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    They like to roost on the ceilings of deep-ish crimson caves, and then drop down, spinning like a drill bit, on their prey.

    They cause severe harm. About... 40 damage? They're an early enemy so... good if you ask me.

    Once they're on your head, spinning and spraying blood particles about, your HP drops by 5 DPS. Use a broadsword or something else that can aim up to dispatch them and GERROF!

    Sprite 1:


    Damn, small... but it'll be the right size in Terraria, according to my possibly rusty calculations!

    I will do the rest of the spinning animations later, or maybe I'll get a friend to.

    Anyway. While they are falling towards you, they spin faster.

    While they are on (in) your head, they spin REALLY fast. The longer they stay there for, the faster they go and the more blood comes out... gross... BLECK!

    Read the one on the left mainly, although the right one is pretty damn funny too! I used the word 'BLECK!' which reminded me of the 'BLECK!' in that comic strip.

    When they hit the ground, which is if you manage to outrun them as they SPIN TOWARDS YOU! Then... they just sink into the ground.


    50% Vertebrae

    0.1% - suspicious looking eye

    0.4% - Blood-clot drill bit

    Craft the blood-clot drill bit with a pickaxe and a few wires to make...

    the crimson skroth drill!

    use it to drill reasonably fast, through the last tier before hardmode of blocks.

    Eh... room for improvement.
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    I resized it for you:
    Sin título1.png
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    hank you very, very much.

    Is it a new image, or...?
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  5. Tachytaenius

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    Den wot?
  6. Frous

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    is the same, but resized.
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    Oh. It's the terraria-style 4-pixel-per-one thing.


    P.S. That is what i meant by new image.
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    Dis is life plz red.
    I need dis 2 survive
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    *no one will ever know...*

    *actually im sure lots of people saw it*
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    they need some drops or point of being in the game...
    Seems cool though!
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    crapulance, i forgot the drops.

    So... anyway.

    a free skroth drop to anyone who knows the place this idea came from!

    (INSPIRED from)
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    Seems legit I like it but it can use some info bout the stats
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    Is this a shield? if it's i can do a similar version but better.
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    Hmm? You mean you are wondering where it came from?

    It's a Skree from Metroid.
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    Oh wait... you mean you didn't read the post but just saw the sprite!?
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    no, i didn't understand the thread
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    I love this idea, as Crimson doesnt really have a prehardmode underground enemy, maybe the blood crawlers. But this has a clever AI and looks pretty cool. My only problems are the damage is too high, what is the HP of these guys, and increase the drop rate of that drill bit and make it require a hell-tier item, say it has to be crafted at a Hellforge (cause it's evil based, hell is evil, blah blah blah). All in all pretty good! 8/10, would read thread again
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    they actually made brain sucklers