific area without relying on its other functions. It can't get inflated given it measures favors and reputation, not tangible materials. It seems to only be used by hackers or other computer beings, though I'm not sure.
I'm not done but eh. Many stuffs going on.


Duke Fishron
Your character's species can be whatever you want it to be long as the character itself isn't op and I don't think there's any particular format to use.

Diamond the Piplup Ω

Skeletron Prime
Alrighty, I might sit out for the first few days, because of vacation. But for now, this is what I got.
Name: Diamond
Age: 15 (Dont get crazy ideas with this.)
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Height: 5'5 (Convert that for all you metric system users.)
Appearance: Cyan in color, and also wearing a Diamond t-shirt (ala minecraft. In a terraria forum. Kappa)
Ability: (Please note this might be cringy even for me to write.) Diamond has the ability to shrink in size, at least to a maximum (or minimum, whatever you see it) of 1 inch. He can do this to others, but only with granted permission. (and as a side note, clothes don't shrink. God that was painful to write.)
Backstory: (Might make later, I got nothing, idk.)
Hopefully this suffices, this is cringy to make, even for me, and I watch quite the things on the internet.
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