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  1. SalamanderArise

    SalamanderArise Terrarian

    Welcome to my new and first thread! Here I will post my new and old buildings.
    Feel free to criticize and write suggestions. I used Cheat Sheet and Hero's mod.
    First normal build — General Store and Clothing shop. Also, includes storage, merchant and clothier's rooms, attic.
    Seyda Neen from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind in Terraria
    From left to right: Arrille's tradehouse, house, Census and Excise Office, Grand Pharos Lighthouse.

    Expirement with different building styles - Fortunate Isles (Elysium, paradise). From left to right Heaven's gate, Pub, lake and fishing hut, Altar, water shrine. Down: Teleporter, Storage, community bridge, kitchen.[​IMG]

    Mini Builds:

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  2. Scrubel

    Scrubel Terrarian

    Both images look great. Must have taken a while to build them
  3. SalamanderArise

    SalamanderArise Terrarian

    Yeah. Thank you !
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  4. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    Builds look great.
  5. SalamanderArise

    SalamanderArise Terrarian

  6. Bude

    Bude Skeletron Prime

    You have a unique building style that looks really good. Defiantly above average!
    The Harpy Transport Ship especially, looks great! I really like how you mixed different wood blocks. Might have to steal that for one of my builds ;)
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  7. SalamanderArise

    SalamanderArise Terrarian

    Thank you very much! Of course, you can steal that build :D
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  8. Laluzi

    Laluzi Skeletron

    Seyda Neen! My childhood! I love it. My only regret is that there's no limeware platter for me to steal in the office. You've even got the swamp trees.

    I bet you could fill the swamps with water with green stained glass backgrounds behind them to get the right color and texture (possibly negative painted so the light coming through makes them look more brown), and you could create coda flowers with green-painted palladium columns with a blue crystal shard on top.
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  9. SalamanderArise

    SalamanderArise Terrarian

    Thanks a lot and great ideas. I might create a new version of this build.
  10. Laluzi

    Laluzi Skeletron

    I'd love to see it if you do! Morrowind was one of the first games I played, and I'm beyond delighted to see somebody recreating it here.

    (You could even automate Tarhiel falling out of the sky by wiring a pressure plate on the ground to a zombie statue in the sky, so when the player nears a certain area, it spawns one that falls out of a box.)

    Honestly, it might be really cool to just make a Vvardenfell world. The Ghostfence would be easy to do with frostfire blocks, and you could make a giant volcano in the center. Bits of Dwemer ruins sticking out of the sides. I think the theme of the Crimson fits Dagoth Ur slightly better than the corruption, so use grey-painted crimstone for most of Red Mountain. The only problem with the concept is that you'd want Seyda Neen as the spawn, but it's located on the southwest corner of the map, so you'd have to fudge spatial relativity.

    Also, that'd be a pretty ambitious project. But all the same!
  11. SalamanderArise

    SalamanderArise Terrarian

    Yeah! Morrowind is my favorite game from the elders scrolls series. So I can make a red mountain with some dwemer ruins and telvanni wizard towers.
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  12. oko

    oko Terrarian

    I m following your thread and looking forward to see more.

    You should build in this style a port (with shops and water under) and city above on a larger scale.

    I like the details, takes time. Keep it up.
  13. SalamanderArise

    SalamanderArise Terrarian

    Thanks, I appreciate it!