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Small Suggestions By RandomBuilder


Eye of Cthulhu
A lot of small suggestions, will probably update this sometimes. Keep in mind these are small suggestions, so not much may go into them.
Also might ramble a little bit so.. you been warned.

Crafted with 8 wood,
Shoots pebbles (One stone = 25 pebbles)
We need because... slingshots.

Luminite armor that is just luminite, not any pillars
Buffs all damage but not as strong as other pillars specific boots.
Maybe weapons and stuff to go with it.

More pets like a demon eye pet dropped by Eye of Cthulhu, and a pig (Or maybe pigron) pet dropped by Duke Fishron or a rare drop from normal fishron.

Finit Gauntlet.
Obviously a reference to Infinity War. Would be a rare drop from any celestial enemies and is a vanity accesory.

All for now, will add some later.
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