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tAPI SonicR's Doctor Who Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by SonicR, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. SonicR

    SonicR Spazmatism

    Thanks for that, just changed how the Doctors will despawn. The fix won't be released until the next update though.

    That sounds like a tAPI issue rather than something with the mod - I'll ask about it on the tAPI thread.

    It'll be something to do with networking code. I'll look into it.

    There's practically no 1x1 sprites left now anyway, but I'll convert those that remain to 2x2 for the next update.

  2. Why do the daleks and cyber controllers from this mod spawn near my town even when I have like 20 npcs in said town?
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  3. Heeiexqu

    Heeiexqu Terrarian

    So, apparently a texture is missing. Every time I attempt to open up the shop for the Eleventh Doctor, I get this error:
    Also, thinking about it, maybe it would make more sense if the Doctor spawned more sporadically. A bit inconvenient for the player, but that sounds like him.

    I'm also wondering if it's possible to have a regeneration counter. I like the idea of being able to check how many times I've regenerated in the game.
  4. Turtle W

    Turtle W Steampunker

    I've been playing around with the sonic screwdrivers and I noticed some things that could be improved. Firstly, I thought it would be better if they acted like a drill, following the direction of your cursor as you move it, and constantly "sonic-ing" as far as you keep holding the mouse button, instead of, when you click, stay on for a while, then turn off, requiring you to click again.
    I also noticed that they can activate triggers, like switches and pressure plates, but not the mechanisms them selves (doors, lights, traps, etc). I'm not sure if it's even possible, but if it is, I think it would be better if they could activate them, because the actual screwdriver, well, it is very good at opening doors.
    Oh, and lastly, I would love if you added river song's screwdriver :D
  5. SonicR

    SonicR Spazmatism

    I've done a few things that should fix the problem; I'll test them some more later today.

    Bleh, I thought I went back and fixed it. It's just a typo I made. It's just a small thing (literally two lines), so I won't release a quick hotfix, but I'll detail some instructions for you to fix it yourself later today. Won't do it now, too tired and need to sleep.

    Edit: Ok, instructions on how to fix the bug:
    1. Go into Documents/My Games/Terraria/tAPI/Mods/Local, and open the SonicR's Doctor Who Mod.tapi file using WinRar or similar. This gives you the source files
    2. Copy the DoctorWhoMod folder from the archive, and paste it in tAPI/Mods/Sources
    3. Rename the newly pasted DoctorWhoMod folder to SonicR's Doctor Who Mod
    4. Open the mod folder and navigate the subfolders until you find a file called EleventhDoctor.cs. Open it using Notepad++ or similar program
    5. Replace this:
    if(Main.npcTexture[npc.type] != MBase.GetTexture("BurgundyFez")) //if the Doctor is wearing his burgundy coat and his fez
    if(Main.npcTexture[npc.type] == MBase.GetTexture("BurgundyFez"))//just the coat
    with this:
    if(Main.npcTexture[npc.type] == MBase.GetTexture("ElevenBurgundy")) //if the Doctor is wearing his burgundy coat
    if(Main.npcTexture[npc.type] == MBase.GetTexture("ElevenBurgundyFez"))//with the fez
    6. Save the file
    7. Open the tAPI Builder (found where ever you installed the tAPI.exe), select SonicR's Doctor Who Mod, and click build
    8. Run tAPI, and the problem should be solved

    If that way doesn't work, or you run into some difficulties, just let me know.

    Yeah, I think I will lower the spawn rate somewhat.

    Good idea! I've added a preliminary system already, I've just got to finetune it by adding chat messages the Doctors say when you've regenerated a certain number of times - that sort of thing.

    Great idea; I'll look into it later today. Shouldn't be too hard to do.

    If I remember correctly, you could do this in the old tConfig mod, and I'm sure there's some way to do it in tAPI as well. As with everything else, I'll look into it later today.

    Haha, too easy!
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  6. TheFifthJudge

    TheFifthJudge Terrarian

    I like this mod, but for some reason, the Time Lord NPC never spawns when The Doctor is present. I really want to try out regenerating :( Is there some way you could explain the Time Lord NPC more or have an option to have players start out as Time Lords?
  7. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    Odd. He always spawns almost at the same time as my first Doctor appears. I've seen that happen a bunch of times, too.

    Anyway, Daleks can spawn near towns with a large population where NPCs shouldn't. Also, probably very much unrelated, but butterflies and other friendly animals aren't. Can't at all be sure that's due to this mod. I highly doubt it.
  8. SonicR

    SonicR Spazmatism

    Whoops! I had reworked how the Time Lord NPC spawns - when the player has a Chameleon Arch or Fob Watch in their inventory - but promptly forgot to change when the Doctors sell those items (only when the Time Lord NPC is active...go figure). Basically, for the r3b version, the only way to get a Chameleon Arch is to cheat it in >_<. Needless to say, I've corrected this oversight. Sorry!

    For the next update (which I hope to release in the next few days), a new character will spawn with a Chameleon Arch in their inventory.

    Like I said above, I think I've fixed this issue. And in the world I use for testing, I've been having critters everywhere, so definitely not due to the mod!
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  9. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    when does the next update come?
  10. Anyone else getting invincible daleks? sometimes daleks become invincible and cant be harmed by anything at all, the only way to get rid of them is to despawn them.
  11. SonicR

    SonicR Spazmatism

    I'm back!

    My sincerest apologies for being away so long - I've had one big run of unfortunate circumstances that haven't allowed me to work on the mod at all. It was extremely aggravating. But now, holidays are over, problems fixed, new computer is working fine, so it's back to working on the mod. I'll try and get the update out in the next week or so, but no promises. Sorry once again.
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  12. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    Wow, nobody has posted in this thread since December. That's alarming.

    Still, very good to see you back! We wish you health and happiness.
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  13. snarkel

    snarkel Steampunker

    Hello, When I was browsing the forums I saw this mod and it looked really cool but the regeneration feature seemed amazing! but I'm honestly not a doctor who fan. But I was wondering if it would be possible to make the regeneration feature as a separate mod?
  14. DuckDuckBro

    DuckDuckBro Skeletron Prime

    How do you regenerate? I've been trying to do this for a long time now, but it never seems to work. :(

    EDIT: Oh, now I got it. Yup...
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  15. SonicR

    SonicR Spazmatism

    Sure, that I can do. What I'll do is keep the regeneration feature with the main mod, but also duplicate it and make it its own thing. So in effect, there'll be two downloads on the OP - the main mod with regeneration, and the another with just the regeneration feature.
  16. 51LV3R R0DG3R

    51LV3R R0DG3R Terrarian

    I'm sorry, but I got a .rar file from the download, but no tapi file. Please help.
  17. SonicR

    SonicR Spazmatism

    There's a .tapimod file in the .rar file. If you can't open the .rar, download WinRAR or a similar program.

    In other news, most stuff for the update is (finally) done. Not too long to go now!
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  18. 51LV3R R0DG3R

    51LV3R R0DG3R Terrarian

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  19. The doctor

    The doctor Terrarian

    when ever i enable this mod it doesn't have the content in it and doesn't have any error when it's loading please fix this;(
  20. SonicR

    SonicR Spazmatism

    Ok, I'm back again, and this time, I've got an update with me! Thank you all for being so patient.

    Bug Fixes
    - Time Lord NPC now spawns when the Chameleon Arch or Fob Watch are in the player's inventory, and a house is available.
    - Player can now get the Chameleon Arch and the Fob Watch legitimately.
    - Doctors should now sync properly in multiplayer.
    - Enemy NPCs will now spawn away from towns.
    - Eleventh Doctor's shop will work correctly.

    - Sonic Screwdrivers have a completely new animation. Thanks to Grox the Great for his useStyle code.
    - Sonic Screwdrivers can activate anything mechanical, and can also detonate land mines.
    - The Doctors have a slightly smaller chance to spawn each day.
    - All remaining 1x1 sprites have been converted into 2x2.
    - Special Weapons Dalek's projectile causes an explosion.
    - Doctor Whodoo Doll has different sprite variations, depending on which Doctor is active when the game is loaded.

    - All Doctors now tell you how many times you have regenerated.
    - River Song's Sonic Screwdriver has been added, and has a chance to be sold by the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Can emit a red or blue light.
    - A new buff, Regen After-Effects. Has a 5 minute duration, and is activated after regenerating. Grants small stat boosts, but roughly every minute, you will become confused for about 3 seconds.
    - A golden particle effect will activate when damaged if the Regen After-Effects buff is active; when the confused element of the After-Effects buff is active; and when the player has 10% or less of max health and is a Time Lord.
    - Time Lord NPC now has a special chat message the first time you talk to him.

    Most importantly, however:
    Grox the Great's Basemod has been added as a reference - you must enable it for this mod to work!
    Credit must also be given to Grox for the bits and pieces of code from his Basemod and GRealm mods that I've adapted for use in this one.

    I think that's it...I've been working on and off on this update for so long (>_<) that I may have forgotten a few things. I'd also like to mention that I am working on a seperate Regeneration Mod - it's just run into one annoying bug, but I hope to have it out by the weekend.

    If you come across any bugs, or have any suggestions, let me know!

    Download: here
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